Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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August 18th, 1994

My mentioning Nicolette Kurtzman in my diary yesterday got me to thinking more deeply and more detailed regarding that vivacious harpy. I have lately had some trouble expelling her from my thoughts. After all, she was…is a very unique piece of human female physique, and possessed of rather cerebral distinction.

Unlike most other extremely tall woman, Nikki was not slender and fragile in appearance. She was a large woman; beautifully large and becoming. Not large as in the sense of overweight or even slightly plump, but as in tall and having a very full figure.

Unlike my second wife, Erika (In my first life), who had also been tall, Nikki did not owe her superior height solely to the length of her legs – she was extremely well-proportioned from the top of her natural ash-blonde hair that, at most times, surrounded her strong features like a lion’s mane, all the way down past her magnificent breasts and hourglass figure to the bottom of her strong, shapely legs.

On photographs, by herself, she seemed to be of average height, but her stature became all too obvious when she was photographed together with a group of other woman, standing almost a full head higher than the next tallest in the group.

She was proud of her stature and did not slouch or droop as is often the custom that tall, self-conscious people practice in striving to fit in with the crowd.

Nikki delighted in her… distinctiveness. She would often voice her self-approval unashamedly.

“Call me, Unikki! I’m a state of the art work of art! After I was born, Mother Nature broke the mold!” she would smilingly declare, although she seriously meant and believed the statement to be the undisputed and absolute truth.

She took great pleasure in the fact that she attracted attention, of both men and woman, wherever she went. But it was her affect on the former that she relished the most. She enjoyed using her power to establish herself, not as their equal, but superior!

To use the term Amazon Warrior Queen to describe her demanding nature and regal presence would not be an over-exaggeration.

To make matters worse, she had a brilliant mind situated between all that wild and primitive hair that she constantly combed away from her face with a sensual sweep of her widely spread fingers; not too unlike a model posing for a magazine shoot.

The only thing about her that seemed out of place, physically, was her mouth. It too was enormous, but this time out of proportion with the rest of her face. Some men would probably find it appealing, but her lips seemed way to full, as if she was constantly pouting. And although she bragged often that, besides her cosmetic makeup, there was not a shred of unnatural enhancement throughout her entire frame, it seemed as if she had gone for one of those collagen lip-filler injection treatments, and the doctor had forgotten to tell her to say, ‘When!’

And if she smiled, although her dental work was perfect in shape, size and color, it seemed as though she had been allotted more than the normal amount of teeth that the average adult possessed. She also had just the slightest gap between her two maxillary central incisors that enhanced her somewhat impish grin.

Oh, yes! She did have one other physical flaw, but in this case, it was society in general that regarded it as a flaw…a curse upon all womankind. But to me it was an indication that she was only human after all. And that only made her more attractive and appealing to me.

I would never have known about it either, if I had not been invited round to Steve’s place for a poolside barbeque.

Nikki had made her appearance wearing a skimpy bikini.

I made no effort to pretend that I was indifferent to her arrival. It was difficult to keep my eyes from returning to her near-naked magnificence.

She made no effort to pretend that she was displeased at my continuous gawking. It was obvious that she reveled in the affect she had on men. She loved to be admired.

And Steve? Well, he basked in the misconception, believing her to be a one-man woman; his woman. And because of that, he didn’t mind other men looking; looking, but not touching. It gave him pride and joy to have such a fine status symbol that made other men envious of his incredible fortuity.

Anyhow, I was describing Nikki’s physical flaw, not her social ones.

In all my own promiscuous behavior, I have never once met a woman who does not have, to one degree or another, cellulite. Even those $500 specials, who had obviously used some of their hard-earned wages to have all sorts of beauty enhancing treatments, were unable to eradicate the supposed curse.

I say supposed, because due to its natural and frequent occurrence in women of all shapes and sizes, I have grown to like it.

Yep, it being the aforementioned natural part of a woman’s physical make-up, I have strangely grown to even consider it…somewhat sexy. Of course, like an over-full pair of lips – too much is too much. But just the right amount is enough to get my enzymes bubbling.

Hell, even my favorite fantasy artist, Boris Vallejo, has the wonderful practice of adding that rousing curse to many of his female creations, enhancing them with a sexual aura that is both visually and physically stimulating in a superbly erotic fashion.

I have a number of his works hanging on my walls.

I don’t expect that a wife would ever approve of my taste in décor, but this is one of the pleasures a bachelor is able to indulge in.

Okay, so I may have over-indulged myself a bit – not just with the creations of Boris, but with those of many other talented artists and photographers who also…know their stuff.

I am proud to say that, due to my excellent financial standing, many of them are original works. And although they serve a higher, aesthetic function, I tell most people who chance to visit my home, especially those that find the artworks offensive, that they are excellent investments.

I once considered reserving the hall and living room for more…reserved works of art, but eventually decided to hell with it. And anybody who finds my tastes questionable – to hell with them too!

Right now I’m looking at one of my very favorite works (Unfortunately it’s a copy) by Frank Frazetta. It is simultaneously humorous and extremely erotic. It is of a giantess lying prone in a field. There is a normal-sized cow, far smaller than her, chewing on some grass. But resting between her full breasts, also normal-sized, is a naked man with an expression of absolute bliss and contentment. One can’t help wishing…shit, I bet there are many men out there who have my taste…call it a fetish if you want, about large (I repeat, ‘Not over-weight.’ – Although a few extra pounds sometimes adds to the allure. The expression pleasantly plump is one I like to use) women.

No wonder I found the experience with Hannah to be so stimulating. Not only the sex, but our wrestling bouts as well. In retrospect, I think I may have enjoyed those even more. And to think that she was the one who had suggested it – marvelous!

But enough of Hannah, thinking of her now is just far too painful.

My wives, too, had been women of…superior stature.

What Erika lacked slightly in width, she made up for in length. God, I loved her legs. I had often joked that they went all the way up to her armpits.

Also…enough about Erika!

The pain of her memory is far greater – and she’s still walking about out there on those men magnets, attracting the gullible male population towards inevitable doom with the appearance and promise of paradise.

Yep, I later thought of her as a giant (This time the size not being appealing in the least.) rat trap.

It was extremely difficult to ignore the cheese that she used as a lure for all her trusting victims.

She was a beautiful siren singing her song, luring sailors towards the rocks where she could feed on their drowned and mutilated corpses.

Yep, that’s exactly how I felt after…

Enough about Erika!!!

The fact that both my wives have been women of superior stature has just made me realize that maybe the reason my marriages never succeeded, was because they had all basically been the result of physical attraction. And although I fooled myself into believing that I loved their minds as well – it was those same minds that had taken me for a ride in the end – and I’m not referring to our romps across the bed!

Yes, Nikki too was an exceptional beauty. Even her flaws being plus factors (I remember reading an article about Sophia Loren who said something to the effect that her beauty was made up out of a series of imperfections or inconsistencies, but were then so wonderfully arranged as to produce her unique look. And, my, what a terrific looker she turned out to be!).

Yep, Nikki could have just about any man she desired; and she knew it.

And the type of man she wanted most was one with wealth and power!

Although she later became an employee of Global, she understood full-well that Steve’s money and sway could ultimately become hers as well. To this end she had taken no time in manipulating him.

The man was a rich genius, but I use the term poor fool to describe the way in which she duped him.

The joint CEO, of what would become one of the most successful technology companies in the world, was no more than putty in her large hands.

I can’t blame him though, he was still young and very impressionable - and Nikki had a certain undeniable presence whenever she entered a room.

It had taken her just over a year to convince him to exchange their vows.

So, with my unusual taste in women, it is with little shame that I must admit that I was largely envious of the attention and affection that Nikki had showered on Steve prior to their marriage.

I am, though, most ashamed to admit that my thoughts were of a rather inappropriate nature on their very wedding day!

Nikki had looked especially, and exceptionally, radiant. She was a shining, vibrant goddess. The sight of her had taken my breath away. I felt less guilty when I saw the looks in many of the other male guests. If they had been dogs, the floor would have been covered in drool.

I had shaken my head to rid myself of those dark and exciting contemplations. I would never, could never, have done, or even attempted, anything so deceitful to betray my one and only true friend’s trust.

Instead, I sincerely said to him, “I wish you all the best in your brave new endeavor.” He had laughed when I had added, “I bet you can’t wait to do some reverse engineering later tonight?”

Although he seldom used strong language, but I expect that the alcohol and the occasion had loosened him up a bit, he replied, “You have no fucking idea. Look at her, Corn! Have you ever seen anything more beautiful and magnificent in all your life? Be honest?”

I was painfully honest with my reply. “Never!” Then I followed it with the worst lie that I had ever told. “You’re the luckiest guy in the world.” And finally a mixture of both. “I envy you!” Although, at the time, I had no idea that it was the case with my last two statements.

I was still staring at that shining goddess floating around the dance floor when he chided and suggested, “Hey, why do you suddenly look so down? It’s your best buddy’s wedding day, for God’s sake! There’s a plethora (He loved to use that word) of single, young, beautiful women here to choose from. Mel has been asking me to introduce you to her ever since we got here.”


“Nikki’s best friend! The maid of honor!”

“Oh, that would be…a first for me!”

“Yeah, I thought you’d find that kind of…exciting!”


He laughed. “Actually, you would have noticed her keen interest in you by now if you’d bothered to take your eyes off my bride for just a minute.”

I think I had blushed at his honest observations. And instead of him being irate at my improper gazing, he had actually felt pity for me; perhaps even guilty that his partner, for once, was not able to share with him in his incredible luck and good fortune!

He truly is a good man!

I had taken his advice, and later that evening I had taken Mel home. She had invited me up for coffee, which we both knew would not materialize – at least, not until late morning.

She had helped splendidly to relieve my tension.

Although she was Nikki’s friend, she was far too young for me. Too young in the sense that she was excruciatingly too naïve and giggly for my taste, but the alcohol and yearning in my system had dulled any aversions I might have experienced.

Unfortunately, the morning coffee brought her irritating mannerisms and decor into sharp focus. The place was filled with an assortment of African masks, grass mats and colorful zigzag-patterned clay pots. She had lit some incense sticks before making the coffee, and I had an uncomfortable sensation of being inside a voodoo queen’s den of dubious dealings.

Although it was Sunday, I had made the excuse of having to oversee an important project at work. I left right after finishing the coffee, which was much like her – unimpressive, fabricated, tepid, soluble, decaffeinated, far too sweet and black.

Being the CEO of a big successful company has many advantages – although I expect that it was that very same fact that she had found attractive about me.

Yep, like her best friend, it was blatantly obvious that she was also just another gold digger.

What would happen to Steve a few months later was both traumatic and relieving.

The revelation made me realize what a fool I had been to feel the slightest hint of envy towards their relationship. And secretly, I was thankful that she had chosen to prey upon Steve instead of me - even though the incident had been absolutely devastating for him. So much so, that it would take three years before he eventually told me the truth!

I said that Nikki was brilliant, but I failed to mention that she was also extremely calculating and deceitful.

The only thing that eclipsed her hunger for wealth and power, was her lust for…unconventional carnal knowledge.

It had taken her just over a year to convince Steve to exchange their vows, but it took her less than six months to convince him that her vows were nothing more than hot air.

Many husbands have had the unsettling experience (Myself included!) of finding out that their wives have been unfaithful.

Many husbands have had the misfortune of finding their wife in bed with another man.

Steve is the only man I know to have discovered his wife with two!

He had returned home early from a business trip to find her in the very close company of two male strippers. She had met them earlier that evening at a Ladies Night event at a local club, and had no trouble coercing them to accompany her home for a private show. During the course of the show she had expressed her desire to experience a DP; something that she had often fantasized about, but that her husband would never agree to.

The virile young studs had been more than willing to oblige. Not only was she an amazingly gorgeous and sexy woman, but they were also to be compensated financially for giving her a good service. And, if they performed their duties adequately, she would require those same services on a regular basis.

So, even though she was having her often-fantasized desire fulfilled, she was not satisfied to just leave the experience to pleasant memories. She had partaken of forbidden fruit and it was most pleasing to her exceptional palate.

Steve had walked in at the very moment that she was busy having her water and oil checked simultaneously. It had taken him almost a full fifteen seconds before realizing that it was not a couple of gay men making use of his bedroom. The second shock had come when he realized who was the large slice of baloney in the giant baloney sandwich that was bouncing on his bed.

“It was so damned surreal!” he had told me. “I thought I’d walked into some pornographic rendering of Alice in Wonderland!”

I really can’t be blamed for ragging him so often about it later on!!!

Also, the happy threesome had been so busy enjoying themselves that it had taken almost a minute before they realized that he was in the room.

Then to add insult to injury, Nikki had related the whole story to him, adding that he was a boring prude.

The cherry on the cake came when the guys had the audacity to still demand their promised payment, and Nikki had been kind enough to complete the transaction.

To say that Steve had been furious would be a gross understatement. Within a month the divorce was finalized. Nikki had gotten a large settlement amount, but Steve just wanted to get her out of his life as soon as possible so he could get on with his.

He drank a little heavy for awhile, but bounced back soon enough after I had helped him to see the world without the rosy-colored glasses that Nikki had put over his eyes.

I consoled him with the words, “Stop blaming yourself. You can see now that although you loved her – she never loved you! And that makes you a better person – now and always. And all too often - love is blind!” I had raised my glass to him. “Welcome to the school of hard knocks. Yep, learning the lessons of life can be a painful experience. Ask me? I’ve been there myself.”

It’s not easy to console a man who has married and divorced in under a year because of his wife’s infidelity. Especially when he worshipped the ground she walked on, and had been fooled into believing that she did the same.

The only problem was that she too worshipped the ground that she walked on!

She was a selfish, shameless harpy without concern for anybody but herself; the type who can never take no for an answer - no matter what!

I know the type well, because I was once married to one myself.

I refer now in particular to my second marriage!

The experience was near fatal. And the only thing that could help me in the end was the Consciousness Projector.

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