Too Good for this World

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Imogen woke the next morning feeling unusually optimistic. She opened the application form for the teaching job, and took her laptop downstairs to make a start on it in the kitchen before work. When her mum saw what she was doing, she practically cooed with delight.

‘I’m so proud of you,’ her mum said, ‘I knew something had changed. I did a reading last night, and everything is looking better for us, Gennie, everything!’

Imogen smiled. Her mum’s tarot reading was neither here nor there as far as she was concerned, although she couldn’t help but feel a little bit of extra warmth, and hope. The world was on her side. She kept thinking that as she filled in the form. The world was on her side. Jonny was on her side.

It didn’t last. She thought her mum understood her feelings, but no doubt encouraged by her damn cards, later that day she told Imogen she had found her a “date”.

‘You…’ Imogen said, ‘you what?’

‘My friend Zara’s son. He’s just got back from doing some voluntary work in-’

‘No,’ Imogen said, strongly and firmly.

Her mum wouldn’t back down. ‘It’s okay,’ she said, ‘Zara and River both know your circumstances-’

‘River?’ Imogen said, ‘his name is River?’

‘Yes, I think he could be just your-’

‘No!’ Imogen said.

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