Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 20

Sarab and Callib boarded the ship Searcher and strapped themselves in. It would be just a quick several minute jump with their light speed drive to reach the Magnetar, which Blip assured them was shielded and equipped with Callib’s beam.

Sarab said goodbye to Blip, not knowing if she would see him again.

Callib flew the craft; he was also in his own battle suit. He struggled a bit with the craft but soon had them rising in the sky above Neptia.

Sarab watched as thousands of Neptians waved their fur towards them as they rose above the planet. Dantos, Cartos and Samis flew in their battle suits besides them.

Sarab caught Dantos’s eye and nodded to him as they made towards the Northern pole of the planet to escape the shielded atmosphere. He returned the nod and sped along before them.

The suits had enhanced Light Speed drives and could reach 10x the speed of light now with the help of the new shields. The three of them would get Rogue to chase them to the designated spot where they could fire the weapon, hopefully surviving long enough to see the end result and could confirm Rogue’s destruction.

Sarab breathed out as they reached space and left Neptia behind.

“We will do it,” Callib said confidently; “With all of us working together we will defeat this menace.”

Sarab smiled weakly;

I’m confident we will,” She said.

Callib fired the ships drive and they blasted off towards the Magnetar, leaving the three warriors behind to fight the greatest horror the Universe had ever known.

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