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January 23rd, 2013

The headline today read:

Skinhead Arrested for Chinatown Blast!

Beneath that was:

Randyll Major McFarlane, known to his friends and associates as The Major, a White Power Skinhead Activist belonging to the neo-Nazi group calling themselves A4A (America for Americans), has been taken into police custody for the recent bomb blast that rocked Chinatown, killing 8 and seriously injuring another 23.

After reading further, there was no mistaking that this was the very same Randyll Major McFarlane who had been in the papers before - but not in this lifetime.

His name had been the discussion amongst many of Sedgefield’s residents after he had been the fifth kid to go missing in the Willow Creek area. His name would, many years later, once again make it into the papers after his and the other children’s remains were unearthed in Du Maille’s hothouse.

So, I managed to save his and the lives of 3 other children, only to find out that my actions have now caused the death of 8 others.

Am I not capable of performing just one lasting good deed in this new twisted continuity? Is fate determined to always have the last laugh? Am I truly a fly in the ointment of life; a foreign body in the crystal-clear stream of time?’

Once again - Time has spoken!

And Time is a four-letter word!!!

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