Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 5

Such freedom! I have never enjoyed such freedom to feed at my pleasure. All those eons waiting for food to come to me, now we have the freedom to move at will; locate the next source of nourishment and feed to our content.

The first planet I ever reached with sentient life upon it was euphoria upon euphoria! So many complex lifeforms to take in; each unique and a delicacy of their own.

I greedily engulf them all; warping time around me so we could take time to enjoy each one of them. The hydrogen and oxygen in their bodies burst with flavor; their blood cells melt inside me as I absorb them by the trillions!

Such joy, such a sensation that we never imagined possible! Radiation spills from me as I consume them all; and along with the people the trees and soil, rocks and water. Before I realize it the whole planet is gone and I am left with emptiness.

Rage and desire flair within me; why is there not more!? I sense gas planets nearby along with several moons near them; they will have to do for now, before I engulf the sun…

But wait! I sense them; four vessels approaching my location; not as many as what the planet had to offer but life all the same!

I vow to take my time with this batch; I want to savor them more fully this meal.

We experiment with my powers; the Being within me from the beginning has such remarkable capabilities we are just now starting to understand.

I deploy a time field around the fleet that is approaching me. They are trapped within it now; they cannot escape me.

I reach out a hand and glide it along the side of the ship; the metal of it is absorbed into me. I enjoy the taste as it is crushed down and filters through us.

I see the beings now; they in turn can see what we are. They stare in horror at my form; I cackle and they cover their heads at the sound. They can hear me?

I absorb one quickly and allow the alien to become a part of us.

“A Stanannokian?” I say to myself as I ingest the being. Its memories, emotions and knowledge all pass to me and I retain it all.

Its fellow aliens begin firing weapons into me; I know this through the Stanannokian I have absorbed. The laser strikes are simply refined light; heated to a high temperature. I have engulfed stars! Do these creatures believe such a device could affect me?!

I laugh at their efforts. I move from one to another, they cannot stop me, they do not understand me… but when they become one with us they shall. Once they understand the hunger and loneliness they will understand.

I lift the time shield once I have fed upon the last alien. We notice a beacon that was trapped within the time shield break free once I lift it. It is not worth chasing after; not when I have this momentary feeling of contentment.

There are four more large gas planets to consume; full of various gases and elements, two of them even have molten rock cores!

I move from one to the next; eyeing the yellow sun at the center of this system. We will save this delicacy for last; as succulent as life is to consume there is something about absorbing a star that energizes us…

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