Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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October 17th, 1969

My father has been killed in a head-on collision.

The police brought my mother the terrible news at 02h35.

There were three occupants in the other car, a mother, father and their teenage daughter; all were killed instantaneously. It happened at about 00h20 this morning. There were no witnesses. There was no alcohol found in either of the drivers. It is not certain which of the drivers were at fault. For now, the cause of the accident remains a mystery.

The fact that the accident happened directly in front of the new gas station under construction on the M51 leaves no doubt in my mind as to which driver caused the smash.

So, in the end, I haven’t prevented my father’s death after all; I merely postponed it. And now, because of me, three innocent people have died as well. This is a burden that I will have to bear for the rest of my life – or should that be lives.

Also, what consequences will this have on future events? What sort of ripple has this created in the stream of time?

Only Time will tell!!!

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