Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 22

Sarab waited inside the craft with Callib, they were listening to their peer’s communications through their transmitters as they narrated the battle between them and Rogue, keeping them updated while coordinating their actions to one another.

“It let me go,” Samis assured them; “It is heading towards Dantos now.”

“I’ve got it,” Dantos said; “It’s coming in fast, my sensors have it; firing a burst at it now.”

“It’s been effected by it again!” Cartos said excitedly. “It’s impossible to see with the eye but our readouts show it spews radiation each time we blast or hit it. We are damaging it!”

“I did not expect this,” Callib said sitting back; “I had no idea the suits would be this effective against it.”

“We still have a long way to go,” Sarab said; “The readout from it shows it isn’t getting any weaker.”

Callib acknowledged this:

“True, but if I had more time with the suits, put more energy into the gravitational waves and shock punches we could do heavier damage.”

A warning sensor beeped above them.

“It’s getting near the coordinates,” Sarab said putting her helmet back up. “It will be within range and in position in several minutes.”

Sarab rose from her seat and made towards the airlock.

“Commander!” Callib called.

Sarab turned.

“Commander…” Callib said slowly; “I believe in you… please… return safely.”

Sarab smiled at him.

“It’s been an honor serving with you,” She said; “If I don’t make it back please find Rossiana if she’s still alive… Keep her safe and happy if she is.”

Callib nodded.

Sarab breathed out and stepped through the airlock. Within seconds Callib closed the inner door and opened the outer hatch into space.

Sarab flew to the Magnetar that was before her, seeing it full force for the first time.

It was remarkable and unbelievable to behold.

Like a small city it expanded out before her, shinning deep blue and white as magnetic lightning flashed against the force field which contained it.

The force field was powerful, yet Sarab could see it strained at certain places to contain the vast energy the Magnetar held. The shield seemed to breathe in and out from the star. It was spinning rapidly behind the force field, flowing like waves against the sides of the shield.

On Sarab’s left was the “front” of the star. That’s where the three circles hung from the shield connected to the star to narrow the energy from the Magnetar into a beam. The “shot” Sarab would take wasn’t really a shot at all.

At the push of a button the shield at the designated spot near the rings would disappear. At that moment the star’s energy would come spilling out all at once, pushed by the force field behind it as it collapsed. The energy would be briefly caroled by the rings and refined into a beam.

The rings would force the whole weight of the star to expel its energy all at once; speeding up the beam and draining it fully in one gigantic shot.

They had angled the rings to be pointed at a spot where Dantos and his men were leading Rogue at this moment.

Once the shield was lowered from around the star all communication would be disrupted. A timer was counting down inside her suit that would tell her when she would need to fire, the same timer was counting down inside Dantos’s suit.

A quick burst brought Sarab behind the star towards a panel that had been set up for her. Upon the panel was a single glowing button.

The force field would remain for some time after the blast was fired, hopefully shielding Sarab from the output of energy that was soon to burst forth.

She watched as Callib flew the Searcher away and out of view. Sarab was alone now, sitting atop a glowing ball of swirling gas and explosive energy, waiting for the countdown to end and determine the fate of the galaxy and her own life…

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