Too Good for this World

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One night when he was playing Affrayed, Imogen was surprised when Jonny stopped uncharacteristically early in the evening and came over and grabbed her. ‘I love you,’ he said, ‘I love you, I love you.’ He pressed his forehead against hers. He looked as though he might start to cry.

‘What’s happened?’ she asked, ‘did something happen in Affrayed?’

‘No,’ he said, ‘and yes. It… my mind…’

Imogen put her arms around him. ‘What’s wrong?’ she asked, ‘you can tell me.’

‘I wish that you could see it too.’

‘See what?’

He wandered off without answering. Imogen sat down on the sofa, perplexed and saddened. He’d always been able to tell her everything before. What could be happening to him in that game that was so unusual he couldn’t even find the words to talk to her about it?

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