Second Contact

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Book Two the reports

The Reports

Transcriptions of Events and Incident Reports

Event 01 ... Transcription

Clara Boulevard, Seattle, Washington

Saturday April 12, 2315 hrs.

Residence, Chaos Club Member Paul Trimble, aka Ironman, previously active Hacker.

A disorderly collection of perhaps a hundred different pieces of electronic equipment are visible in the dim glow of computer blinkers and the dials of a radio direction finder. The low clatter of hard disc activity wakes Paul Trimble with a start. The hard disc lamp blinks several times and stops. Green glowing silence.

Trimble leaps off the sofa and pokes the pc out of sleep mode then checks the modem indicator.


More key strokes confirmed that there was no other activity, no back-up in action, no delayed calls to be made looking for a modem that was off, nothing. The hard disc whirred into life again, the system monitor indicator blipping up and down. Hard disc activity without a doubt, full CPU usage. Doing what? Typing into the system monitor settings Trimble confirmed that there weren't any set instructions, no Imaging, no time-set back-up going on at all.


No network activity, no virus check, no open programs. A grey rectangle appeared on the screen with the message

System Copy complete - revert to stand-by?

System Copy? ... what system copy?

System analysis, check all partitions.

All in order, all more or less as they were since Trimble last looked but somewhat fragmented. Trimble started the defrag and sat back to think about System Copy ... what kind of message was that? There was nowhere for the system to copy itself to, no back-up tape drives in action, no other pc’s on a live network connection. Nothing.

Back on the sofa Trimble waited for the defrag to complete. At just after midnight the soft clatter of the pc stopped and he got up to look at the display ... all partitions clean and in order except for a set of twelve red markers in each partition, each set with a black marker at each end ... unmovable blocks flanked by bad blocks ... about a megabyte in each partition. Why had he not seen this before? Generate report ... information confirmed, three blocks on each partition, 24 clusters total per. From what? How?

Sunday April 13 about 0700 hrs.

Shower, yoghurt, jeans and tee shirt. Turn the heating up. Rain again.

Confirm, modem's off, turn on, ON. Messages? No messages.

Trimble, scruffing his uncombed hair into some sort of order, slumped in the sofa ...

Sunday bloody Sunday. Have I been hacked? ... that's naturally possible, if someone is clever enough to find a way in. Who? ... maybe a virus. But why one that just sits there? ... and how to get rid of it? ... and where did it come from? ... and how did it get past the Wall for chrissakes? It would have to come through the external pc, that's scanned for everything that comes in and scanned again before transfer to this one. And I haven't transferred anything here for days. InFrared or radio transmitter? Shit, I suppose that's possible if someone could get close enough .. turn off I.F .

I.F's not on.

But some guy is hacking me from somewhere around here. Defense Department? ... they must be one of the few organisations that have the gear to do this, or one of their subcontractors. Whats his name Webster at the Rock Island Group could do that. Would he work for the Government? ... probably not but there must be others. Infra-Red? can't make any distance at all, there's nowhere around here where anyone can get close enough without me picking them up. High energy radio transmissions? ... who's that far advanced?

Check it out. RDF on.

Set range, what? 50 yards.




Set range 100 yards.



From here I can see f-all. Rain and soggy trees and bushes and the hill behind and those shitty apartments with the dogs.

Boots and jacket. Let's take a look.

This shit rain ... great weather for ducks. Nobody climbs this hill unless there's snow and that's just about all gone. Mud and junk. And not a thing in sight autos or vans. No people let alone anything technical.

Who's moved into the apartments lately? ... anything new here? ... no new faces that I can remember. That old Corvette's new but that belongs to the dog heinie. No new names on the bells. Shitsticks.

Get this wet stuff off and 'mail Timmo. Hope he's around today. I haven't been near any government agencies for weeks, the ironman hasn't been in action at all recently ... why this now?

email: Timmo, got a prob. hd action without anything on, no backups, no v.checks, no modem on, plus what looks like bad stuff in each partxn about a meg. Suspect I've been got at but no indications of what. rdf shows nul. Got any ideas? Give me a call eh. ironman.

About 930: telephone.

Hey Paul got your mail, doesn't sound too good ... what's the bad stuff on your hard disc?

Timmo, glad you called. The bad stuff is red blocks with black markers at each end, bad disc areas with a non-moveable block of about a meg in between, on each partition. But what's wierd is that the pc started working in the middle of the night, then this message comes up that my disc or system has been copied revert to stand-by, it said.

Sounds wierd ... Paul are you in any way connected?

No nothing was on. No IF, no modem, no net. The modem's on now though. I did an rdf scan, also nothing anywhere near.

OK let me think about this. Who do think might have got at you?

No one in particular, the ironman hasn't been in action for weeks. If it's I.F or high energy radio then it wasn't this morning, unless they were quick. Naturally the stuff on the hard disc could have been there for a while, I haven't looked in a few days. Maybe a new kind of virus but I can’t think how a virus could have got in unless there's something really new around. Maybe you can check with the guys what's going down just now. Or maybe the government's got a new team with some hot gear together and they're just checking out. Maybe someone knows about that also? Give me a call as soon as you've got word. I'm going to try and get the bad stuff on to a tape or something and see if we can look at it, ciaou.

OK Paul, but double check anything that comes in from now on. I'll bell as soon as I have something. Ciaou.

Mid afternoon. Telephone again.

Paul it's me Timmo, there's really a deal going down here, I found the same kind of bad stuff on my hard disc as well, and gotoel and the wally also.

What??? ... you're kidding!

No man, they're checking around to see who else has this. You have to check out all the moves you've made over the past few days, all the mail, all the downloads, all the connections, your I.F, all your modem activity, everything. I'm going to do the same. There's no word around about a new virus and no news from snowdrop about any government moves in recent times. This is not good my man, we have work to do.

OK Timmo will do. Be in touch. See you.

Oh shit shit shit ... OK what have I been doing the past few days? Modem use ... generally always on but nothing special who's been on the line? Let's see, mails from snowdrop, gotcha and zed. Downloads? NASA - JPL on satellite launches, DMM graphic card upgrade. That porno thing from awwtw ... what's he think he's doing with a name like that??? All's Well With The World! Not today it isn't. ISDN info ... effers ... they cant get the lines in for months. Cable company ... same shit. Uh ... the sat dish. Shit that's been on as well but only for satellite downlinks and Shuttle communications. Could this be something ? ... note this for Timmo. What radio stuff do I file?


How far back? ... could there be a way to feedback along a hack trail? Not possible George ... or maybe. The last look in was at NASA-JPL and their Globalsat stuff ... which section was that? ... TMOD for sure. Are they interested? ... na. The Deep Space Network is not the CIA or Defense, and their managers wouldn't know anyway. And there's no security problem.

Monday April 14, 1032 hrs.

Paul, it's me, Timmo. None of the guys have any news of anyone doing anything new, but here's the kicker, practically everyone has the same kind of stuff on their hard discs ...! Everyone ... get that!

Hu ... how's that again? ... everyone?

You heard right, gotoel, the wally, gotcha, at least a dozen of the guys. This really sucks, man.

Event 02 ... Incident Report

The United States Department of Defense

Head of Digital Security Operations: E. StJ. Hillier

Diary: April 15

Classification: 02


0927 Call from Paul Trimble, Seattle Washington (known), computer contaminated by data thought to be sourced from one of two possibilities being

(1) JPL Technical Division Pasadena Section or

(2) Communications satellite digital transfer.


Subject is known computer hacker aka Ironman, later worked as White Hat consultant on several low priority solutions for DSO, following arrest for probable digital attack on DOD installations in California. No charges, warned and seconded to consulting activities as a security measure.

Own attempts at data analysis:

No analysis possible, unknown code structure.

Reports similar contaminations in "several" other computers belonging to friends, aka other hackers.

Reports further that full security measures were in place in all locations where contamination found.


We have had another report of indecipherable data on computers from about 3 years ago, also satellite connection.

Find this. Collate any links.

Check JPL Technical Division

Find which communication satellite could be source ... Seattle area, first two weeks April.

Get computer hard disc from Trimble for further analysis.

Priority: 02

Issued by: Secretary, Digital Security.

File Note Response: May 20

Trimble hard disk arrived. Delivered to DS labs for analysis.

File Note Response: June 21

DS Labs report: Trimble hard disk block of similar indecipherable character as CATA 0092 satcom04 satellite computer block. No analysis possible.

Action Note: Get Trimble to set up web site to reach all computer users with unidentifiable HD blocks .

EH: we have a problem indication. Priority to 04.

File Note Response: June 21

Trimble Actioned.

03 ... Incident Report

The United States Department of Defense

Head of Digital Security Operations: E.StJ.Hillier

Diary: August 12

Classification: 04


1900 Call from Paul Trimble, Seattle. Web Site set up July 04. A number of responses of similar computer blocks, several very interesting. Problem is wide spread.


Trimble was requested June 21 to set up a web site to find other computer users with unexplained hard disk activity a/o blocks in system hard storage.

Results reported as follows:

712 respondents plus 14802 hits to 2000 hrs August 11.

22 direct links to communications sats, unexplained HD activity during idle hours, subsequent systems checks find bad data blocks on HD's. Not moveable, not disposable.

Most interesting:

1: JPL tech services engineer in own lap top. Source not identifiable, could have been office connection, could have been during private download ex comm satellite.

2: Sat Comm Engineer, Germany, was at Kouru Arianne launch base xxxx, (?), suspects onboard computer failure of data block from unknown source on TVsat 1, DBP Telekom, with subsequent communications failure and solar panel failed to deploy.


Requested Action:




1: Cross reference file links:

computer hard discs, unexplained activity

computer hard discs, data blockages

communications satellites failures

communications satellites, new technologies, TV transmissions.

2: Contact Kouru.

Collate any links.

Priority: 04 watching.

Issued by:

Secretary, Digital Security.

Desk Copy: E.Hillier

Event 04 ... Transcription

Pine Gap, Alice Springs, Australia,

Thursday November 12, 0720 am.

Mining engineers Harry Lynne and Ray Mendez en-route ,

Sandown Project to Alice Springs.

Harry Lynne: Holy shit, what was that?

Ray Mendez: Buggered if I know Harry but stop, we have to go back and see what it was.

HL: Well that's not a problem, whatever it was it knocked the engine out.

RM: Whaddya mean knocked the engine out?

HL: Look, no motor, we're stopping anyway.

RM: How come you didn't see it?, it made a hell of a bang when we hit.

HL: There was nothing there at all, I swear, suddenly just the bang. Gave me a hell of a fright and I swear I wasn't asleep at the wheel. Can't have been a 'roo I'm sure I would have seen it. More like a really strong gust of wind or a willy-willy ...

RM: C'mon let's see what that was ...

HL: I cant see anything at all can you .

RM: Nope, how far back was it.

HL: Should be about here somewhere ... it can't just have disappeared we're in the middle of nowhere and it's got no place to go.

RM: Red sand and scrub and nothing else.

HL: Hey look at that can you see that?, its kind of like a mirage, what is that? ... hey that's it, look you can see it like a big soap bubble except it's not, or its more like an air bubble or something.

RM: Yeah I see it that's it but what the hell is it ... a mirage?, you dont hit mirages in a car like we just did.

HL: And look how big it is whatdya reckon, about three or four meters high?

RM: And wide.

HL: It just sits there. Look if you stand here to the side you can see it better there's more distortion against the background bush ... and it's as deep as it is high really like a big bubble of air. How is that possible?

RM: Hey look it's not sitting on the ground either, it's just floating. There's dust on the underside, its picking up dust. It's magnetic , you know like cat's fur .

HL: Horse shit, it's just normal dust floating around .... or is it? No look, it’s kind of formed into a shape.

RM: Yeah OK but that means it has an electric charge doesnt it?

HL: Yeah you could be right.

RM: Whadya reckon can we touch it?

HL: Ray I'm not going any closer than this, it's already blown up the car's electrics whatdya think it will do to us?

RM: Harry, I'm going to try it ... hey ooh boy that's a blast it makes all the hairs on your arm stand up and it tingles like hell. It's electric alright but somehow more like putting your arm under a hard shower, sort of pressure.

HL: Yeah well OK but what do we do now? ... do we just leave?

RM: Maybe we can move it, push it off the road, 'though there's not much traffic here anyway. We should do something like it could cause an accident or frighten someone to death here if they run into it like we did. If you could see it, it wouldn't be so bad.

HL: Well we didn't and you can't practically, until you get up close.

RM: On the other hand Harry we have to let someone know about this have you got your mobile with you.

HL: Yeah, in the Landy, I'll go get it.

RM: Harry who are we going to call and what are we going to tell 'em? They'll think we're nuts if we say there's an air bubble out here.

HL: You know it could be a Min Min, eh, what do you think? This is the country for them.

RM: No one believes in Min Mins either you nut.

HL: Sure they do, there's lots of reports over the years of tourists seeing them and they're like this thing a bit somehow but more like lights instead of air-bubbles or is it bubbles in the air, harmless just showing you the way and seeing that you're OK. In any case it makes a good story, why not?, but it needs to be something you can see and photograph, I mean its just standing here, why not?

RM: Harry your mobile's ringing, who would that be at this time of day?

HL: Hello Harry Lynne speaking. Pardon? ... I'm sorry I dont understand you, who's on the line? ... Pardon? ... Ray whoever this is just keeps saying "see".

RM: Holy Mother of ... look look look shit shit shit shit its changing colour I dont believe it I'm getting out of here, Harry let's go this is not a good idea. Oh shit Harry the telephone again.

HL: This is Harry Lynne ... Ray whoever this is, is now just saying "look" .

RM: Harry it's changing colour again look its getting darker you cant see through it anymore man I dont like this at all I'm moving c'mon let's get outa here.

HL: Ray it’s the bubble talking to us.

RM: What? ... you are nuts! ... this is too much mate you know what? I'm sure that it's a practical joke someone's sitting up there in the hills and killing themselves laughing watching us, they probably have some kind of camera eh?

HL: What're you talking about that's miles away no one can see us this far away.

RM: It's not miles maybe about a half a mile and they could have a mic here somewhere.

HL: Yeah well I dont think so, whoever could put something like this together around here?

RM: Well Pine Gap is just down the road, maybe the Yanks have a secret project going and are trying it out on us.

HL: Well screw them let's get into town and talk to the newspaper, they'll love it and gives 'em a chance to have a go at the Yanks again.

RM: And what’re we goin’ to tell the newspaper? That there’s a bubble of hot air out in the desert that talks on the mobile? Y’re nuts!

HL: Ray, that thing whatever it is is still there, it’s changed it’s colour, we can still see it and the thing’s a menace to traffic! We’ve gotta tell somebody and then let them deal with it, so it’s no longer our problem! They can talk to the Pine Gap people and sort it out, not our job Mate! Aw man there’s the mobile again ... Hello Harry Lynne here ... listen I dunno who you are but you’re a menace to drivers here, great joke but it’s time to quit playing games, got it? Ray, whoever this is doesn’t even listen just keeps saying “going “.

RM: Harry, it just did that ... it’s gone. Disappeared.

Event 05 ... Transcription

Parkes, NSW Australia,

CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility,

offices of Southern SERENDIP, SETI Centre.

November 10, 0830 hrs

Dr Avril Stone, Astronomer, special area of interest; the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. Previously employed through a US Government funded program for the Search for Extra-TerrestriaI-Intelligence (SETI) based at ARECIBO, Puerto Rica. In 1993 detected regular harmonic signals from space analysed as generated by a potentially intelligent source. Convinced the funding program to initiate an orbital space probe with specialised detection equipment, trained as astronaut and carried out in-orbit test program, with negative results. Funding program closed down in 1995, transferred to research program at University of California, later obtained private funding for continuation of SETI program and under this program established SERENDIP at the Australian Telescope National Facility. This facility is managed by Professor Robert Lasalle, Station Director.

The office of Dr Stone. A blast of early summer heat sweeps through the airlock into the airconditioned interior of the SERENDIP office-container as Professor Lasalle strides in, carrying a light jacket over his shoulder. Dr Stone bends down from her computer station and picks up a couple of pages blown on to the floor by the air gust. Professor Lasalle hangs his jacket on the back of a chair as his eyes adjust to the dimmed light level.

Lasalle: Hi Dr Stone, got a minute?

Dr Stone: Hi Bob, sure thing ... like always nothing happens in this program very quickly, what is it?

Lasalle: Avril, we have an invitation to a seminar at Tidbinbilla, the Deep Space Network centre near Canberra ... I dont have anyone I can spare just now and it might be a good idea for you to take a break eh? ... you've been here more than three months without even seeing any of the country ... what about it? This'll give you a chance to see some of the country at least, and maybe catch up with some of your old colleagues.

Dr Stone: In Canberra? ... where is that? I know it's the Capital but I wouldn't have a clue.

Lasalle: Well it's not a bad day's drive from here, about 300 kilometers or say 200 miles to Canberra and the centre is another 40 kilometers south. The roads are all secondary but OK ... nice scenery as well. Down through Forbes, Cowra then on to Canberra.

Dr Stone: And when is this?

Lasalle: In 10 days, I've left it a bit late to reply but I'm sure they'll accept.

Dr Stone: OK sounds great, let them know I'm coming, and if you can get a list of attendees it would be good. I'm not too happy with some of NASA's people and if anyone I know is going to be there I'd like to be forewarned! Who's running the show?

Lasalle: Dr Grant Wallace, Station Director, is the organiser, and the thematic is "Networking Satellite Constellations". Grant's an Aussie but knows his stuff. Spent a lot of time in Pasadena at JPL. Tidbinbilla is part of the DSN and is managed by the JPL from Pasadena. They work also with Goldstone in the USA and Robledo near Madrid. Main operations are communications management for deep space missions, but they do a lot with satellite communications as well. I guess they must also be involved with the communications satellites people who are setting up interconnected satellites or constellations. You will also meet some people from Arecibo I'm sure.

Dr Stone: OK Bob, I'll get myself organised. You're right, I could do with a break and seeing something of the country is also a good idea. You'll let me have the seminar documentation as soon as you get it?

Lasalle: Yeah sure, glad you can do it. I'll let them know.

Event 06 ... Transcription

Tidbinbilla, A.C.T., Australia,

November 23, 1730 hrs

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve:

The Tidbinbilla Space Centre, located south of Australia's political capital Canberra, is set high in bush surroundings in the lower foothills of the Snowy Mountains. Station Director Dr Grant Wallace walks with a small group of seminar attendees towards the Reception Area where a number of people are gathered waiting for transport to Canberra. Dr Avril Stone is among them.

Wallace: Dr Stone! ... Hi, haven't had much of a chance to speak with you yet, how are you enjoying the seminar so far?

Dr Stone turns. The smiling face of Grant Wallace, topped by unruly dark curly hair, is very close. Dark brown eyes widen. The tall tanned figure clad in a short sleeved shirt and blue jeans steps back a little, recognising the discomfort of his nearness.

Dr Stone: Hello Dr Wallace, oh fine, thanks ... it's not my field directly, but it's certainly interesting. How does it all look from your point of view? ... satisfied with the turnout?

Wallace: Oh sure, and listen, call me Grant, please, we don't stand on ceremony here. We got all the people we wanted plus a couple of bonuses, including you! ... it might be really interesting for all of us to hear from you how your work is going. SETI is making a lot of progress with its own kind of networking project, the SETI at Home deal, it's called isn't it?

Dr Stone: Yes it is, uh, Grant, but that's not a SETI League project and I'm not up on the latest. I could chat on a bit about what we are doing and the kind of results we're getting, especially how we now have several observation centres working with us ... especially the piggyback arrangements we have. They help a lot and I suppose they too are a kind of networking. Yes OK, I'll get some notes together tonight. When do you want to programme me in?

Wallace: We have a discussion period the day after tomorrow, does that give you enough time?

Dr Stone: Yes, fine ... I'll get on it.

Wallace: Are you heading back down to your Hotel just now? I've got to drive down myself and can give you a lift if you like? I wanted to drive through the Nature Reserve, it's coming on to Summer and it's supposed to be really pretty. There's a road goes along the river that I want to take ... sound good to you?

Slightly unsettled, Dr Stone hesitates. What the hell is this? ... am I blushing? Get a hold on yourself ... Sure, my stuff's packed, ready to go when you are.

Wallace: OK let's go, my vehicle's right outside.


Wallace: Look at that will you, that's as pretty as anything you're likely to see back home!

Dr Stone: Wow! ...well it certainly beats Parkes and Forbes, that area's flat like Kansas. What about that road, is that the one we take?

Wallace: Yep, sure is. It goes a couple of miles along the river bank then up over the ridge. Canberra's over the other side. The road's a bit rough in places ...

The vehicle, a short wheel-based Landrover, bounces over the crossing on to the river-side road, and continues to bounce down the less than smooth track. Dr Stone, late thirties already, continues to feel uncomfortable so near to this attractive and obviously capable man, even more-so as she is bounced around, towards him and away, in the confines of the vehicle's front seat. She plugs the seat-belt into its holder ... what the hell is the matter with me?


Wallace: Hooie! ... what the hell was THAT!? Did we hit a pot-hole I didn't see?

Dr Stone: Stop! Grant, that's no pothole ... Stop, we have to see what that was!

Wallace: Oh shit ... oh, excuse me ... the electrics are out, that bump must have shaken something loose. Well we have to stop anyway.

Dr Stone: Grant, I've been through this before, come on, I have to see what that was!

Wallace: What do you mean you've seen this before? I didn't see a thing!

Dr Stone: Well, neither did I but I had a similar experience a few years ago at Arecibo ... I ended up in the local clinic for a day or so, the thing we hit put us into a roadside ditch and bounced us around a bit. I didn't get a chance to see what it was that gave us that bump but it was violent, and the wierd thing is that nobody saw anything at all on the road, the emergency crew I mean. C'mon I want to see this.

Wallace: Well I dont see anything at all. What are we looking for?

Dr Stone: I wish I knew ... there's no wind to speak of, and if this is about where we were when it hit, there must be something to see.

Wallace: Well this is about the position. We weren't going all that fast so it can only have been max fifty meters. This must be about it.

Dr Stone: Grant, look at that ... is that a mirage or whatever you call them here?

Wallace: What? I don't see anything at all. And anyway it's not hot enough for a mirage or even heat reflection off the road surface. Where are you looking?

Dr Stone: Just ahead of us, look, there's some kind of distortion in the background, to the left and as well to the right. Look down near the ground too. What can cause that? I've only ever seen heat haze do something similar but not like this.

Wallace: Hey you're right, that is some kind of distortion. In fact it looks like a large lens in the air ... must be heat distortion! But it's really local, look the lens or whatever it is is only about twelve or fourteen feet across.

Dr Stone: And high, look at the cloud up there!

Wallace: OK I see it but how can that cause such a violent bump? I never heard of a heat haze doing any damage, let alone bounce an auto around like we just had!

Dr Stone: Well something did it, and this seems to be about the only thing in the right place. There's not even a pothole here. I'm going to take a closer look. Hey Wow, it makes your skin prickle! Put your arm here, just out in front of you and walk towards it. Hey and I can see it clearer now, look if it's a lens it's turning around towards me! The distortion is moving as if the thing is turning!

Wallace: Well from where I stand nothing's moved, this is not a lense form, more a sphere or a big ball ... of what? Hot air? But it doesn't even feel hot in fact just the opposite, I get that skin tingle feeling as well, more cool than hot! Hey not bad aircon ...I think I must be pretty much fully inside now, doesn't look much different but the distortion's on all sides. Prickly as hell.

Dr Stone: Grant, you must have some weather or environment experts up at the Centre ... can we call? Do you have a car radio? If it's in action?

Wallace: Yes I do, but I guess we'll have to fix the electricals first, the bump shut us down, remember?

Dr Stone: OK let's check and then get one of your specialists down here, we need to get more information about this.

Wallace: Well the battery's in order .. I'll see if I can start the motor. Well I'll be damned , it works, and the electrics are back in order as well. I'll call the base, Bob Grafton's our met man, I'll get him down here with some gear. Hello Tiziana, Grant here. We have an incident down on the road along the river in the Nature Reserve ... looks like something atmospheric. Can you connect me to Bob Grafton?

OK, well get a message to him ASAP and like urgent, we need him down here now. Page him will you and let him know this is urgent. Tell him to bring some met gear. Yes, the river side road in the Reserve, only about a half kilometer from the turn-off. OK?

He’s not at his desk Dr Stone but they'll get him here as soon as possible.

Dr Stone: Grant, in the reports of my accident at Arecibo, there was also a complete breakdown of the auto electrics ... this has to be the same kind of phenomenum. Unless Australia has it's own kind of wierd weather ...

Wallace: We certainly do have a few strange things reported from time to time, like lightning fireballs and Min Mins, and a couple of more esoteric things like so-called "plasma aparitions" ... this is no fireball although I must say I've never seen one, and as far as a Min Min is concerned, I doubt they even exist but there are a lot of reports about them, especially in the Outback. The Aborigines are clear that they exist, as a kind of “Dreamtime” St Christopher, the traveller's Patron Saint, they are supposed to guide travellers on their long walkabout's through the bush to make sure they get to where they're going. Lots of people swear they've seen them. They just disappear when you get to your destination. They're described as a kind of large bright light that travels along parallel to the way you are going. If you stop for more than a few minutes they are supposed to come over and see if you are OK! ... what can I say? In any case this doesn't look like a large bright light to me. We also have weather phenomena like Willie Willies or Dust Devils which I guess you know about, and I have heard of some strange cloud formations that one can see deep into the Outback which you can see for miles ... these are generally just a broad view of a complete weather pattern such as clouds moving in strips in enormous circles which is what the weather does anyway, especially as the Wet Season is approaching. But on the basis that I have no idea what this is ... look, I know of a guy in Canberra who is a kind of specialist in esoterics, I could give him a call too. If he's in I'll get him to come down. We have time before it gets dark. Do I call him?

Dr Stone: We have nothing to lose, do it!

Wallace: Tiziana, I need you to do something else for me please, get a hold of Vlad Pavletich in Canberra and get him to come down here also, this might be something for him as well. Ask him to bring his gear with him, whatever he uses to identify unknown aparitions and that sort of thing. Tell him it's urgent too, will you. Oh, OK, Bob's on his way! When did he leave? ... about five minutes ...OK thanks, we'll look out for him.

Dr Stone, let's take it easy for a bit ... Bob the Met man is on his way and should take about another five minutes, and I guess that Vlad will get here in a half hour or so if he's around.

Dr Stone: Tell me more about these Min Mins, Grant, where are they seen and how often are they reported?

Wallace: Well I don’t know all that much about them except what I just told you. Years ago, when they were first reported, probably back in the 'thirties, they were just seen as part of Aborigine folklore. A famous Aussie writer of the time, Mrs Gunn I think was her name, Aeneas Gunn or some such, wrote a book or two where the Min Mins featured, and then not long after the second World War another famous writer, Xavier Herbert also wrote a story called "Poor Fellow My Country" ... he got a Nobel Prize for Literature, well if not the Nobel Prize then some other world prize, but in this book he had his own kind of Min Min, a giant Aborigine figure that was more a ghost than anything, but who or which was his companion. Other than that? ... Aussies are renowned for dreaming up some pretty wierd stories and they have an uncanny ability of making most of the world believe them! Part of the "Australian Mystique" I guess ... you must have had some experience of this already in Parkes? ... the Outback, and Parkes is nearly there, must have its share of story tellers! ... haven't you come across one of them yet? Try the local pubs on a Friday or Saturday night ... even better on a rainy Sunday! ... and they just love to pull the legs of visiting Yanks as they call you Americans ... watch out for them, but it is good entertainment and worth shouting, er, buying a round of beers or two. Passes the time but don't believe a word of what you might hear! ... do you think that Min Mins might have something to do with what we have here?

Dr Stone: I really dont know ... anything is possible. I believe at least that there are many more forms of communication than the few that we use. This is a major part of the problem we have in SETI ... if there is "intelligence" out there, what kind of communication would "it" ... "they" use? We spend an immense amount of time looking for radio signals in specific wavelengths at specific frequencies, with no real basis for doing so. Oh, we calculate that "if" then "this is a high possibility" and so on when we choose the search frequencies, but who knows? ... we could spend hours on this, but look, there's an auto coming down the track ... we better stop him well clear of our lens or whatever we want to call it.

Wallace: That's Bob Grafton, our Met man. Hi Bob, you got here quickly, thanks, we don't know how much time we have. But we do have something that seems pretty unique ... come and have a look.

Grafton: I don't see anything at all, Boss ... what are we looking for? Oh. Hi, you must be Dr Stone, heard you were here. Are we treating you OK?

Dr Stone: Yes Bob, thanks, and pleased to meet you.

Wallace: Not for, Bob, at. Look, can you see the distortion just over there, like a heat haze but higher in the air?

Grafton: Hell yes, that is something special. And look, it's a circle, distortion over there towards the river, down near the ground. Never seen the likes ... I'll get my gear. Could be some kind of inversion effect.

Wallace: Not just a circle Bob, it's a sphere, it goes all the way back towards my auto also. It seems to be about four or five meters in diameter, say fourteen or fifteen feet. And if you go near, like put your arm out and walk towards it, you get a strong prickling effect

Grafton: OK first atmospheric pressure ... where does it start, difficult to see ... Wow, here we are, pressure down to about 800 millibars! That's a major cyclone low -pressure zone! ...and as I go around it's all about the same ... and your right, it prickles like hell! Well whatever this is it wouldn't want to get much bigger, we'd be in for a hell of a storm! And look, the baro shows a normal atmospheric pressure here away from ... well what ever it is, of one thousand and twelve millibars. Dead normal for a fine day like this. I'll do a humidity test ... here we go ... ooof that prickles. This might take a few minutes ... tell me how did you come across this? ... how on Earth did you find it? ... OK here we go ... and look, dry as a bone. Zero humidity. How about that! Well you've got me ... no idea! I have to get a report together right now, I can get into the CSIRO data bank and see what might be reported from somewhere else ... who knows, this may happen often but I never saw anything like it! I'll send a copy to you eh? But tell me how you found this? You can't even see it properly, and especially not if you're moving in a car!

Wallace: Bob, we didn't see it, we drove into it and I can tell you it's like hitting a brick wall, and it chopped out all the electrics in the car, at least temporarily. We had to stop anyway and Dr Stone said we had to go back and see what it was ... and this is what we found. In fact, it might be of interest to you too, if it is a weather phenomenum, that Dr Stone said she had experienced something like this in Puerto Rica near the Arecibo Centre ... if you have any contacts there, maybe they know more?

Grafton: Not a bad idea, I'll see what I can find out. You say this felt like a brick wall when you drove into it? How? It's nothing but air! Although I suppose if it shut down the electrics, the car would stop with a bang anyway. I'll note it in the report. Hey look, we've got company, here's another car coming from town, maybe we better stop them from driving into this if it has that kind of effect! I'll go ... expecting anyone else?

Wallace: As a matter of fact, a specialist from Canberra, Vlad Pavletich. Tell him to drive around to this side of the road.

Wallace: Hello, are you Vlad Pavletich?

Pavletich: Yes my friend that's me.

A slight and balding figure of Slavic background steps out of his auto, an older VW bus. Clad in grey track-suit pants, a coloured pullover and wearing sandles, he pushes a pair of spectacles back onto his forehead.

Wallace: Oh fine ... thanks for getting here, I hope we didn't interrupt your day too much?

Pavletich: Oh no, always ready for somting intresting eh?

Wallace: Great. My name is Grant Wallace and I'm from the Tidbinbilla Space Centre just up the road; this is Dr Stone a visitor from the USA, and this is our weather man, Bob Grafton ... we've something here that might interest you ... we have no idea what this is but you may be able to throw some light on the subject ... here ... see the distortions there, and up there?

Pavletich: Oh yes, I see somting, some shimmer, and there also and here, down ... it is a fata morgana, no? A mirage? No? Well maybe no, it is not too hot for such a thing ... then what? I never see this kind of thing before, it is a big thing I see now and on all sides, a ball it is in shape, no? ... but I have some instruments that maybe can tell us something. Are you a friend of esoterics? Mr? Grant? No? Well let us see ... I have maybe the right things, let me unpack somting.

Wallace: Mr Pavletich, Bob Grafton here has measured the atmospheric pressure ... it is very low, also the inside humidity, zero.

Pavletich: Ah, intresting. You know we learn about phenomena with this characteristics, maybe you call them aparitions or other words that are best in short stories and haunted houses, no? But is possible ... no? We not have all the answers. And this is a good chance for me , first time. First we test with special apparatus, test the magnetic extension you can say ... also special film for temperature sensitive, but not instant like polaroid, test corona. First magnetism field ... and look! ... very magnetised here, strong, extreme. And here ... all round very strong magnetic fields. Pavletich takes a few more readings, pauses. Mr Grant, something very new and very interesting! Dont go near if you have watch. Will be kaput! Now corona discharge, but this we have to wait for results because I have to develop ... takes a few minutes. Wait please.

Grafton: Boss, we have another visitor from the direction of Canberra, I'll go see who it is ...

hey it's a reporter, Jenny Moore she says, from the Canberra Times

Moore: ... Hello everyone, Jenny Moore, Canberra Times ...

a smiling, slim, long haired angular blonde in a large pullover and jeans slams the door on her Golf and walks towards the group ...

... saw Vlad drive past in a hurry and while I had nothing better to do thought I'd take a look at whatever might be ... well you know how it is with us, ever on the look-out for a story! What have we got here? Vlad?

Wallace: Hello Miss Moore, I'm Grant Wallace from the Tidbinbilla Centre up the road. This is Dr Stone from the USA, and Bob Grafton our weather man. Vlad you know, I see. We have a rather strange , er, weather phenomenum here it seems and we want to get as much information as we can. Why don't you just look on for a bit and we will fill you in on the details as soon as Vlad is finished... OK? Vlad, how is it going?

Pavletich: Well I am ready with the corona photography, it is very strong and bright, powerful aura that spreads a long way, my photograph only gets a little. Here, you can see, this aura.

Grafton: Vlad, that looks like you took a photo of the sun ... what does all this mean?

Pavletich: Don' know ... in my business this a good sign, but much too big and strong. I take another from way back, develop properly and tell you tomorrow eh? Dr Stone, whadaya think? Is impressive no? You see full picture tomorrow eh? Come to my office, here my card. Interesting, very!

Wallace: Dr Stone?

Dr Stone: No idea, Grant. No idea at all. Listen, I think we have to research to see if something like this has been recorded in other areas as well, what’re your research capabilities like at the Centre?

Wallace: For this kind of thing, I’d say zero, but we have a couple of computer people who have web connections, maybe they can dig something up. Well, Jenny, you’ve been quiet for a reporter, what do you think?

Moore: ... Me? Not a lot ... this isn’t your local news kind of thing, but I do have some research capabilities. If you like I can get on to it and see what I can dig up eh? ... but on one condition, if there's a story I get to do it, right? I can also see if the boss will run a short article about a “mystery weather phenomenum” ... maybe we'll get some calls from readers who have seen something like this, if it will help. I’ll keep you posted Mr Wallace, and I’ll keep on Vlad's tail as well. Might make a photo piece? We’ll see. OK? I’ll beat it now and get back to the office. Let’s stay in touch, I’ll call tomorrow anyway.

Wallace: OK thanks Jenny, ‘till tomorrow. Bob? Anything to say or add?

Grafton: No, except I think our apparition has departed for the day ... look, no distortion, nothing at all. Maybe because it’s coming on dusk. I’ll get one of the Lab boys on to the web, maybe he can track something down. Let’s make sure all the cars start before we all leave, don't want anyone spending the night here, it’s not the busiest road around!


The entrance to the hotel in Canberra, overlooking Lake Burley Griffin, was bustling with travellers, among them other attendees at the space centre. Grant Wallace pulls up at the entrance ....

Wallace: Well here we are Dr Stone ... what about a Sundowner?

Dr Stone: Thanks, uh, Grant, not for me just now. Now I'm blushing again ... what the hell is the matter with me? ... I need to do some preparation for the, uh, discussion group. Later perhaps, OK?

Wallace: Sure. We're all here, come down to the bar when you're ready.

Tuesday November 24: 1300hrs

The telephone rings in the office of Grant Wallace at Tidbinbilla.

“Mr Wallace? Jenny Moore here ... I’ve got a couple of things for you I think, one’s a short report subheaded UFO’s at Pine Gap question mark from a sister paper at Alice Springs ... Pine Gap is the American Defense Communications Base there, or whatever it is. The other is just a file note that I still have to follow up but it is from a local paper at some place in Canada or Alaska or somewhere ... ever heard of Baffin Island? No? Me neither. Anyway I’ll fax them through to you as soon as I have all the details ... what’s your fax number? I might even make a few calls to see if I can get more details. ‘Be in touch!


Wallace telephones: Dr Stone, have you had lunch yet?

Hi Grant, no, I was just about to go down with the rest of the visitors, any news?

Well yes, Jenny Moore has faxed through some reports we should look at together. Come on up, we'll get sandwiches sent to my office.

Wallace's office, spartan and tidy, was roomy enough. Dr Stone stands at the front of the glass topped desk, Wallace retrieves some papers from a folder on a shelf behind and opens the file.

Here, look at this ...

From: Baffin Island News, Nunavit
To: Canberra Times, J. Moore

Date: November 23

Ref: UNX file November 10, Iqaluit,

Editn: week 45

Per: SSI-micro per telecast

Dateline Nunavit

Two unexplained phenomena occurred in the province in the last several days. more UFO’s?
At Fort Providence, NWT, a “large round glowing ice ball”was seen by several observers late in the evening; all reports put the sighting in the vicinity of the rural industrial estate where several high tech companies are situated.

The RCMP are investigating. Enquiries at the airport radar station and through representatives of two of the local high tech companies reveal no further information.

Nearer to home at Iqaluit, our local computer services bureau chief consultant Alister Aluitin reports “strange and unaccountable computer activity” at his offices during the previous night. Alister, who is known for his own high tech pronaks in the area, says he thinks we are being hacked by “highly sophisticated technicians”. His explanation is that “any hacking activity has to come through his servers via his satellite relay station, and that his service provider absolutely guarantees that all traffic (data) is screened and any suspect activity is blocked”. Alister also makes the point that his is the only on-line server in the area.

Ed. Comment: Winter and Northern Lights ? Check any solar activity in recent days.


Newsroom Baffin to J Moore.

Wallace: That one may seem a little old, but here’s the second, much nearer to home, and much more recent ... in fact just a week or so ago.

To Jenny Moore Canberry Times

From Adolf at Alice, ref: UFO's at PINE GAP!!?

Hi Jenny here's the report. I've met the two guys involved at the club from time to time, they are a couple of pretty straight young engineers and I doubt they would make this up. Therefore there is definitely something going on here but just what is difficult to say. No-one at Pine Gap has anything to say at all. Their Press Spokesperson "we have no information about atmospheric experiments" and denies any experimentational work completely. (her word). What else can I do for you Darl? Bell me! A.

Alice Springs Friday November 13, source Ed. 12.11

H ... Are the Pine Gap Boys at it Again? UFO Tests At Pine Gap?

It is Friday the 13th, but can this explain the unexplainable (correct!) witnessed yesterday on the highway adjacent to the eastern entrance to the Pine Gap installation?

Two mining engineers from the Sandown Project reported yesterday the sighting of an unidentified and unidentifiable object in the vicinity of Pine Gap. The object, some four to five meters in diameter and of an indeterminate but practically invisible glowing colour, was seen on the Alice–Duffy road at around 0730 hrs hovering and stationary just above the road service.

The Engineers, Harry Lynne and Ray Mendez, both in their late twenties, reported the object as being electrically or magnetically charged and capable of changing its colour.

They further report that Lynne received several calls on his mobile radio-telephone at the location, but were unable to determine who was calling. They suspect that Pine Gap had “something to do with the whole thing”. The object apparently disappeared some 25 minutes after the sighting. Pine Gap spokesperson Hilary Wells stated that the business of the Pine Gap Installation was "communications, not flying objects!"

Travellers, keep your eyes open for any nearly invisible objects, especially in the area of Pine Gap ... and let us know if you do see something!


Wallace: What do you think? It seems to me we have the same thing here. But what is it?

Dr Stone: Grant, what are the weather conditions at Alice Springs this time of year? Isn’t it somewhere in the centre of Australia? I thought it was all desert out there? Is it hot or cold just now?

Wallace: Well it’s getting on towards the wet season which generally means hot and wet, but in Alice it rains maybe once in seven years. It’s probably well over 30° celcius, say up to 90° fahrenheit. Looking for a weather connection? Seems unlikely, Canada must be heading into deep winter now eh? And Baffin Island must be fairly well up into or near the Arctic Circle or have I got my geography completely wrong?

Dr Stone: No, your geography is pretty much OK ... Baffin Island is at the top of the world, even inside the Arctic Circle I think. They probably have 40 degrees of frost at that time of the year. That one could be some auroral effect? ... we can check out any solar flares in the days just before. But there does seem to be a similarity ... a large round ice ball? If it’s the same as we saw, it could look like that I guess, kind of iced up. Is it perhaps connected to solar flares? ... are we right now in a post-solar flare phase? C’mon, lets do some homework! In the meantime I’d like to talk to those Engineers in Alice Springs. I wonder if Jenny can set up a call? I’ll head into Canberra as soon as we check out the solar flares information ... maybe we can also get to the witnesses in where was it in Fort Providence?

Canberra, A.C.T., Australia

Wednesday, November 25, 1115 hrs

near Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

At the offices of the Canberra Times

Dr Stone knocks and enters the office of Jenny Moore.

Hello Jenny, thanks for the trouble. You finally get a line on the Engineers at Alice Springs?

Hi Dr Stone, yes we have a call set up for 1130 this morning. Harry Lynne, one of the Engineers, is in town and will be on the line from the Alice Times. My old Mate Adolf has been busy. What is it you expect to find out here? Are we dealing with some kind of real phenomenum?

Jenny, I really don't know. If these guys in the Alice experienced something similar then we do have something, but I have no idea what. We also need to talk to the people in Canada if we can find them after all this time ... maybe we can try that after we have spoken with the Alice. If we do have the same kind of phenomena in all cases then that makes four instances ... here yesterday, Alice a couple of weeks ago, Canada seven years ago, and my own experience at Arecibo. That does mean something unusual is happening, even if it is not very often. Who knows ... maybe there have been a lot more that are unreported. If there is some confirmation of similarity then maybe we have to work on deeper research to find if there are more cases.

Well, it's about that time, Adolf should be on the line soon.


Hi Adolf, how's life? Thanks for the effort so far, ... what? ... is there a story in it for you? I'll let you know as soon as something firms up. You're first in line! Have you got our Mr Harry Lynne there? OK fine, I'm putting Dr Stone on the line to talk with him. Dr Stone is a specialist in, well whatever, tell Harry she wants to get details about his "incident" with, er, whatever it was. See you!

Hello Mr Lynne? Here's Dr Avril Stone speaking ...

Hi Dr Stone, but call me Harry. Hey, your'e an American aren't you? ... welcome to Oz. Tell me what can I do for you exactly?

Oh, OK, Harry then, and yes I am American and thanks for the welcome. I read the report about your encounter with this , um, whatever it was, can you tell me the whole story again, just as it happened, all the details please. We really want to try and track down what this is.

OK Dr Stone, here it is ... my mate Ray Mendez and me were on the way into town from our construction site well south of the Alice and we got to somewhere near Pine Gap, which is a big American space and communications station just a few k's out of the Alice, when we hit something with a really loud bang and nearly lost the Landrover. Something that neither of us saw either. We stopped, in fact we had to stop because the electrics were out, and walked back to where we thought whatever it was we hit must be. At first we didn't see anything at all then we noticed a kind of distortion in the air I suppose, and after we got accustomed to looking at it, it turns out to be a bloody big bubble of air about four or five meters in diameter. You could hardly see it, though. Like a holograph of not much at all. Anyway Ray went up to it and kind of reached his arm in towards where it seemed to start and he said it felt like an electric buzz ... prickly if you know what I mean. And we also noticed that it seemed to have some kind of electric charge because the dust on the road seemed to be sticking to the bottom of it. We kicked around a few ideas of what it might be and thought maybe it was a kind of Min Min ... know what they are Dr Stone?

Yes Harry, I learnt something about Min Mins yesterday ... then what happened?

Well that's about it really, not much else to tell.

Harry, think about it, it's important. Anything else?

Well, and this we didn't tell the newspaper because I really think your countrymen at the Pine Gap base were having a go at us, know what I mean?

No Harry, I dont, tell me.

Well, I had my radio telephone in the car and it started to ring, but listen, none of this to your reporter mates, I'll deny it all ... eh?

OK Harry, go on.

Well, my phone rang as I said, and this is seven thirty in the morning which never happens to me, and then when I answered all I could hear was a kind of strange voice saying just one word ..."see" ... which I couldn't make out at all. Then Ray started jumping around and getting all excited saying look - look - look, pointing at our bubble and so help me the thing was changing colour. You could really see this thing, really like a big soap bubble. Then the 'phone rang again and all I heard this time was "look" ... really, just one word, "look". I was looking anyway, at the bubble, and it just got darker. Ray flipped when I said it's the bubble talking to us but the 'phone was dead again. We figured then that we were being had by the guys at Pine Gap, that this was some kind of new trick they had and that they had a camera somewhere around and were filming the whole thing, like Candid Camera, you know? ... and laughing their bloody heads off, but that seemed a bit far fetched because the nearest place anybody could hide was miles away ... this is practically desert out here. No place to hide except way off near the hills which is a bit far away to have a camera. Then the 'phone rang again, this time only the word "going", and so help me the bubble just up and vanished. That's it. We got back to the Landrover and it started OK so we drove cross-country a bit looking to see if we could see anybody, over towards the Pine Gap base, but didn't see anything moving or suspicious at all. Then we drove into the Alice. That's really it Dr Stone. It must be hard to believe, but so help me that's really what happened.

Harry, I dont know what to say ... it's amazing, really. Do me a favour, will you? I guess you drive that road often. Keep your eyes open for your bubble to make an appearance again and call me. Carry a camera and a tape recorder in the Landrover also will you? You never know. I'll send contact numbers to you via the newspaper. Can you also fax me your contact numbers and address? You will hear from me anyway, as I guess we will want to go through this again. Thanks Harry, talk to you again soon.

OK Dr Stone, c'mon 'n' visit us some time, you'll love it here. No place in the States like it! See you!

Moore: Well?

Dr Stone: Jenny, it has to be real. What Harry Lynne just told me is exactly the same as what happened to me in Arecibo and again at Tidbinbilla ... well except for the talking bit. I guess Harry could be pulling my leg there. This is an Australian trait, someone told me yesterday, that Aussies like to spin yarns I guess you say. Anyway, some kind of tall stories. Maybe he's pulling my leg. In any case the rest of the story gels ... it really fits, so we have some more research to do Jenny, lots of it. We have to find more reports and more instances like this to try and nail it down. You know what's really important here? This was also near a major communications and space centre ... like Tidbinbilla, like Arecibo. What about that Canadian report, is there a space or communications centre near there, where was it, Fort Providence? Let's get some information about Pine Gap too, while we are at it.

Moore: Yes it was Fort Providence, and we'll get on it, Dr Stone, but first, what talking bit?

Dr Stone: Oh just Harry pulling my leg I guess, anyway I told him I wouldn't repeat it. The guy's just making fun of me being an American I guess.

Moore: Oh yes, they can be like that sometimes. Well let's get to it. First, Canada, then I'll get into some heavy research.

Dr Stone: ... and I'll get the guys at Tidbinbilla to check out Fort Providence and Pine Gap, that's in their field of operations. What time do we have in Canada now? Where was it, Baffin Island?

Moore: No idea, they must be Eastern US time I guess which means something like 15 hours behind us, about 9 pm last night. We'll start with Iqaluit and Mr Alister Whatsisname, maybe the Baffin Island News can set something up for us.

Dr Stone: OK call me when you have something, I'm heading back to Tidbinbilla to get the guys on to Fort Providence and Pine Gap.

Moore: OK Dr Stone, drive carefully.

Tidbinbilla, November 25, 1330 hrs

Office of Grant Wallace.

Hi Dr Stone, how was it in Canberra, any luck?

Hi Grant, yes I think so. As Dr Stone enters the now familiar room she blushes, sensing the maleness, the closeness of this dark smiling man ... Jesus ... what is it with me? ... this man? ... Uh, what those guys experienced was just the same as we had here, uh, Monday, exactly the same. I mean exactly. The bang, the auto electrics problem, and the same kind of spherical distortion, a giant air bubble is how he described it. I'm in control again ... Typical Aussie 'though, he told me that his "bubble" used his mobile telephone to talk with him, and that it changed colour as it talked, the "bubble" I mean ... I dont quite know what to make of that. Why would he pull my leg like that when something as strange as this is going on? I'll check that out with his mate at some time I guess.

Wallace: Aussies will be Aussies Dr Stone, I warned you about that. His "bubble" talked to him? Great stuff. Typical, and I guess he knew you were an American, right?

Dr Stone: Well be that as it may, what is really important is that I think we have a common link between at least three of these instances ... the Alice Springs instance happened near a US space or communications centre called Pine Gap which didn't click with me yesterday when we read the report, but now it does. You see it don't you? Here, an instance near your station, and with me and Professor Hallman in 1993 near Arecibo Space Centre ... all instances in the area of a space communications installation. Let's try and find out if there is a similar link at Fort Providence. I've got Jenny tracking some information through her Baffin Island contact, but maybe your people can check out if there is any kind of communications or space research centre around that part of the world. I've never heard of one but it could be a US defense establishment perhaps?

Wallace: Hey you could really have something there ... I'll get on it, we have contact with practically all stations world wide. Listen, while we're at it is it worthwhile to check out all the other stations to see if there are any similar reports? On the other hand don't forget you have a seminar discussion this afternoon, and there will be a lot of people there from a lot of space communications centres. Let's use that opportunity as well eh?

Dr Stone: Dammit, I practically forgot about that. Well OK, not a bad idea ... not that what I do has a lot to do with weather phenomena, but it is an interesting thought. Why should this occur in the vicinity of space communications centres? Maybe it's not a weather phenomenum at all, but something to do with the particular influences of radio or electromagnetic fields that we generate? Come to think of it, has our Mr Vlad come back with anything?

Wallace: He sure has ... photos of what he says is a very strong electro-magnetic force field, with, his words, "unbelievable corona discharge, very cold, very very big ", and a thermograph which I find quite interesting, it's like a hole in the air, a very low temperature level in comparison to the surroundings. I asked him what this tells him but he's at a loss, hasn't seen anything like at all anywhere. He works with people and sometimes houses and so on ... says if it was a house it would be very cold and very dead. "Bad stuff, sell the house". I can't see how this helps us however. Any ideas?

Dr Stone: None at all, not my field, but maybe we'll get some more data sometime, somewhere, let's keep this stuff somewhere. I gotta move, see you later.

Thursday November 26 0930hrs

The office of Jenny Moore, Canberra Times

Good Morning Dr Stone, got some news from Baffin Island for you, not much ... but maybe interesting.

Good Morning Jenny, Hi, what is it?

Jenny Moore: Baffin News talked to this Alister Aluitin who still has his computer centre in town at Iqaluit, where he says strange things have happened to his computers, even over the last couple of years. Complains that no one takes this seriously, not least his communications services provider who, as it happens, is in Fort Providence and provides the service to Iqaluit by satellite frame relay, whatever that is. Fort Providence is a bloody long way from Iqaluit however, but it is where the glowing ice cube was seen in 2001. We got a contact to the service provider in Fort Providence, this is quite a high tech show these days called Microsat Services and they have a fairly sophisticated ... get this ... satellite communcations service for the north west territories. They lease time from Canada's telecommunications satellites. The boss there, Mike Renfrey, remembers the ice block incident but didn't see it. Says it's almost certainly something to do with auroral phenomena.

Dr Stone: Hey Sister, good work. No chance of eye-witness reports?

Jenny Moore: Baffin News is working on it, but Fort Providence is half way across the north west territories they say, and they don't get there very often. I'll keep you posted.

Dr Stone: Thanks Jenny. The next question is, does a satellite communications centre like that fit into the same scheme of things that we have here? I can't imagine what they have as a facility but I guess it's nothing like this here. I'll see what the guys here can find out. Ciaou Jenny. And thanks again.

1105 hrs

Dr Stone? Got a minute? Got some information for you.

Sure, Grant. Shoot, what have you got?

Wallace: First Pine Gap. It's a US military communications centre that seems to work with all kinds of agencies as well as the military. Very hush hush but not as much as it used to be. They seem to be mostly active with the US DSCS or Defense Satellite Communications Service, but they also do a lot with NASA whenever there is a major space operation running, like being a communications post for the Shuttle and the major programs like Gemini and Apollo. We can't get any kind of direct technical contact for an enquiry like we have, but we do have a line of communication when there is a major program running. We are tracking down some of our contacts who work with them and us on these programs. This will take a while.

Second, Fort Providence. The only set-up there is a privately owned and operated satellite communications centre serving the North West Territories, using time on Telesat Canada's satellite system, their primary being Anik E1 launched about the time of that ise block incident ... got that? ... they have a pretty sophisticated set-up and are among the world's most successful services with a lot of business with remote private and governmental operations around the Arctic Circle. They certainly have several satellite communications antennae, but not of the order of magnitude that we have, or Arecibo for that matter. The company is called Microsat and is run by Mike Renfrey, who says we are the second caller recently about the "ice cube" ... he doesn't want to know about it. Says it is all bs and check out the solar flares and the aurora borealis. Doesn't know any eye witnesses. That's it. This all confirms your idea about these instances happening around space communications centres, but I don't see where it gets us? What about your seminar yesterday? ... any interesting contacts?

Dr Stone: Not a lot, but I had a chance to talk to a couple of people from Goldstone and Madrid, your colleagues in the Deep Space Network, and a few from Oahu and Paumalu, ESA Villafranca, and Fucino in Italy. I also met with some old colleagues from Arecibo and Big Ear but they are here just for the ride I guess. Satellite networking isn't their line at all. There was a lot of discussion about what is going on in the satellite communications business, and a lot of discussion about the really strong advances in new transmission techniques with things like digital file transfer protocols taking over from analog bit transfers and new kinds of television transmission systems. I briefly touched on the idea of atmospheric disturbances that might be possible near to such satellite communications centres and a couple immediately threw in the idea that under certain circumstances the new digital television transmissions could cause all kinds of disturbances in local Earth-bound communications systems. They say that almost anything is possible in these early days because no one really knows what gets loose ... kind of high tech electrosmog if you like. Other than that, several of the guys said that they would check out any local disturbances and let me know.

Wallace: Yeah well I'm not sure we can categorise this as electrosmog but I suppose it's a starting point. We still have a bit to do, namely to get formal requests out to our DSN centres and some others as well to see if they have any such reports. That'll take some time I guess. I also want to get onto our old Pine Gap contact ... he's somewhere in the Defense Department in Washington DC these days ... maybe he can get a line on Pine Gap for us. Are you heading back to Parkes tomorrow? Let's stay in contact. I'll let you know what comes in as and when, OK?

Dr Stone: Yes Grant, tomorrow. I'll also get to some of the centres we work with to see if we can find something as well. There's gotta be an answer eh?

Back in her hotel, Dr Stone has a sudden feeling of deja vu ... what is this? What is it about this guy that's making me act like a teenager? Or is it this other thing? This bubble anomaly? Or both? This is not a normal reaction, this is definitely not a normal anomaly ... something is going on here that I can't get a grip on ... God Almighty lady, at least get a grip on your reaction to this man.

Incident Report 08 ...

The United States Department of Defense

Head of Digital Security Operations: E. StJ. Hillier

Diary: November 27

Classification: 00


0816 Call from Dr Grant Wallace, Station Manager, DSN Canberra. (Known, ex JPL Pasadena), has experienced phenomenum near to station November 23, similar phenonema recorded at Arecibo (Dr Avril Stone/SERENDIP/SETI) (?) and at Fort Providence, NWT Canada (ref: Mike Renfrey, MicroSat), and at Pine Gap DOD Station Alice Springs (2 Engineers).

Requests further information from/through this office about new research at Pine Gap.

History: Grant Wallace

Subject is known top level satellite communications specialist in networking/constellations, management near Earth satellite missions, management station communications during STS and DSN projects. Known to this office through our own DSN communications collaboration while at Pine Gap.

Reports direct experience of highly localised (small) highly charged electromagnetic and barely visible atmospheric disturbance near DSN Station Canberra in company of Dr Stone. Various in-situ tests show

a.: lower temperature in disturbance zone

b: radiation sufficient to cause local power disturbances.

Reports further that incident lasted about 90 minutes.

Dr Stone advised of similar incident near ARECIBO RT Facility in 1993.

Further enquiries reveal other apparently similar incidents at Pine Gap November 12, and at Fort Providence October 11, 2001.

Quote < this is like a large bubble in the air, barely visible and discovered when vehicle drove through or near to the bubble, experienced total electrics and electronics failure, loud bang at contact. Same reported from Pine Gap incident and at ARECIBO incident. On inspection discovered boundary atmospheric distortion enabling localisation of bubble. Fort Providence bubble reported as a large round ice covered bubble. > unquote.

Full report in transit to this office.

History: Dr Avril Stone

Subject is renowned researcher in extra terrestrial intelligence. Involved in an expensive fiasco and funding for research eventually stopped. Now working with private funding, SETI project? And now involved in unexplained atmospheric disturbance, possible similarities to her own experience at Arecibo. There's something about this person.

Requested Action:

This office to see if Pine Gap has any experimental projects underway that may have bearing on incident. Further to enquire if other sat comm stations (DSCS, AirForce, and InterGov) have reported similar incidents. Some possibility related to new technologies in digital transmissions especially television. (?).


All reported incidents are in the vicinity of high powered communications transmission and receiving stations, satellites and space missions reference. Time of incidents , two: very close together (both November xxxx), other two: several years apart. No or little regional connection, no or little weather connection, no or little solar flare activity.


1: Memo Station Head Pine Gap.

2: Memo Station Managers : DSCS Stations, TMOD.

3: Sat Comm Stations

Fucino, Italy

Clarksburg, Maryland

Peking/Beijing, China

Raisting, Germany

Perth, Australia

Paumalu, Hawai.

4: Obtain independent reports ex ARECIBO, Fort Providence.

5: update office information on new television transmission technologies, satellites, digital transmissions.

6: Cross reference file links:

atmospheric disturbances

electromagnetic disturbances, ground stations

unexplained incidents

communications satellites, new technologies.

Report (1) to Dr Grant Wallace

Collate any links.

Priority: 04 watching.

Issued by:

Secretary, Digital Security.

Desk Copy: E.Hillier

File Note Response: December 02

File cross reference report indicates connections to Trimble April 15, June 21, August 12,; to satcom04 October 21.

Cross links: communications satellites, unexplained incidents.

File Note Response: December 04

Pine Gap reports no experimental transmissions of any kind, standard mission communications and relays only.

File Note Response: December 08

1: ARECIBO reports all information in security report, copy attached. No further incidents.

2: Fort Providence MicroSat reports, no direct experience, but due to interest has located an eye witness, describes an air bubble covered in a thin layer of snow/ice crystals in vicinity of MicroSat and other high tech installations in Industrial Park West. Visible for ca 30 minutes.

Adds that at same time period received calls from several customers served with satellite communications through MicroSat satellite frame relay services of high computer hard disc activity during this same night. Considers electromagnetic disturbances through polar auroral activity/solar flares basis responsible for all activity including iced air bubble observation.

File Note Response: December 10

Reports in from all Sat Comm stations contacted. All report no exceptions activities.

DSCS report in, no exceptions.

Satellite and Space Mission ground services stations, Other: all report no exceptional activity.


1: Extend Cross reference file links:

atmospheric disturbances

electromagnetic disturbances, ground stations

unexplained incidents

communications satellites, new technologies.



Unexplained hard disc activity, computers, ground based.

Solar flares

Auroral activity database.

File Note:

Wait on further cross reference links.

If any further affirmation of linked incidents

Then upgrade priority.

Event 09 ... Transcription

Parkes, NSW Australia,

CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility,

offices of Southern SERENDIP, SETI Centre.

Monday November 30, 0830 hrs

Dr Stone has arrived back from Canberra, enters the office of Station Manager Bob LaSalle.

Dr Stone: Hi Bob, Good Morning, how's everything been while I've been away?

LaSalle: Hi Dr Stone, and a great morning it is too! This part of the world has endless sunshine I reckon! Clear days and nights like you can't see anywhere else! I guess that's why we're here eh? Well in answer to your question, everything's been pretty quiet in your absence ... as you say, not a lot happens very quickly in star gazing! However you must have had a busy time at Tidbinbilla ... I read the reports over the weekend, and there's a message for you to call Dr Wallace a s a p.

Dr Stone: A s a p?

LaSalle: As soon as poss. As soon as possible, that is ... sorry. Forgeting you're not an Aussie. Maybe you can fill me in on some of the details a little later?

Dr Stone: Yes OK Bob, I'll call Grant Wallace now then I'll come by.


Hello Grant, Avril Stone here, you called?

Wallace: Hi Dr Stone, yes I did. Thanks for the callback. I've been tracking down my old contact from Pine Gap, Everett Hillier, and he's at the US Department of Defense in some security posting, and has left a message that he's going to call today, I guess that'll be late this afternoon. I'll try to get him to find out something more about what's going on at Pine Gap, he must still have good contacts there. I'll ask him about Microsat in Canada as well, maybe he knows this Mike Renfrey and can get something more out of him. I also had a check on the weather situation last week at Alice Springs ... nothing special. Hot and dry as always. The boys also checked out solar flares over the past couple of weeks, no special activity there either. They're still checking the situation in Canada to see if any solar flares could have caused any abnormal auroral effects, as Mike Renfrey says. How was your trip back?, uneventful I hope!

Yes Grant, fine. Nice country to drive through. You'll keep me advised, eh?

Dr Stone: Sure will. Let me know if you hear anything from anyone about this also will you?

Incident Report 10

The United States Department of Defense

Head of Digital Security Operations: E. StJ. Hillier

Diary: December 15


Classification: 04


Ref: Diary Nov. 27 through Dec. 10 (incidents "air bubbles")

Ref: Diary Aug. 12 (comm satellite incidents)

Ref: Diary Aug. 12 (incidents "unexplained computer activity")

Ref: Diary Oct. 21 (comm. satellite incident)


We have significant linking of cross referenced re­ports that indicate a connection between a number of separate events of different types.

The events are, in date order:

1: Nov. 21: failure of TVsat 1 DBP Telekom, suspected but unexplained communications failure in OB computer, solar panel failed to deploy.

2: Sept.14: failure of satcom04 Cosmo Comm, on-board CDS system breakdown, Comm Module exchanged by STS in May 1992, failed Comm Module analysed at JPL CalTech in Spacecraft Data Systems Section, first analysis of the data contents, unknown data format. Further analysis at DSCS reveals no comparison to foreign code types, no further analysis possible. Delivered to DOD Digital Technical Services January 19, 1993, for further analysis and comparison to known foreign coding and structure.

No analysis possible, unknown code structure.

Delivered to this office October 21. no further action to date.

3: Oct.11: two unexplained events in Canada's NWTs. The first an apparent atmospheric phenomenum described as a spherical "air bubble" covered in ice/snow near to MicroSat's facilities at Fort Providence and the second, also in the NWT but at Baffin Island at a computer office serviced by MicroSat via satellite frame relay service unaccountable computer activity.

4: Dec.14: ARECIBO Space Center, probable event similar to DSN Station Canberra in November. Dr Avril Stone, SERENDIP/SETI involved. See below.

5: Apr.14: Trimble (Seattle Washington) report, computer contaminated by data thought to be sourced from one of two possibilities being

a: JPL Technical Division Pasadena Section (during satellite information download) or

b: Communications satellite digital transfer (from JPL information source).

6: Aug.12: Web Site set up July 04 reveals wide spread problem of other computer users with unexplained hard disk activity a/o blocks in system hard storage.

Results reported as follows:

712 respondents plus 14802 hits to 2000 hrs August 11.

22 direct links to communications sats, unexplained HD activity during idle hours, subsequent systems checks find bad data blocks on HD's. Not moveable, not delete-able.

Most interesting responses include

a: JPL tech services engineer in own lap top. Source not identifiable, could have been office connection, could have been during private download ex comm satellite.

b: Sat Comm Engineer, Germany, was at Kouru Arianne launch base (?), suspects onboard computer failure of data block from unknown source on TVsat 1. See above.

7: Nov. 12: Pine Gap, Alice Springs, Australia: apparent atmospheric disturbance event described as the sighting of a large distorting air bubble. Apparently a nearly identical event to that at DSN Canberra. See below.

8: Nov. 23: Tidbinbilla, (DSN Station, Canberra) Australia: Station Manager Dr Grant Wallace reports direct experience of highly localised (small) highly charged electromagnetic and barely visible atmospheric disturbance near DSN Station Canberra in company of Dr Stone. (see ARECIBO above) Various in-situ tests show

a.: lower temperature in disturbance zone

b: radiation sufficient to cause local power disturbances.

Reports further that incident lasted about 90 minutes.

Dr Stone advised of similar incident near ARECIBO RT Facility. Further enquiries reveal other apparently similar incidents at Pine Gap November 12 and at Fort Providence October 11.

Quote < this is like a large bubble in the air, barely visible and discovered when vehicle drove through or near to the bubble, experienced total electrics and electronics failure, loud bang at contact. Same reported from Pine Gap incident and at ARECIBO incident. On inspection discovered boundary atmospheric distortion enabling localisation of bubble. Fort Providence bubble reported as a large round ice covered bubble. > unquote.

9: Instances without specifics:

a: analysis of DSCS satellites missions reveals several instances of communication problems. There have been several DSCS satellite failures, notably DSCS 2 F5, F6, and F10, but there is no reason to believe that these were caused by similar data intrusions.

b: analysis by our cooperational partners have also shown several events of communications failures, notably the following:

with the Russians: Proton 8K82K Mars mission (Fobos 1), and Fobos 2, among others that were launched from Baikonur.

with the Chinese: the DFH-3 1 launched from Xichang on CZ-3A for DomComm China in Nov. 1994, also among others.

c: COMSAT reports that both Intelsat 5A launched from Kourou, and Intelsat 6 had similar communication failures, as with Orbcomms' first two communication satellites.

d: A joint German-Japanese satellite "Express" launched Jan. 15, 1995 from KASC M1 (Kagashima Space Centre, Kyushu) did not reach orbit and was given up for lost but eventually landed in Ghana in West Africa. Communications failure probable.


Several sets of information seem to be conclusively linked:

The satcom04 > JPL > Trimble link

The MicroSat > Baffin Island computer > Satellite? Check on ANIK E1?

We need to check if the same kind of incidents are present at the other sites.


1: Memo Station Head Pine Gap: check all computers with down-link connections to communication satellites and advise soonest. Look for data storage irregularities.

2: Memo Station Managers : DSCS Stations, TMOD. check all computers with down-link connections to communication satellites and advise soonest. Look for data storage irregularities.

3: Sat Comm Stations

Fucino, Italy

Clarksburg, Maryland

Peking/Beijing, China

Raisting, Germany

Perth, Australia

Paumalu, Hawai.

Jodrell Bank, UK

check all computers with down-link connections to communication satellites and advise soonest. Look for data storage irregularities.

4: Memo Facility Manager, ARECIBO, check all computers with down-link connections to communication satellites and advise soonest. Look for data storage irregularities.

5: Memo M. Renfrey MicroSat, Fort Providence, check all computers with down-link connections to communication satellites and advise soonest. Look for data storage irregularities..

6: Copy this report to Dr Grant Wallace, DSN Canberra, memo check all computers with down-link connections to communication satellites and advise soonest. Look for data storage irregularities.

7: Copy this report to Dr Avril Stone, Parkes Observatory, information.

Request for comments.

8: Diplomatic Memo all foreign cooperation partners in satellite communications, check all computers with down-link connections to communication satellites and advise soonest. Look for data storage irregularities. Specific check on ANIK E1 Telecom Canada.

9: Separate memos to communication satellite management organisations, recapitulate all potential communications failures on launched satellites, inspect where possible for data blockages in on-board data storage and processing units. Inclusive (2) and (3) above.

10: Copy this to Secretary,DOD.

Priority: 05 watching.

Issued by:

Everett Hillier, Head of Digital Security Operations, DOD.

File Note: December 15

Wait on responses.

If any further affirmation of linked incidents

then upgrade priority, set up Project Team for full investigation.

File Note Response: December 20


From: Pine Gap, Australia, Facility Manager Wiley.

Response to Hillier, Head DSO, DOD, Memo Dec 15.

Downlink mainframe computer is not currently checkable due to flight control ops, but check is programmed for Dec 22. Analysis of local area network in Center shows three PC's in Flight Info. Analysis Group with hard disc anomalies. Checking further, expect next report December 23. Copied to DSCS/DOD.

Reply: thanks keep at it.

From: DSCS/DOD, Directorate, Amis:

Response to Hillier, Head DSO, DOD, Memo Dec 15.

See Report June 16, 1993 re satcom04 recovered satellite, on-board computer showed anomalies as yet unexplained. Connexion? Carrying out LAN analysis, will report further.

Reply: thanks keep at it. Extend search to DSCS/DOD Ground Stations world wide please.

From: TMOD at JPL Pasadena, Directotate, Ripley:

Response to Hillier, Head DSO, DOD, Memo Dec 15.

First analysis shows reports of several anomalies, (1) satcom04 recovered and analysed, found to have computer storage anomalies, not resolved. (2) JPL Technical Services Engineer Hensen computer with hard disc anomalies, connected to satcom04 analysis in September 1992. See also DSCS/DOD Amis June 16, 1993. Following up with search all systems connected to this instance as priority, and to downline systems. This is no easy task, most computers from that time have been replaced with new systems, also we have ethernet LAN's to DSCS and most communication satellite operators as well as to almost all DSN operators and ground stations. How far do we have to look?

Reply: thanks keep at it. DSCS Ground Stations are searching separately, extend your search internally to all centers that receive op. Reports, and satellite operators.

File Note Response: December 22

From: Satellite Communications Center, Raisting, Germany.

Response to Hillier, Head DSO, DOD, Memo Dec 15.

Please see Report re TVsat 01 from Kouru 1987 analysed here as on board computer failure, also see report re German-Japanese JV sat Express from KASC M1 January 1995, satellite recovered from Ghana West Africa, analysis shows on board computer storage anomalies, is this what you are looking for? No detailed analysis possible.

See also Orbcomm satellite failures of similar nature.

Internal checks on local computers reveal no anomalies. (All systems are new, old systems not recoverable, seeking archived data storage from this time.)

Reply: thanks pls send report of Ghana recovered unit.

From: ARECIBO, Facility Manager.

Response to Hillier, Head DSO, DOD, Memo Dec 15

We have computer problems of this kind for several years but these are benign. Older Mainframes on Radio Telescope Data Analysis always have these anomalies, suspect anomalies transferred to operational data analysis computers several years ago, isolated these and installed firewalls. New systems since 1995 with firewalls also on incoming as pre analysis and on all networked computers in facility. Subcontractor ops are still carrying out requested systems analyses (SERENDIP and DSCS) also satellite communications center.

So far several computers have unexplained hard disc irregularities and in local network server. Suspect left over links from old mainframe anomalies from ca 1993. Checking back on how this might have happened.

Reply: pls relate if possible old mainframe problems to Dr Stone/Prof.Hallman incident December 1993 as reported to us December 08. Important to establish how new systems have same problem. Extend search where possible to all external up load links or download access made to mainframe from external sources. Concentrate on computer communications with comsats operations, and links to and from comsat operators inclusive DSCS please.

File Note Response: December 28

From: MICROSAT, Fort Providence, NWT, renfrey.

Response to Hillier, Head DSO, DOD, Memo Dec 15.

Your request follows also similar request from Australian Newspaper (?) also local news service, involves also a Microsat customer in Iqualuit and reported atmospheric disturbance years ago here. Thought this was all local atmospherics (solar flares and aurora borealis) effects, but checked Iqaluit and other satellite frame relay service customers and finds all

(repeat ALL) report (1) unexplained off line computer activity and on checking several of these so far they report (2) also hard disc blockages of similar characteristics to one another. All sat com customers are now requested to carry out similar search, will report.

Importantly has started check on own systems and all direct communications computers have a hard disc irregularity, seems to be same as in Iqaluit, waiting on systems experts to analyse. Mainframe used with Telesat Canada Anik E1 satellite comm service supplier is not yet checked, have downtime December 31 and will do and report. Have sophisticated firewalls in place and cannot imagine data spread from this location, therefore possible through Telesat Canada Anik E1 commsat?? Suggest direct approach Telesat Canada.

Reply: thanks so far, important information. Find times of first instances if possible, maybe disc blockages can be dated? Apart from Iqaluit are any other reports related to atmospheric disturbances? Will contact telesat Canada direct.

Action: contact Telesat Canada with request as Memo Dec. 15

From: Tidbinbilla, Canberra, Australia, Facility Manager, G. Wallace.

Response to Hillier, Head DSO, DOD, Memo Dec 15

Sorry to take so long to reply it is Summer holiday season and all is shut down except direct ops. We have three separated mainframes dealing with DSCS, Commsats and DSN/TMOD ops. The Commsats Mainframe has hard disc anomalies which are indecipherable and cannot be dated but seem to be harmless, suggest hard disc damage but in light of what you request maybe not? Let us have more info to analyse if available. DSCS Mainframe is under analysis now, DSN/TMOD mainframe asap. All have down links to satcomm operators, JPL, and DOD. I guess you are already on to these for similar search, we will not extend search that direction.

Personal Note: Ev, this looks serious and from your mail list is also wide spread. We cannot so far establish a date link with the atmospheric incident of November 23, but there were several other similar incidents as reported, can you get a date link between these computer anomalies and the atmospheric incidents? We have a lot of capacity here and can help if you need. Grant

Reply: Hi Grant, thanks for the information so far, and yes it seems to be a wide spread phenomenum and there does seem to be links between both. What seems to be more serious is how far the computer anomaly has spread and how, the question is whether through computer links or direct from satellite links. Can you do some work in this direction?

File Note: December 28

Priority Change to 1.

To Department of Defense, Washington DC , Directorate Digital Security, with copy of all foregoing.

Copy to Defense Satellite Communications Services, Martin Amis

Ditto copy to JPL/Telecommunications and Mission Operations Directorate, Mark Ripley.


From the foregoing it is obvious that there is a widespread data intrusion in a large number of computers associated with communications satellites.

The data intrusion is in all cases so far indecipherable.

The data intrusion has in several cases a direct time/date link to reported atmospheric disturbances characterised in all cases by a "bubble of air" which may be electrostatically charged.

Although there seems to be no operational effects from the data intrusion and no data loss or other evidence of a security threat, we are dealing in an area where security has the highest priority, especially where the DSCS and DOD are concerned. The potential danger to security is however high in that we do not know if the data intrusions are or may become active, nor where they come from. Immediate action to resolve all unknowns is required.

Propose that DOD/Digital Security Operations under management of writer sets up a task force to investigate and resolve these matters soonest.

Task Force to encompass:

DSO analysts together with known competents from the private sector,

Communcations Satellites representatives, various disciplines at times as required,

Ground Station operators, technical, data reception and transmission systems,

Cypher expertise, DOD,

National Security Agency.

Witnesses to be interviewed to include all respondents to this file.

Location: to be established, preferably remote for limiting external access, physical and electronic.

Authority requested to enable secondment as required.

Costs from DSO Budgets for first stage, limit US$ one million.

Everett StJohn Hillier

Head, Digital Security Operations

December 28

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