Darkest Secrets

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Chapter 12

An odd, roaring sound pummeled my eardrums as I came back to life. My arms (apparently I had shifted back during my adventure) were bound behind my back in a typical kidnapping form and a gag was stuffed in my mouth. Opening my eyes to peek around, I noticed that it was dark as hell and I couldn’t see anything.

Must have me in a trunk or something, the cowards. I thought.

Or in a coffin. Ash said, trying to freak me out.

It made sense, horrifying or not. The space felt… closer and more claustrophobic than what a trunk would be and it was wooden. Fresh panic coated my bare skin and I started to hyperventilate through my gag. Shit, shit, shit! They’re gonna bury me and I didn’t get to say bye to mom and dad or that I love any of them.

Hot and salty tears poured from my eyes as I curled in up on myself. Never in my life did I think that something this tragic or scary would happen to me; hell, the worst I thought would happen to me was a car wreck.

And to think, you wrecked that car, been kidnapped and possibly thrown into some dark hole somewhere. That’s probably a record, kid. I could tell she tried to cheer me up but she failed miserably.

A light, airy feeling made my stomach clench and me to get a little light headed. The roaring sound dulled slightly before a sudden jolt had me clenching my teeth in pain as my injuries screamed.

“Thank you so much, Carl, you may leave now; my colleagues and I have something to grab before heading out.”

We’re on a plane! Ash said with conviction.

Before I could think a reply, a click of a metal clock sounded from behind me and light poured into the dark space. My retina’s felt like they were melting and I squinted.

A small prick, like a small needle poked my ass and I jerked. “Get the fuck off of me!” I tried to yell, but it was mumbled and garbled against the cloth.

“Awe, babe; don’t be so hateful. I’m actually doing you a favor.” The man from my nightmares said in a sadistically soft voice.

Twisting around, I looked to see his normal face; not Jason’s but his ugly mug. Glaring at him, I growled deep in my chest.

A nasty sneer curled his lips before my vision dimmed and I was once again hugged and coddled by the dark night. I was getting really, really tired of this passing out, blacking out and being drugged shit.

Cold liquid rushed into my nose and I started to cough and splutter through the wet gag still in my mouth. Shaking my head, I looked up to see one tweedledee standing there with tweedledum holding an empty bottle of water.

An insane urge to jump up and claw his eyes out through me and I wanted so bad to hand the reins over to the beasts I could feel under my skin. With shifting, it was like my animals woke up with a vengeance and they were bucking to get out. Who was I to hold them back?

Relax; you have no idea what the hell you’re doing, Shyanne. You may end up getting us killed. Ash cautioned wisely.

“Ah, you’re awake.” Tweedledee said with a grin as he looked down from his seven foot perch. His hazel eyes were bright with excitement and he seemed almost giddy.

My eyes cut into him as I tried to scoot back further into the wide room I sat in. there was a nice bed, around a queen size, nestled between a dresser and a side table where a clock and a lamp slept. Other than that, there were no other little structures; no window, no closet or mirror.

“Boss said we could take this little thing outta your mouth if you played by our rules.” He continued as he gestured to my gag.

Snuffing in disbelief, I twisted so he could see my numb arms and wiggled them a little.

“That as well; but I have to have an agreement right now that you will play nice.” Tweedledum nodded like an obedient puppy. If I didn’t know any better (and I don’t to be honest) I’d think they were twins. But, with my new senses helping out my human eyes, I could see the minute details that set them apart. Dee’s nose was slightly larger and longer with a little hook at the end while Dum’s nose was a little flatter, almost like a pig’s. They were both tall, over six foot five, with the muscle that rivaled a bouncer’s. Though, Dum had that typical jock look; cute in a muscular way but more than likely as dumb as a box of rocks.

“I promise that I won’t try anything… right now.” I added softly through my gag, hoping that they heard the first but not the last.

Dee crouched at my side and pulled out a pocket knife. A second later, I felt my shoulder move but with my arms being held in that position for so long, I had absolutely no feeling and my shoulder ached. He then ripped the gag out of my mouth, making my teeth come together with a loud click and I moved my dry tongue around.

“Better, right?” Dum said with his hazel eyes wide with happiness. Even being in this line of work, I could tell in both of their face’s that they really despised harming a female.

“Why am I here and what in the hell do you want with me?” I demanded hoarsely, as my throat burned with lack of use.

They just cocked their head’s to the right, almost like a curious puppy, but refused to answer my questions. I grew angrier and I sat up and leaned against the footboard to the bed. “Hello? I’m asking a freaking question!”

“Two, actually; two questions I cannot and will not answer. So shut up before someone else barges in. Whether you believe it or no, Wes and I are the nicest people you’ll see in a twenty mile radius. Mr. Jeffes will be in when he’s ready.” With that said he did an about-face and stalked through my door with Dum on his heels. About four locks clicked into position from the other side and I was finally caged in.

For some reason, this was way worse than being in the cargo space. Knowing that they had the key to my freedom and life… it was almost unbearable.

You know, since we so much free time on our hands, I can teach you how to shift. Ash said conversationally after around a minute of just sitting there.

Looking down, I noticed that I was covered in blood and dirt. Before we do anything, I think I should look myself over to see if I’m in any mortal danger.

Touché. She said with a chuckle.

A ragged tear in my jeans revealed a three inch gash along my left shin and it oozed blood. It probably needed stitches, not that anyone in this hell hole cared. My right leg seemed fine, if you exclude the dark blue bruises on my thighs and hip. My stomach was bruised as well, with scratches from what looked like glass and dirt caked inside. My arms seemed to be the worst, glass still inside my flesh and multiple tears in my skin.

My face was another story; a goose egg the size of Rhode Island was raised at my hairline and my lips felt split and dry. I could see perfectly fine through my eyes, surprisingly, and my nose felt straight and wasn’t all that sore.

At least I don’t look like an ogre. I said thoughtfully.

That you know of.

Thanks for pissing in my cheerios.

No better place to. You wanna learn how to shift?

Dread sank over me like an itchy blanket and I sighed. I really have no choice, do I?

Either we do it or you’re pretty much an invalid amongst the brainiacs of the world; lost and without any help in the world.

What a nice way to basically say, ‘hey, you better listen up and learn or you’re pretty much fucked by the whole world.’

You’re so melodramatic. She scoffed before laughing. Anyways, it’s not that hard. Of course, you’re a whole different story than I was; I had one animal to shift to but you have millions.

I stood up and winced at the hot lava that poured from my shin. Limping around the room, I noticed that there was a tiny slip of a slot, right beside my door. Bending over, I inspected it for a second before giving up and thinking, alright, so tell me how you were supposed to do it and maybe it’ll work the same way with me.

A heartbeat later she mumbled, well, my mom told me I had to think about my shifter self. To picture myself in my brain and just… Be. That’s just how she explained it like that.

Pursing my lips, I tried to remember how it felt to be in my animal form. Will it drain me just as much as last time? Will it be as painful as ingesting glass covered in poison?

More than likely not; it’s like sex, somewhat. It hurts the first time, but the more you do it, the less it hurts.

Wrinkling my nose, I scowled at the wall. Nasty! I may be an adult but I don’t whore myself around like most people do around my age. I’ll just have to take your word on that little tidbit.

You’re a virgin? Her question was deadly serious.

Well, duh. But like most people, I hear things. A friend of mine from school would come in after some weekends and give me every single detail as if it were her job to make sure I was well educated.

Her chortles were annoyingly contagious and I smirked before shaking my head in disbelief. Okay, okay. Shift already!

Closing me eyes, I blocked out her fading laughs. Legs shoulder square, hands resting at my sides and my head bowed, I pictured myself on four legs. I still haven’t figured out what I shifted to but I knew; knew deep in my soul, that it was a cat and that I was powerful. My focus centered to my fingernails and I pictured them growing and sharpening. Seconds later, I felt them do just that.

There you go, girl; keep going. Ash urged softly, taking my focus off my body.

My teeth grew and my jaw stretched. This time though, I barely felt it; it just felt like my skin was to thin and small for my body. Bones started to pop, muscles tear like paper and cells splitting like a lumberjack cutting wood.

Going to my knees, the growls in my mind erupted from my mouth and I curled my hands into fists, my claws raking the hardwood floor like a chair being scooted back too forcefully. The vertebra in my back arched and I groaned as I felt my skin rip. Fur sprouted on my newly grown skin and I felt my ears shift, the last part.

I lay on the ground too scared to open my eyes. The human part of my brain wanted this to just be a nasty nightmare and when I opened my eyes, I would be looking into Shine’s golden eyes, silently telling me that I was horrible mother and that I had forgotten to fill his bowl up again.

But my animal side knew better. It was time to finally open my eyes to see what I really was, the one that’s been hiding like a scared child. The child was slowly creeping toward the dark room that she so dreaded and feared, the only thing accompanying her was her small courage and her brave soul. Knowing that if she didn’t go that she’d never get the courage to be able to. How could a little girl go into the dark uncertainty?

For a long time, I never knew the answer because I never had to face such a big fear. Yeah, I was scared of the monster in my closet and the nasty things in the dark. But I had never been so scared that I could hardly breathe. Until now.

My inner child slowly opened the door to my shifter side; so dark and mysterious that she clung to her raggedy teddy-bear. It was murky smelling and she trembled with that innocent fear that my older-self cringed for her. What did that small, innocent child do, though? The shifter part of me beckoned her to come forth, to become one and understand what I’ve always been.

She walked forward with arms stretched wide, the small teddy bear falling to the dirty floor. My innocence and naivety lying on the ground to wither and die as I grew up to face the monsters that had haunted me for weeks now as I watched with sympathy from my perch inside my mind.

Then I slowly opened my eyes, new to myself and new to this world.

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