Infinite Dark: Awakening

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Chapter 6

Sarab checked the monitor and their location from it; they were about to DMWarp. Dark Matter Warping was not overly difficult to do but making sure all the instruments were functioning and in sync was critical to success.

“Everything is optimal Commander,” Linguon confirmed.

Sarab nodded;

“Start the Dark Matter Engine” She commanded.

Linguon did as she was told and within a second they heard a hum sound. Sarab deployed the force shield around them and began the descent into the Dark Matter cloud.

They couldn’t see the cloud with their eyes but the ship’s computer knew it precisely. Within a moment they were into and through the cloud and on the other side; 400 light years away in the blink of an eye.

“Success,” Linguon confirmed with a grin.

Sarab couldn’t help breathing a slow sigh; it was always good to have this part of a journey work. She checked her battle suit she wore; they all had them on for this mission, not that they expected a fight.

The battle suits were each fitted with their own personal shields; they could reach double the speed of light in flight and last for 100 years on their current power sources. Sarab thought it better to be prepared for anything on this mission since so much was unknown.

“Okay,” She said; “No time for rest; Callib?” She spoke, turning to Lycon’s scientist who journeyed with them. “Have you a fix on the radiation signature yet?”

“Yes;” He said; not looking up from his screen. “It’s a fair distance away from us but I have a lock on its location.”

Callib was a multi-talented scientist; he could do things that were advanced even for Sarab and Linguon. He was 7’10 in height; close to warrior size but besides his height there was little about him that suggested he would make a fit fighter.

He was clumsy with his legs when he walked, a trait very strange for a Stanannoki. His hands were very capable and he preferred to use them upon the monitor rather than his wrist computer. He said he liked having better control over his work this way.

Another odd thing about Callib was that he was one of the few Stanannoki who didn’t have indents on his body. He claimed it was because of his age; he was galactically 6,000 years old; nearly twice the age as Sarab and 4,000 years older than Linguon.

He said that many males from his time were born without the indents, that trait seemed to spread greater among their people not long after their birth times.

Sarab had known those without the indents before but had never worked with one directly. It did not bother her though; Callib was a tremendous scientist and the master mind behind the Infinite Orb.

He arose from his chair and checked on the orb now; it was not very large; 5 feet around in circumference.

Sarab stood next to him and admired it; it was pure white but would change color he said when it was activated.

“It’s beautiful,” Sarab said next to him.

“Yes,” Callib said; “It wasn’t originally designed for this you know. I had designed it to become a star someday.”

“A star?” Sarab asked amazed.

“Yes,” Callib said excitedly; “In theory I can make it expand and take on the same principles as a medium sized sun while not expelling any radiation at all. It could be used as an endless energy supplier; we could create planets and life with it. Potentially find planets with life in dangerous locations and move them here. I can even modify the orb to take on the exact same characteristics as an alien star. It would never burn out, never explode and never discreet radiation. Its… perfect…”

He looked at it longingly before shaking his head and turning back to Sarab.

“But this way we can protect millions more by containing this abnormal black hole, I’m happy to contribute in a meaningful way. It may take another 500 years but I can build a new one.”

Sarab smiled and gently patted the man’s shoulder.

“Commander!” Linguon said excitedly from the front of the craft.

Sarab rushed to her.

“The black hole; it’s moving.”

“Stay with it,” Sarab ordered.

“It’s coming towards us!” Linguon almost shrieked.

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