Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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August 6th, 1969

My father has trouble looking me in the eyes these days.

And we rarely if ever have anything to say to each other.

His presence is simply a constant reminder to me of his betrayal. Not a day has passed since then that I have not felt disgust and contempt towards him. And since the announcement in the Sedgefield Oracle, those feelings have only increased exponentially.

I was kind enough not to rub his nose in it either. I’m big enough to realize that there is absolutely nothing that can be gained by telling him, ‘Told you so.’

I also know that he is too much of a sniveling worm to ever apologize to me. Any chance of reconciliation and forgiveness is impossible.

The situation between us is an open festering wound that will never heal.

It is strange to recall how I missed him so terribly after his death, but now the very site of him fills me with loathing!!!

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