Heaven Below a Scorched Plane

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Chapter 8

I wonder when this little society we have in the bunker will break down into insanity, like a real Lord of the Flies situation. I mean, there's not that much space for two or more distinct factions to form, and whichever one is closest to the kitchen will automatically win by way of attrition, so it won't really be that much of a spectacle.

Then again, cornered rats do tend to fight fiercely. Maybe the fear of starvation will spur on the lacking group to kill ruthlessly, and therefore eliminate the competition before they even have to deal with hunger or thirst. Just because one side has more resources doesn't necessarily mean they have the better chance of winning.

But, maybe the group with the food will have anticipated such a response and in turn will prepare furiously to combat any type of attack. A well prepared defense can usually outdo a relentless but disorganized offense.

I doubt it'll happen though. Granted, there are crazy people in here, it's just that their craziness tends to be pretty benign. I don't think there's ever been any major fights or arguments, and I don't really see it happening anytime in the foreseeable future. I think the problem is that there would be no benefit to rebelling. We have all the resources necessary. The water is constantly recycled, and granted, I don't know where we're getting the blocks from, but I imagine we're not really running low, and there has to be some method of synthesizing them that I just don't know about. My point is that there's no incentive to fight, no ladder to climb to the top of, no conch to seize.

I think everyone's just a little too aware of their environment. If we killed each other, whoever's left would have to clean up all the blood, and it'll stink up the place pretty fast. There's no benefit to having less people, and starting shit will only cause trouble, so why even bother?

Even still, I think everyone here is kind of hoping for something like that to happen. Granted, no one wants to die, but no one ever imagines themselves as the one who gets killed. What they want is conflict. They want to struggle and achieve what we've already had this entire time, not because it'll make anything better, but because it'll seem better by comparison. They want the satisfaction of victory, the satisfaction that their survival was hard-fought, even when our ultimate fate is the same.

But in the end it'll never happen. Practicality is the god of this world, and we all prostrate ourselves to its whims. It just so happens that the most practical course of action is to do nothing.

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