Darkest Secrets

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Chapter 10

My alarm woke us both up, making me groan and him sigh with a dismayed look on his face.

His hip pressed against my lower abdomen as I draped my upper body over his chest. “Good morning, Jase.”

“’Mornin’ sleepy head,” he grinned and stroked my horribly distraught hair. “You look like a train wreck.”

Words said with that smile and that voice (filled with that scratchy tone that just told you that he slept like the dead) melted me, even if it was an insult.

Mom swung the door open and stalked in, carrying a mug of coffee and a glass of chocolate milk in each hand. “Morning, love birds; Jason, here’s your coffee, as black as my mother-in-law’s heart and soul and Shyanne, your morning dose of chocolate and sugar.”

My mouth popped open at my mother’s words describing my grandmother. In truth, what she said was true; my grandma Ice was the epitome of bitchiness. She favored only one of her eight grandchildren and spoiled him rotten while sneering at the rest of us.

Hearty laughter filled the room as Jason gripped the mug. “Why, thank you Mrs. Ice; remind me when it’s Christmas to stay away from that hell hole.”

“When that blessedly horrible day comes, I will drag you there by your underwear; if I have to suffer at her hands, then so do you.”

“Shyanne,” mom scolded as she smacked my leg through my bed spread. “That’s no way to treat your boyfriend.”

Boyfriend. Well, that was an understatement.

Ash seemed to think so too. I’m pretty sure we flew by boyfriend and practically landed on fiancée status, don’t you think?

Ash, we flew by boyfriend about three light-years ago.

Alright, Buzz. She laughed lightly.

Alan then decided to walk by, clad in his pink robe. Don’t ask me why, but two years ago he asked to get a bathroom robe and mom bought this one and a dark blue one, kind of like a gag gift. But Alan refused to use the blue one, to smite my mom… she still couldn’t stand looking at him in the damn thing.

He slowed down and stared into my room, his scowl harsher than any I’ve seen him ever give. That’s quite harsh, if you knew the truth. “Why are you not yelling at them? He spent the whole night here, sleeping with her.”

“Exactly; we slept. Like little babies, to tell you the truth.” My words burst from me as I stood and stared hard at him. “Stop being spoiled, alright? Dad gave us permission and you know mom as well as I do! If I had snuck Jason in, she’d already have my body hanging in the oak tree outside like a piñata!”

“Quit acting like a brat!” He hollered, his brown eyes practically spewing fire.

“Both of you had better shut up before I get the paddle out and break your asses on it!” She practically yelled, her usually pale face flushed. Giving my brother and me the evil eye, she turned to a smiling Jason. “Jason, I’m so sorry about their squabbling. You probably should just go back to sleep and I-”

“Don’t worry about it, Rose. My brother and I were probably worse and it usually ended with us both bleeding and cussing. I actually wanted to know if it was alright with you and Alex if I took Al out to do some male bonding.”

Her face went slack with shock just as Al stomped to his room and slammed his door closed. “Um-well, um.” She stuttered as I seen my mom truly flustered for once in my life. “That’s fine with me, sweetie; but let me warn you now, you’re taking your own sanity and putting it at risk. You’ll probably think about killing him after twenty minutes.”

The look of challenge in his eyes made me smile inside, knowing that Jason wouldn’t back down.

He’s a natural warrior. Ash said with pride.

“I can take him,” he said with conviction as he stood up and took a gulp of the steaming coffee.

Mom looked him over, taking in his choice of dress and frowning slightly, making me smile. “I was scared of you, you know. I thought I was going to wake up with you screaming and threatening death.”

Snorting, she turned around. “Well, pray real hard for your father. When he gets home tonight, I will be waiting.” With the shotgun, probably, and a deadly look in her eyes.

With that, she closed my door and stomped downstairs.

“Uh oh.” I said, cringing for my father’s sake.

When there was no snarky response, I looked over and seen Jason staring down at the ring that Kade left me that first night. “Who gave you this?” he asked.

“Kade; the first night he came to see me, he left in this bright light and that was there in his place. It scared me so much that I jumped into bed and fell asleep.”

As he bent down, I noticed another small tattoo, on his left shoulder blade. It had his mother’s name, age and both her birth and death date in flowing letters. My heart ached and I shook myself out of it.

“Most shifter’s parents give them a piece of jewelry to represent their pride at your first shift. Since your parents aren’t… here, then Kade takes the responsibility as your advisor, I guess you can say. I’m assuming this is his gift to you.”

Words clogged my throat. “But-but, I haven’t shifted yet. Plus, if that were true, wouldn’t he have given it to me after her marked me or when I actually, you know, shifted.”

His broad shoulders lifted in a shrug. “Dunno.”

Pushing a sigh out from my lungs, I studied the ring. It was golden, like the one my… parents left me but it was just bare, unlike the one from my mom and dad. “When will I actually shift, anyways?”
“Differs between each person. Some do it right after their eighteenth birthday while others do it years after. More often than not, it is preceded by some strong emotions. My first shift, I was sparring with my brother and father around six months after my eighteenth birthday. Barreck had thrown some dirty insults into the mix and I got pissed beyond belief. The first shift is always painful and it hurt worse because I was angry… if it wasn’t so taxing on my energy, I more than likely would’ve killed my brother.” A thoughtful look passed on his face and he turned to me. “Probably should’ve. He’s still an annoying prick.”

Laughing, I pushed his chest playfully. “All older siblings are. Now shut up and let me change peacefully.”

He gave me a peck on the lips and strode out my bedroom, not caring at all about how he was half naked.

Twenty minutes later, I stood opposite of Jason and Alan. They were both seated in the only two island chairs and they were both silent. Jason seemed happy to be there, smiling softly at me and drinking his coffee in content silence. Alan, on the other hand, was in the serial-killing silence. Where someone just sits there with this nasty look on their face and you just know that in their head, they’ve killed whoever it is and buried them about twenty times.

Alan’s reaction towards Jason not only irked me but also puzzled me. Alice, in her high school days, brought home at least six different guys. He was perfectly fine with some of them but the ones that he didn’t like, he just ignored. With Jason, now, he acted downright hateful toward him.

The silence from baby brother was starting to seriously piss me off. “Okay, Alan, what the hell is your fuckin’ problem?” I stage whispered, making sure mom couldn’t hear my profanity.

Jaw muscles tense, he stabbed his hunting knife into the wooden bar. “My problem is with this dickhead who claims to be your one and only and I don’t like him.”

Instead of being offended, Jason looked down right amused with Al’s words.

Total opposite of my reaction. I could feel my anger flush the skin on my neck and chest as I leaned forward. “Why?”

He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, his dirty blonde hair stuffed under his worn out beanie. “I have a sixth sense; remember that guy Alice dated in high school and I totally ignored him? I downright told Alice I didn’t like him and she got mad, just about like you but you’re worse. I just get bad vibes from them.”

“You only feel that way because you don’t know me, trust me or anything else. I’m some random dude who just waltzes in, tells your daddy hi and claims that his heart belongs to your older sister.” Jason nodded, his eyes locked with Al’s. “You weren’t old enough to remember when Shy ran away; she was gone for a few hours but that was enough time for some bad people to come in and almost steal her from us.” The possessive word escaped his mouth and he seemed to hate that bitter taste. “My family and I stopped it from happening.”

Alan shook his head in disbelief. “I believe that you’d say anything to get me to accept you.”

Respect flashed through my body and I believe Jason as well. “Then I guess I have to show you that I am not that bad of a man. My brother and father will be happy to do some stuff with you. I’ll be there to pick you up from school and we can go have target practice or something.”

Guns and knives happened to be Alan’s weak spot. Excitement and eagerness shone in his eyes reluctantly. “Fine. But if I don’t like you, better duck ’cause I’m one hell of a shot.”

Rolling my eyes but happy inside, I said, “Please. I can outshoot you any day of the week.”

Just as he puffed up, trying to protect his measly amount of manhood, mom pranced in, her office outfit all primed and ready and her hair half way done. “Now, Shyanne, you may want to go do something with Shan or the others; tonight happens to be date night.”

“Crap. I totally forgot about date night.”

“What’s date night?” Jason asked with a frown.

Alan decided to be the bigger person and explain… almost in a kind way. “On the second Wednesday of every month, dad takes mom out on a date, to keep their love-life alive.”

“Oh.” Sadness coated the word like a sticky molasses.

Mom didn’t seem to notice as she walked around, gathering her purse and her lunch. “Jason, like I said, you can do your male bonding with Al today, but on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“You have to have dinner with us tomorrow night; I’ll be fixing fried chicken.” She said with a white smile. “Hell, bring your brother and father. I’ll have plenty for all of us.”

My phone beeped from my back pocket and I glanced at it as I heard Jason warmly accepting the offer.

Please tell me you’re coming to school today? If you aren’t, I’ll personally come by and rape your ass. Love you :) Shan’s words just elicited some images that I couldn’t begin to tell you how funny it was.

Laughing loudly, I turned around and texted her. And here I was, thinking I was protected from your raping. Yes, I’m coming, hoe. See you shortly

A second later she replied with nobody is safe from me when I get the urge! LOL :) :D see you later, bitch!!

Shaking my head lightly, I pulled a tangerine from the basket by the fridge and started peeling, not noticing the suspicious quiet. As soon as I got done peeling, I tensed, just noticing the quiet but it was too late.

Fingers, rough and warm, grabbed my ribs, right on my ticklish spot and made me jump and squeal loudly. The traitorous fingers moved down to my hips, making me squirm until I was facing Jason’s laughing face.

“UGH!” I groaned and punched him lightly. “I hate being tickled; you’re so lucky I didn’t start swinging.” Looking slyly at Alan’s smile, “Ask what happened to Al last time he tickled me.”

A shadow crossed his face. “Yeah! She was laying on the couch, not paying any attention so I jumped over her, and started to tickle her feet. Next thing you know, she twists so I was beneath her and she kicked my face and made my nose bleed! I bled for like, twenty minutes!”

“I cannot be held responsible for injuries given when I’m being tickled. I think I should get that tattooed on my forehead or something.” I said, slightly miffed.

Alan suddenly jumped up and started to do a little dance. “Crap! We should’ve been on our way to school by now!”

Glancing at the clock, I noticed that the bell would ring in about fifteen minutes… it took us around twenty, on a good day. “Frick.” I said, pushing off the counter and towards my car keys.

Jason followed us to the door where he yelled at my brother’s rushing form, “I’ll be there when the bell rings! Look for my truck and we can head out!”

“Okay!” Al said as he climbed in my car.

On my way out, I pushed up onto my tiptoes and gave him a light kiss. “See you when you drop dippy off. Have fun and please, duck if he aims towards you.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He said, waving off my plea.

“Alright, it’s your funeral. Literally.”

“Shut up and get outta here, babe.”

“Love you too, Jase; love you too!” I yelled before hopping into my car and making a getaway, fast and furious style.

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