Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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October 16th, 1977

I have managed to persuade my mother to invest my entire college funding reserve in a far more lucrative enterprise – property!

Yep, once again I have decided to delve into the fluctuating world of real estate.

Of course, as was the case with the Ol’ Bradley Plot, foreknowledge has many great advantages – many dealing in financial gain.

The Ol’ Bradley Plot business (Or, more importantly, the lack therefore!) may have caused some terrible pain and anguish (Perhaps even death!) for my immediate family, but in the end it has managed to serve a useful purpose – I had no qualms about waving it under my mother’s nose in order to secure her approval.

Still, it had taken a lot of persuasion on my part to eventually get her onto the same tracks as me.

I am ashamed to say, that at times, our debating had become somewhat heated. I hope, and believe, she will forgive me for some of the things I said, especially when her…our investment pays out in a couple of years.

We may have a little bit longer to wait for payback time, but the gain we could have made on the Ol’ Bradley Plot will be chickenfeed compared to this new deal.

In the interim, on my excellent high school accomplishments, I’ve managed to secure a job as a Junior Trainee Patent Examiner (Formerly a Patent Clerk.) in Jersey City.

The work is two-fold:

Firstly, I examine the blueprints/concepts of people's ideas/inventions to determine whether or not they are feasible/possible.

If they pass the first examination, it is then important to determine whether or not any cribbing has been involved – and, if so, to what degree?

To do this I must, secondly, check the records to ensure that no one else has already been given a patent for the same/similar idea/invention.

If the applicant proves successful in both requirements, depending on the nature of the idea/invention, the possibility of some financial gain becomes a rather pleasant prospect.

I have taken the liberty of submitting a few of my own smallish ideas. Nothing too elaborate or revolutionary so as to draw attention to myself, but just enough to augment my present, not-so-wonderful, salary.

Even so, I need to be much more careful…much more patient…far less greedy!

Already my…royalties have begun to eclipse my monthly paycheck!

Of course, this is not the first time in history that a brilliant mind has held the rank of a menial patent clerk. The genius, born towards the end of the last century; a man as fascinated at the concepts of Time and Space as I, also served in a similar capacity in a patent office in Bern, Switzerland! – Makes one think, doesn’t it?

I made a point of cleaning out my mattress before leaving home. I purchased a strongbox using my very first royalty payouts.

My memoirs and keepsakes are now all safely stored in a small sturdy safe that I’ve bolted to the wall inside my built-in cupboard.

Although I miss my mother, one cannot describe the great pleasure of having the privacy and freedom that comes with renting your own apartment.

Sure it isn’t much to look at, but this is only a temporary arrangement until the deal finally, and beautifully, sweetens up!

Once that happens, my plans to reestablish Global will be within my grasp.

After that, there will be no more looking back – at least not until very far into the future when it becomes absolutely necessary to return to the past again.

Only, this time round, we’ll perfect the Consciousness Projector in order to prevent the same fault from reoccurring.

I have absolutely no desire to become a child for a third time. The second was excruciatingly frustrating enough!

Hmm, I wonder what my mother will do with her share of the, in her case, windfall?

She’s always dreamed of a house with a view on the ocean.

Hell, she can buy herself a couple of those!!!

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