Extracts from The Diaries of 'Professor' Cornelius Crane

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November 20th, 2007

I was reading through some of my very early entries today, and although I was obviously in a terrible state of mind when I wrote the one of June 16th, 1967, I have come to realize that life is indeed very much a series of repetitions; day after day, week after week we do the same old stuff over and over ad nauseam.

This is very evident in the fact that I’m making fewer and fewer entries in my memoirs.

Even the novelty regarding my own unique existence has long since worn off its charm.

For all intents and purposes, I could be just another Normal Joe trudging his way through life.

I need to make changes in my life – spice it up!

But what? How?

I certainly have the financial means to do it.

I could do some travelling – broaden my mind some more in other fields? Maybe learn a new language?

But, still continually nagging at the back of that mind is the fact that I yet have to find a way to complete the construction of the Consciousness Projector by my own hand.

I don’t think I will have any real peace of mind while that continues to hang over my head like the Sword of Damocles!

Just goes to show, they were right when they said, ‘Money can’t buy everything!’

But I gotta admit that it does help tremendously having a lot of it available.

I do need a break; if only for a short while.

Something I’ve always wanted to see is the Rio Carnival. That could definitely help to take my mind off the business as usual.

First thing in the morning, I’m gonna tell my secretary, Michelle, to start making the arrangements.

As it is, I don’t want to wake her right now because she’s sleeping like a baby after a pretty exhausting night.

Yep, I’ll tell her the good news in the morning when I take in her coffee and kick her sexy butt outta my bed.

When the hell is the carnival anyway?

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