The Denouement I: Abyss Walkers

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A post-apocalyptic story about humanity's struggle to survive, with an interdimensional conclusion that will question your beliefs and humankind's world history. What would happen to the human race if they were invaded and conquered by an interstellar army? Would they stand against their oppressors? Or would they fall into chaos? A father named Joel leads his son and daughter across the volatile country to reach the"Green Zone." On their voyage, he confronts the darkness of humanity; he questions the virtue of humankind and witnesses a dark world where everybody is killing each other. Five years later a man named Eli leads his team of mercenaries across the country pushing through the demonic aliens that ravage the cities and surviving against a society unhinged by no order. He must reach the "Dark Zone" in the last ditch effort to find his lost friend Joel, but nobody has ever entered into the "Dark Zone" and have returned. He will discover that the aliens determination for invading is not what he initially perceived. Which will reveal that the lies that we believed become truths and the truths that we have preached since the beginning of our time are lies?

Scifi / Adventure
Jesse Pacheco
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Codex I: Chapter One Joel



Five years have passed since the invasion began. This planet we called home has become a desolate wasteland. Murder and violence run rampant during the light of day while monstrous and savagery rule the night. I am writing in this journal, because… because… I don’t know why I am writing in this journal. Maybe I want my story to be heard. Maybe after this “war” (what many have been calling it against these aliens), this will be a bestselling story in the new world. Maybe I want my story to be history, so people in the future would not repeat it. Maybe this will be none of the things I have mentioned and in the future, my scriptures would be taken as the Word of God and will construct a new religion (Hope not). Whatever it is, something inside tells me thAt this must be told. So, I guess I should start.

They came in the early morning without being detected by any of our space satellites. The sky cracked as a loud thunderous sonic boom echoed, though everybody shrugged it off as the weather at first, not paying any attention to it. I remember stepping out of my house in my pajamas in the cold air to walk over to the mailbox. Up above hung a large single black cloud being surrounded by the orange tint in tHe sky. Which at the time I thought it was weird. Then the clouds dissipated revealing a large space ship that had fire surrounding itself, creating light in the sky. It was as if it was a biblical moment ripped from the holy pages of the Bible when Elijah was taken by a chariot of fire, but insTead of being taken, it returns to Earth. This black ship was the size of a large metropolitan city and had thousands, maybe even millions of lights, all flickering at different speeds and colors. The shape was like something out of a twisted horror science fiction story. The ship hovered in the sky for the moment, as if surveying the land.

On the television, every channel and news station was covering tHis monumental moment. Every single station reported the same lines, “Mysterious Unidentifiable Flying Object Hovers Over New York and many other major cities in the United States. What do they want? Are they here to establish contact or something else?” The first thing I asked myself when they emerged from the fire in the sky was, “Why would they come here and just hover over us?” It didn’t add up. It didn’t make sense.

Regardless, during the whole month, people speculated the intentions of the extra-terrestrials. People believed they were here to save us. Others think they came to start a war, but they were all wrong. Some people lost their faith, denouncing everything they believed in. Others tighten their grip on them.

After twenty-eight days, I watched on the television how the doors slowly opened on the ship, and a black gas spewed out and over the EArth, like a thick black fog that swallowed everything in its sight. Soon after every ship around the world did the same thing as if it was orchestrated, covering the entire United States and the world in this black cloud. We did not know what this fog was, but in time we came to call it the black plague. Earth societies were shattered and were never the same after that.

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