Darkest Secrets

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Chapter 2

“As much fun as that all was, I believe I heard my name being called.” I growled as he dragged me out the front door.

“Don’t lie, sweet cakes. You go straight to hell for that kind of thing right there.” His southern accent deepened as he spoke slowly.

“I’m not.” I said stubbornly. “Plus, I’m already going to hell, so might as well go out with a bang.”

He let go of my hand and sat on a rocking chair. It seemed that everyone escaped to the house to join the party and left the worn out football sitting in the yard. The pine trees swayed slightly with little wind we had up here in the mountains. The smell of a fire and sawdust reached me and I breathed it all in with a smile on my face.

“I don’t think you’re going to hell, Shyanne.” He said quietly as he looked at me. His grey eyes were like liquid smoke, swirling together in a beautiful mixture of the impossible and possible.

A sigh escaped me as I plopped down on the stairs. “You don’t know what I’ve done or who I’ve hurt. Hell, you don’t even know me.”
He nodded silently and looked down at his scuffed and dirty boots. “I know I really don’t know you but…”

At the prolonged silence, I prodded, “But what…?”

The laughing lines around his eyes and lips went away in a flash as a serious look settled there. “Stay away from Ian. He’s the most dangerous kind of person, Shyanne. I don’t want to get a call from your father saying you were scraped up off the side of the road like a piece of chewed gum.”

A flash on fear went down my spine. “Why in the heck would my dad call you if I was killed?”

“Please, Shyanne.” He pleaded with eyes that seemed sincere.

I sighed and turned my head. Looking into the window, I looked and saw my best friend and her boyfriend, cuddling up on the couch. They just seemed so happy and so… in love. That’s all I wanted; was to be with someone like that, to be loved by someone other than a friend or a family member. With Ian… that was an almost way there. He actually showed some interest in me. Now Jason is asking me to drop it all, become a nobody just for a few answers….?

“Fine. I promise on my heart.”

He smiled and stood up. “I guess I’ll let you go and enjoy your little party, then.” With a final smile, he turned and disappeared into the darkness.

The pounding of my head awoke me the next morning. Rolling over, I groaned and stared at the snoring hound dog on the floor.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Shannon, Shaniqua’s older sister said brightly as she walked out of the kitchen.

“Unfortunately,” I moaned as I sat up. Just the motion made my angry stomach threaten to explode.

Her light laugh almost made my ears commit suicide. “Where’s Shaniqua?”

Joe, her husband of three years, walked in from the back door. “In the guest bedroom with her man,”

A disbelieving laugh erupted from my mouth, making my stomach twist uncomfortably. I silently groaned and rolled back under the blankets.

“You poor baby,” Shaniqua, the bitch, yelled loudly. My head about ripped apart and I felt as if I was dead.

“Be nice to her, Shan. She probably is near death with as much as she had last night.” Michael said with a laugh as he followed his girl down the stairs. They both looked well rested and without a hint of a hangover.

I flipped them off and put the blanket over my face.

“How was your sleepover, sweetheart?” Mom asked the second I walked through the front door.

“Great! We had a blast and watched movies for the night.” I lied smoothly, keeping my glasses on.

A noise, sounding suspiciously like a snort, came from the kitchen area. “What was that supposed to mean?” I called as I walked upstairs.

“Oh, nothing… your father wants to talk with you before dinner so be down in his office in ten minutes.”

That doesn’t sound good, I thought. “Alright,” Gracie guiltily jumped off my bed. “Bad dog. You know better than that.” I scolded lightly.

Kicking my shoes off and into the far corner, Shine, my black as midnight cat, purred lazily from his perch on my laptop. “Get up, ya lazy ass cat; momma needs to check her email.”

Opening his eyes sleepily, I clearly saw the challenge in his green eyes, ‘I’ll move as soon as you move me.’

“Fine, I’m calling your bluff.” Not so gently, I swiped his butt off my computer and watched as he landed on his feet and took off out my door.

Quickly and silently, I opened my email and found that there was some spam and only one from a person named, Jason Keller.

Who the heck is Jason Keller? And why does he want to talk to little ole me?

As they always say, curiosity killed the cat… and it’s safe to say that if I were cat, my nine lives would be long gone.


You are probably freaking out right now because you don’t know who I am. But, let me refresh that pretty little head of yours; the guy that so generously helped you against the drunk at the party last night? Not to mention the guy who so nicely told you stay clear away from Ian… remember me now?

Besides our remarkable meeting, I just wanted to talk to you before your father tells you something that is going to change your fate.

“Well, that’s incredibly cryptic, not to mention creepy as hell.” I muttered. What the hell did he mean by that?

All I was going to say, I wanted to tell you for a long time now, but your father and mother both ordered me to not let you know, and to stay away. Of course, I couldn’t do that because you needed protection due to Ian and his family. I know you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about so, again, let me refresh your memory.

About ten years ago, you decided to run away from home because your dad said you couldn’t do something with your cousins. You argued because that is how you are; so, later that day, you ran away and went into town. You walked around aimlessly because you had nowhere to go. So you went around until it was pretty dark outside and decided to sit in a dark alley because you didn’t want anyone to see you. Around eleven or so, you heard some screeching and then a couple of growls in the woods behind the old market.

I didn’t have to read the rest. I remember seeing around three different pairs of eyes, low to the ground, almost like an animal. I remember my heart flying in my chest and I ran away to the street. A cop, around five minutes later, found me running down the road to my house. He gladly picked me and escorted me to my house where my parents grounded me for a month for scaring them half to death.

Do you really want to know what happened that night? I was there when it all happened; my dad and brother were shadowing you to protect you because your father called them when he realized you ran off. I’ll let your father tell you the major component in the story but what happened was simply this: you are very special and with being special, it comes with dangers. People are looking for you and we simply stopped them that night from either taking you or killing you.

When your father gets done talking with you and you need to speak with someone, feel free to call me or email me. Hopefully I’ll speak with you again, sooner rather than later, but remember this, Shyanne Jasmine Ice, I’ll always be here for you and will never leave you to fend for yourself.

Jason Keller

A number underneath was highlighted in blue. Without another thought, my fingers sought my phone and put his number in. Not even a second later, I hear, “Shyanne! You’re late, get your ass down here before I come and skin it!” Dad hollered from downstairs.

“Alright, alright! Hold your horses, ya old man.”

Putting the email into a secret folder, I shut my laptop and sped downstairs to see what all this was about.

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