Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 24

The countdown reached its final digits as Sarab wished she could wipe sweat away from her brow.

Off in the distance she could see something odd happening; like a growing darkness expanding through space; blanketing far off lights from view.

The countdown ended and without even a slight hesitation Sarab fired the weapon.

The effect was immediate, she felt herself pulled towards the opening in the shield before being pushed back by extreme force.

A bright light flashed forth from the star and plowed through space towards its target.

Sarab felt like she was in a storm; she was thrown around, her shields next to powerless to stabilize her. Sarab gritted her teeth; she managed to crack open an eyelid and look out before her.

She was closer to the beam firing out then she had been a moment before, its force was pulling her closer. She realized her suit fought hard against this but it wasn’t a match for the terrifying pressure of the Magnetar beam.

“I knew the risks…” Sarab said to herself as she felt another forceful gravitational pull towards the beam.

Something grabbed her from behind just then. She turned and saw Callib, he was in his suit and was pulling Sarab with his gloved hands.

“Callib?!” She exclaimed.

“Yes commander,” He spoke with a strained smile; “Just several more seconds and we will have rode out the beam…”

Sarab felt hope for a moment before something caught her eye, the panel which she used to push the button was speeding towards them and Callib’s back legs.

She tried to cry out a warning but the panel hit Callib strongly in the back of his leg, in his surprise his grip loosened and Sarab felt herself pulled free by the beams energy.

Callib gasped in horror as he realized what he had done.

Sarab watched Callib drift into the distance as she was pulled along with the beam out into open space.

Within a split second Callib was gone from her view and Sarab felt herself pulled with unbelievable speed along the beam’s tail.

The last thought that floated through her mind before darkness took her wasn’t about Rossiana, or her impending death… it was;

“Callib actually managed to find a way to trip in space.”

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