Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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August 6th, 1970

It took awhile, but the verdict is finally in!

The headline in today’s Oracle reads:

Willow Creek Killer Gets Chair!

Beneath that:

Du Maille receives 3 death sentences.

Ah, dear, I guess Tallis’ tarnished reputation will be restored to its former glory again?

He’ll be able to pull his head outta his arse now and hold it up high again.

Hah, knowing that bastard, he’ll be sure to make a very loud noise about announcing the fact of who was the arresting officer in this far more publicly aware and highly spectacular case.

As for myself, I too feel darn good about my actions. Although they were questionable, they have managed to save the lives of 4 innocent children.

Yet, what sort of repercussions could that have on the future?

Once again I must say that, ‘Only Time will tell!!!’

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