Darkest Secrets

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Chapter 4

Dad practically melted into the dining room chair as my mother and sister glared at him from their eats.

“Why didn’t you mention the fact that our baby girl was betrothed? To a boy I don’t even know!?” She snapped at my dad as she stabbed a few pieces of her grilled chicken.

I’ve never seen my dad look ashamed or anything close to it; until now. He hung his head and pushed his green beans around his plate. “Well, Scott told me it was to be a secret and he didn’t want anyone to know; Jason is a very nice young man and I approve.”

Alice grumbled quietly as she fed my niece her apple slices. “Who is Scott, anyways?”

“Scott Keller; father of Barreck and Jason Keller, and husband of the deceased Katrina Keller; he was the friend of William’s. William is…” dad paused and nervously cleared his throat. “William is Shyanne’s biological father.”

Nearly choking on my pop, I stood up and retrieved a clean towel. “Please, dad… I know it’s the truth but I have to come to terms first, alright?”

Silence fell over us and Alan was struck dumb. “What do you mean?”

Mom sighed and stood up. Pulling all the dishes to her side of the dining room table, she mumbled, “I’m going to do the dishes; Alex, please explain to your son.”

Dad looked real tired at having to explain the whole sad story. “Well, you see Alan….”

The words fell short of my ears as I stalked up the stairs, Shine following close enough to nip at my heels.

Fire flies danced crazily outside of my window as I sat on the ledge, my feet dangling out over the ledge, the warm air tickled my toes as I swung them about. The moonlight bathed the woods behind my house in a silver-white glow, shadowing anything else under the canopy of the oaks and sycamore trees.

The creek gurgled like a happy baby, making my tense body relax considerably. A cackle from a distant raccoon made my ears perk up and Gracie beside me growl.

“Shush, girlie, it ain’t around here.” I whispered, stroking her silky head.

Calming slightly, the dog turned and flopped down on the rug in front of my bed. She whined a little and looked at me with soulful brown eyes.

The glistening of leather caught my attention, making my mind jump back into the deep hole of sadness.

How could you feel so upset and… depressed over people you have never met before? They made their choice to give me over to my mom and dad and let them raise me and be my parents.

But how can you not love the people that gave you life? That made you… you. Under any circumstances, they are your mother and father; my mom and dad fed me, gave me clothes and a house to live in. But most importantly, they gave me love and gave me a family. I feel as if I’m… betraying my mom and dad by wishing that it didn’t happen the way it did. A part of me wishes that William and Victoria had the chance to raise me as their own, to be a family; the other part feels as if I’m betraying the people that raised me as their own. How can you turn away people that invested their lives to raise you?

“William and Victoria may have given me life but my mom and dad gave me a purpose and made me the way I am.” I whispered to the night, curling my knees up to my chest and warding off the bad feelings that threatened to drown me.

Suddenly, a noise made me look down across the creek. A small doe and a huge buck silently stood in a small path across the creek. The moonlight made them look almost freakily white, making them stand out like a sore thumb. Another thing that made them stands out?

They stared at me with knowing, intelligent eyes. The doe lowered her head in a nod; or what I thought was a nod. The buck flicked his tail and shook his head, making me look at his twelve point rack.

A light, airy feeling flowed over my skin, making my soul feel as if it were free. What looked like a movie or a film, images filled my head, making me wonder of what it meant. Then, I got sucked up into the swirls of colors, people and voices.

“I don’t care! I’m not giving up my baby!” A voice screamed.

A man, a very tall, good looking man, came up to where I was and put his hands on my cold shoulders. “Baby, there’s no other choice.”

“Yes there is! We can keep running, Will; my parents won’t have a chance at finding us and your parents… well, you’re great at hiding our tracks. Please, Will. I’ve always wanted a baby with you and now that I have my chance… I’m not giving up so easily.” Tears, hot and salty, rolled down my cheeks as I looked at my father from my mother’s eyes.

William clenched his jaw, his green eyes brightening from the trapped tears. “Victoria… baby, do you want to bring our baby into this nightmare? To keep her running away and never knowing where her home is? I hate the fact that we will have to give up our baby but… think about her. Maybe when she grows older and finds out who she is, we can contact her. We can be a family like we’ve always wanted.” He said, a sad smile gracing his lips as he enveloped my mom in a warm hug.

The scene faded away and I sat still on my window sill, wondering what the hell just happened.

Before I could even think about gathering my thoughts, a soft voice murmured behind me. “It’s normal to feel the way you do, Shyanne.”

“Feel like what?” I cautiously asked as I turned around.

A small man, around the age of ninety, stood with a weathered cane under his wrinkled hand. His back was hunched and his eyes looked a little glassy, like he was almost blind. His robe was the color of fresh cream, making him look almost angelic. “Feel like you’re betraying your adopted parents.”

My teeth instantly went on edge. “How do you know that’s how I felt? Unless you’re been hanging in my room like some peeping tom.”

A gummy smile answered me, reminding me of a grown baby. “Just like your mother, sweet Shyanne. I knew you would be a good choice.”

A frown pulled my brows down. “A good choice for what, exactly?”

He cocked his head and looked at the book on my bed. “You didn’t read the book; or the letter, did you?”

A sliver of embarrassment went down my spine before it went back up. “No, because I just had a bomb dropped on me! Why the hell would I even think about reading that book?”

He shuffled over to my computer desk and slowly eased himself into the chair. “Well, if I were you, I would’ve; to find out about who I really am.”

“Who I really am?” I shrieked, completely irked at that comment. “I know exactly who I am! I’m just regular girl who goes to school and hangs out with my friends every weekend! I’m almost nineteen and I’m totally pumped about graduation this May.”

“That’s your teenage tendencies, not who you are. Not where you came from, not who your parents are and definitely not your species.” He grew a little aggravated and he scowled at me.

A sickening feeling settled in my stomach and I shot up from my seat. “My species?

He slammed his cane down on my wood floor, making me jump a little. “Yes, your species… technically, it’s not just your species… it’s mine as well. Shyanne, I know there are people around you that have told you that you’re special and you know what? You are; special in any kind of way that your parents, biological or adopted, ever believed.”

“What?” I asked with a silent shake of my head. “You’re talking in Russian right now, old man.”

He sighed quietly and pointed at the book. “This tells you about whom you could be; your parents had a little idea of what you could be, but they didn’t have any clue about how big of an impact you’d have on our lives.”

“I still don’t-”

“You’ll understand, Shyanne. I’ll see you when you finish the book.” He smiled at me and then a bright light filled the room. My eyes burned and I raised my arm to block the harshness of the light. When my eyes felt like they weren’t going to explode anymore, I slowly let my arm fall. The man wasn’t there but a small, gold ring was left in his place.

“Oh hell; I’m going to bed.” I grumbled and dove under my sheets.

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