Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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March 18th, 1969

It took me a little time to figure out the plan, but I believe I’ve got it worked out now. I first had to case the area and double check the bus schedule as well.

I used the stationery and the typewriter in my father’s study to carefully type a letter. It had to be worded well enough to instill the necessary concern.

It reads:

Joaq Du Maille

I know your dark secret.

To be precise, I know about James Norton, Jenny Buchannan and Andrew Francis.

You are obviously a person of substantial wealth, and I am not a greedy man. A mere three thousand dollars is all I require to guarantee my continued silence.

The procedure is quite simple - On March 21st, take the money which must be placed in a plain brown paper bag to the park east of Willow Creek Wood. Go to the bus stop opposite the St. Mary’s Anglican Church. At approximately 3: 10 pm the bus to Sedgefield Station will arrive. When you see the bus approaching, place the paper bag with the money into the trash container next to the shelter. Board the bus and be sure to stay on it all the way to the station.

Follow these instructions to the letter – or else!

Remember - I have eyes everywhere!


I started with his name, letting him know clearly and undoubtedly that I know him for certain.

I had first thought to use the word person instead of man, but I need to have him think that an adult male has written the letter. It is important to create as much misdirection as possible.

The envelope and paper I have used is a plain common brand, and will not be traceable to any one particular stationery store.

I have chosen March 21st as this will give him enough time to get the cash together, but not enough time to think up any devious means to foil my plan.

Tomorrow is the hard part – I have to get the letter into his postbox without him seeing me place it there. I could have simply posted it, but who knows when it will arrive? I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. At last I’m managing to add a little spice to this mundane existence. I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight.

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