Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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March 19th, 1966

My mother announced at the dinner table tonight that in about 7 months I would have a little brother with which to play.

I knew the answer, but still asked, “What’s his name going to be?”

“Claude,” said my father proudly. “The same as mine; the same as my grandfather’s. The Crane family has a long line of Claudes. Have I ever told you that in the mid 1800s, Claude Melville Crane owned a big sugar plantation in Hawaii?”

“Claudia, if it’s a girl,” added my mother placing her hand gently on her belly. “Let’s not forget…”

“Nonsense,” interrupted my father. “You just now promised the boy a baby brother to play with, and that’s what he’ll be getting.”

So, brother Claude was on his way. Dad was right, he will be thrilled when his namesake enters the world on October 10 later this year.

I look forward to Claude’s arrival. I had always been fond of him. I missed him terribly after the car wreck that took him and the woman to whom he had been engaged to for only a month.

If it was at all possible, I would prevent his premature death this time.

But then again, what will the consequences be if I attempt to disturb the original timeline?

Only Time will tell!!!

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