Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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September 20th, 2001

My expectant hope and joy have been short lived.

The gift which I sent to Steve has been returned unopened!

How can I prove to him the truth if he won’t even consider looking into it?

I must be the one person whom he despises the most (Or, taking Nikki into consideration, at least with equal fervor.) in the whole world. The man obviously wishes to have absolutely nothing more to do with either of us ever again.

He hates my guts – and rightly so!

I guess yet another verse from the Book of Proverbs is applied more truthfully to this situation. Proverbs; chapter 6 and verses 34 & 35 states, ‘No gift can ever be large or wondrous enough to appease the jealousy and rage of the husband who has discovered the treachery of his unfaithful wife.’

Still, I won’t give up!

I can’t!

My very life may depend on it!!!

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