I Don't Know Me

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Call To Arms

Living is a relative term these days. You might be living the life of a doctor one day and then find yourself withering away lifeless in an abandoned building the next. And that’s if you’re lucky. Most life-crimes usually ended with the person being killed. But if they kept you alive, those close to you had a bit of hope to cling to. There was always a chance they were just borrowing you and would soon steal someone else.

When they stole someone else’s Zeta Alpha print, you’d gain control of yourself back. No one could survive trying to maintain multiple lives. Even the criminal world had its rules. You never tried to hijack more than one Zeta Alpha print at a time.

But leaving the person alive rarely ever happened. It was something that friends and families hoped for if they lost a loved one but it was nothing to expect. And the addiction to stealing someone else only got worse and worse. Lifeless bodies scattered around the city and murders all increased rapidly. No matter what you wanted or how you wanted to live, your life or someone else’s life was a potential target.

Life-crimes were thought impossible years ago but today they are as normal as drinking a cup of water. You see, life itself is the new addiction now. Every little detail of your life was a drug. Stealing someone’s Zeta Alpha print was an adrenaline rush. Synprint’s little hidden security measure was the gateway to such a powerful addiction that it couldn’t be cured nor the desire for it satiated. When you stole one life, you were undoubtedly going to steal more.

A completely new life, memories and status were yours if you knew how. Emotions became the most valuable thing in our world. The body gives several millions senses at once when you successfully manage to hijack someone’s life. Every detail about you was a vessel that carried a powerful drug. I’ve seen adults well in their years shooting through local hospitals attempting to steal the life of a newborn to a get a fix. The emotional exchange was its purest at birth so the rush was exhilarating.

Even our President has felt the sting of what Synprint created. His daughter had her Zeta Alpha print stolen one week after she was born. He worked within the very same walls as the President. He paid top dollar to gain access to her synthetic social print and he managed to get his fix. Luckily for the President, he only wanted a temporary fix. After they found him, they severed his sync to her print and killed him.

Death was the only outcome for anyone who violated the New Birth Law. Anyone under the age of 18 could not be compromised. It was a bit of order in an otherwise order less world. After the President had his new daughter’s Zeta Alpha print stolen, he outlawed every element of synthetic social printing. He gathered a committee to convene over anything related to life-crimes. They even gave it a fancy name. They called it Absorbing. It has been outlawed for dozens of years but is as popular now as it ever was.

No one knows who they are these days. You may be living as a teacher or lawyer but what or who were you before that? Were you really you or were you someone who had their Zeta Alpha print compromised? You just didn’t know. Identity is a mystery across the world now.

It is a mystery to everyone except those who are Originals.

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