Too Good for this World

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Jonny had often talked about transcendence.

‘That’s why Affrayed is so good,’ he said, ‘because you’re out of yourself, above yourself.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘People… people hate focusing on themselves. When are we most happy? When we’re absorbed in something. And when are we even happier than that? When we’re part of something bigger. When you’re looking at the most beautiful, awe-inspiring sight, or you’re with people who really, really understand you- when you’re so together, so united, so much larger than yourself. Affrayed makes me feel that way so often.’

‘Do I make you feel that way?’

Jonny kissed her. ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘but we’re only two people. I’m talking about the whole world!’

Imogen laughed. ‘You and the “whole world” Jonny,’ she said. ‘Honestly. You’re only one man.’

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