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July 16th, 2013

I had a most pleasant surprise waiting for me at the mansion today. I would like to think it makes up splendidly for the very unpleasant one that Tallis once had the audacity to leave behind!

In my first life, I loved my mansion on Berkley Hill. So, once the ground came up for sale again, I had decided to build a new one on the exact same spot.

I have built a very similar designed construction, but made a few changes that I identified as most necessary from my previous stay on the bare hillock. This time I knew to turn the house one eighty degrees so that the miserable south-easter that constantly blows over the top of Berkley hill won’t be spoiling my periods of relaxation by the pool anymore; now the front of the house takes the brunt of the wind. I could have built a high wall around the pool area, but this would have meant forsaking the fantastic view for which I had especially purchased the lofty area.

I also moved the main bedroom to look out over the pool so that it is still north-facing.

The land on which I built is immense and solitary, which allowed me to choose any section I desired to place my front gate; I too moved this from the north side to the south so that visitors wouldn’t enter my grounds from the rear.

Although I can’t see the front gate from my bedroom window any longer, the change has made a remarkably positive difference to the pool area.

Another important change, and one that was done with the intention of improving my health, was to replace the hundred-seat mini theater (In my first life, it seemed like a cool idea at the time, but I hardly ever used the thing – if ever!) with an enormous home gym area having completely mirrored walls.

Now, twice a week I have a personal gym instructor, Jeanette Blake, come in to help me workout.

Nikki has also decided to tone up a little on those same days. Not that she needs it in the least; she’s one of those lucky women who manage to retain a good figure with minimal effort. I guess her carrying around that extra weight due to her large stature is exercise enough?

Anyway, I have given them keys to the large changing room and shower that lead onto both the outside pool and the gym. So now, whenever I’m late for our appointment, they at least have access to the equipment. I’ve even taken the liberty of installing a couple of lockers in the change room where they keep a few personal items. I’ve also put a water cooler and a bar fridge stocked with energy drinks into the gym.

I had met Jeanette at a local gym. She is one of the in-house instructors and was a state finalist in the Ms. Olympia Competition. Although I have no desire to do any bodybuilding, she is still an expert in other areas of fitness and body toning. She had helped me to rig out the gym with only the best equipment.

I had later purchased some special bodybuilding equipment for her sole use, as I got kinda self-conscious with her watching me full-time going through my routines. Now we can both do our own thing at the same time.

She’s not bad on the eye, and appears to have a normal, although slightly more muscular than other woman, physique when not pumped up.

I had chosen her to be my instructor as I wanted to have a little eye-candy about to improve my view during my workouts.

Of course, I did try my luck with her once. I should have guessed something was not on the level with her when she told me she doesn’t touch alcohol – not a drop! I had hoped to first mellow her out a bit with a nice cool drink after a heavy work out on a really hot day. She refused the drink, but asked if she could take a dip in the pool before heading for the shower.

After informing her that she was most welcome to use the pool anytime she desired, I was surprised and delighted as she stripped naked before going for a skinny dip. I decided it was her way of initiating a come-on from me in view of the fact that she understood my prior intentions in offering her a drink. I watched her do a few slow lengths before I retreated inside to take my shower inside the change room for a change. I took my time, and as hoped, she was waiting outside the shower door as I exited – still totally and unashamedly starkers. Her breasts were small, but I found her extremely sexy and attractive. I reached for her instead of the towel.

She quickly and sternly informed me that I had gotten the wrong impression; she had absolutely no interest in men whatsoever.

She also told me that for health reasons, the instructors at the gym where she worked had their own private locker room, and being the only female instructor on the payroll, she had reached a point where she had gotten frustrated waiting her turn to use the open showers; many times discovering that the hot water had all been used up too. So, one day she had just said, ‘To hell with it!’ and taken her place in the row of other shapely bodies beneath the string of large shower heads. The guys had all thought it a big deal at first, some even ashamed of their own nakedness (I guess it’s probably true what they say juicing can do to a man’s genitals.). Anyhow, with time the novelty wore off and now they just accept her as one of the gang; keeping their distance in knowing full-well her sexual preference.

I guess she got some sort of thrill doing it. Maybe she wanted to feel like one of the guys in a football locker.

I have no idea?

Anyhow, from that day on, when she had taken a dip in my pool, she had no reservations either about me being naked in her presence or vice versa.

I pretended to be disinterested, but whenever I felt myself starting to give away the game, I would make a hasty trip to the pool to do my own skinny dipping.

Hell, truth be told, I hardly ever go for a swim any other way. If some arsehole with a very powerful zoom lens on his camera wants to put Cornelius Crane in the tabloids, so be it. It’ll probably only improve my image!

Today I had a senior staff meeting run slightly over the scheduled time; I arrived about fifteen minutes late for my gym appointment.

Jeanette’s and Nikki’s vehicles were parked off to the side where they always went round the back to the pool area.

After changing into my workout attire, I unlocked the door to the gym from my side. The gals weren’t in yet, so I unlocked the door to the change room and peeked in.

They were both naked and oblivious to my presence due to the fact that they were engaged in a very passionate kiss.

Jeanette’s darkly tanned (Due to all the free sunbed sessions at her work) body contrasted greatly against Nikki’s much paler skin. And although Jeanette was the more muscular of the two, Nikki’s stature appeared to make her the dominant party in this sensual duet.

It was only when they eventually decided to surface for some air that Jeanette noticed me. She hastily broke away from Nikki and chided, “Shit, didn’t you think of knocking before coming in?”

Nikki just smiled at me and used the back of her hand to wipe her mouth.

I frowned and queried, “Why, I already seen what both you ladies got to offer. Besides, don’t stop on my account?”

“You wish, buster? Ain’t nothing here that I’m offering you.”

“No? Shit, what a pity? I was hoping you two wouldn’t mind if I fixed myself a whisky and watched the sports channel instead today?”

“In your dreams!”

“Actually,” said Nikki. “I kinda like the idea.”

Shocked, Jeanette blurted, “What?”

“Yeah, it’ll turn me on even more to have someone watching us.”

“Oh, yeah?” Asked Jeanette with a hint of too much excitement in her voice. “I dunno about that?”

It was great to have Nikki rooting for me. “Come on, it’ll be fun! I’ll make you forget we got a spectator.”


“I know how to deliver the goods, baby!”

“I think I’ll first need one of those whiskies myself.”

Nikki raised her hands and exclaimed, “Whoa, sister, for somebody who doesn’t touch a drop, that could be fatal?”

“Bullshit!” I said. “It’ll be much healthier than all that other crap she keeps putting into her body. It’s probably all that other shit that put you off men in the first place? A stiff…drink just might shock those hormones of yours right again.”

“Keep wishing, sailor.”

“How do want it, with water or soda?”

“Like a cowboy, honey; from a shot glass. I don’t wanna waste time. I’m feeling kinda amorous. I plan to down it straight.”

“Make it two said Nikki. I’m gonna teach her how to make a yellow snowball.”

“Why don’t I just fetch the bottle? In the meantime, why don’t you two lovely ladies get into something more comfortable?”

“We’re naked!” they exclaimed in unison.

“I meant the bed.” I ambled off towards my drink cabinet. “Nikki, I believe you know the way?”

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