Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 25

Cartos dragged his commander’s body through space as best as he could. Rogue’s pull was stronger now than it had been before and was almost impossible to fight against.

He knew this had to be the end; he thought he was prepared to die, but realized quickly he could not imagine the idea of not existing any longer.

A bright light flashed before him and somehow he managed to stay conscious and witness the unbelievable event before him.

The beam sliced through space and connected with the expanding Rogue.

The monster shrieked so loud it took on a physical force, which vibrated into the shields that protected them.

Through a design that Callib had input into the suits; when one or more of them were within a certain distance of one another the shields would work together and combine their energy as one.

Unbeknownst to Cartos or Samis this is what happened now, their shields combined with Dantos’s and they formed one united force field. The shriek of Rogue rolled through them, pushing them through space, but the shields held together, protecting them.

Cartos watched as Rogue appeared to disintegrate before them. The darkness of its body shone white and blue with radiating energy, bursting apart. The beam continued past Rogue as now over half its’ body was falling away, shriveling up like burnt paper and evaporating.

Within another moment the beam ended and Rogue was burnt down smaller than could be seen until there was no sign of it anywhere.

Their sensors were fried from the magnetic energy expelled towards them, communications and all sensors were dead, impossible to locate Rogue or anything around them.

The suits instantly reverted to a safety protocol of preserving their bodies in hyperbolic sleep once their sensors reached this point of distress. Cartos felt cold wash over him as a sedative was introduced into his bloodstream.

There was no way for them to fly or call for help while their suits overcame the magnetic disruption. No way to hear from Callib or Sarab at all.

He glanced at Samis and saw he was already frozen solid, alive but in hibernated sleep.

Cartos knew sleep was taking him too, wondering how long it would take until he would awaken again, or if ever…

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