Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 18

In a flash Samis was upon Dantos, lifting him and shoving him up against the wall.

Sarab raised her hand in protest when a hard fist from Cartos connected with the side of her mouth.

Her head swimming she darted away from her assailant.

Panel and Callib both shouted for the two warriors to stop. But Cartos and Samis we trained to protect the Chancellor and if need be, avenge him. Their training and instinct took over and they moved in towards the two villains who had killed their superior.

Sarab tried to clear her mind; it had been a while since she had fought any being, let alone a fellow Stanannokian.

She was smaller than her opponent and faster, but Cartos had fought all manner of aliens and Stanannokians alike, he moved forward confidently.

Sarab darted beneath a blow he tried to deliver and swept her leg out to kick at Cartos’s ankles. The warrior was prepared for this and dug his leg into the floor strongly. Sarab’s kick glanced off, failing to trip him.

Cartos made to grab her next, Sarab brought her elbows into her body and struck Cartos’s chin quickly with two sharp jabs.

The blows hurt her fists but also stunned Cartos for a moment. Wasting no time, Sarab brought her hands up and slapped both of Cartos’s ears with her palms.

Cartos was not expecting this and brought his hands up to expel the ringing in his head from the strike.

Sarab dissected her opponent from this point forward, taking out his knees and blooding his nose in a matter of seconds.

Cartos struggled to stay on his feet, Sarab was far faster and stronger then he had imagined. Cartos tried a frantic haymaker to Sarab’s head, but the commander dodged easily and swung into a flying back kick which connected to the side of the large man’s head.’

Cartos’s head snapped around from the kick and he hit the ground hard, unconscious.

Sarab looked across the room and saw Dantos and Samis squaring off, trading punches and hammering body blows upon each other.

Sarab was about to help Dantos when a hard right from the other Commander caught Samis on the jaw, causing him to stagger and sway.

Panting, Dantos grabbed the warrior by his cuff and dragged him to his face.

“I’m not your enemy,” He said; “Lycon wasn’t who he appeared to be.”

Dantos let him go and put his arms at his side, a sign that he was done fighting.

“We can’t fight among ourselves now,” Dantos continued; “We will inform you of Lycon’s actions if there is time, unless you were in on it. But, if you want to live you need Sarab and I, we are the only hope for our people.”

Samis looked at Dantos, blood dripping from his face. He spat some from his mouth and turned back to Sarab to gauge her facial expressions. Contemplating his next words and further actions he closed his eyes to concentrate.

“I have sworn my life to protect the Chancellor, and you have robbed me of that lifelong obligation… Or… perhaps you have freed me.” Samis opened his eyes; “I cannot speak for Cartos but I always knew Lycon was an evil bastard. I’ll have to reprogram myself a little but I agree with you two and dedicate my service to you now.”

He seemed at peace with his decision and clear of mind for the first time in ages. He smiled at them both and shook his head;

“I honestly thought the stories of you two were exaggerated. I didn’t believe there were any beings stronger than Cartos or I, yet you have proven me wrong.”

Panel was attending Cartos and helping him to his feet.

“What happened?” Cartos asked in a daze.

“Lycon is dead and deservedly so,” Samis answered him: “We know he took the females and doomed many of our kin to death by not evacuating us sooner. He promised us our families would be safe if we helped him, I’m not sure if this is true now.”

Panel sighed and turned to look Sarab in the eye;

“I knew as well, I wanted to tell you but he forbade it. I’ve known Lycon a long time and he wasn’t always as he is now. There was a time when he was logical and strong; but he was corrupted along his life journey at some point. I’m not sure when this was or if it’s due to him being related to Tidus…”

“Tidus?!” Callib exclaimed.

“Yes?” Panel turned to him; “You know of him?”

“I have studied his legend for many years,” Callib answered; “The scientist who developed our Indents, or… well, the younger generations Indents at least.”

Sarab was reminded that Callib was the only Stanannoki present without Indents.

“Lycon is related to Tidus?” Dantos asked.

“Yes, quite so,” Panel responded; “Tidus is Lycon’s uncle, much of the science Lycon knows was taught to him by Tidus, before he disappeared. It is said Tidus knew deep secrets about the Universe and theoretical sciences that could warp everything we think we know around us.”

“Tidus’s methods were thought extreme in an earlier time, but he was one of the first scientists to develop the Dark Matter engine needed to travel through the DM Clouds” Callib spoke.

Panel nodded;

“It’s still not known why he engineered our kind with these indents or how he did so, but I believe his intentions were good. He wanted to benefit all of Stanannoki kind and progress the betterment of every race in the galaxy. Though strange, his methods were meant to be helpful.”

Sarab cleared her throat;

“This is interesting but we have a more pressing matter at hand.”

Dantos nodded;

“Commander Sarab is right; we must equip the Magnetar with Callib’s beam and stop it once and for all.”

“I know how we can do it,” Sarab said; “But when the time comes; I will take the shot, is this understood?”

Although the surrounding group looked uncomfortable by this order none protested.

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