Too Good for this World

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Instead of receiving an answer, Imogen watched helplessly as her laptop went back to its dormant state, and the message was gone. Her heart was racing. It had been Jonny. It had to have been.

Every night for the next week, Imogen made sure her laptop was on, and then sat next to it talking to Jonny’s suicide note. She managed to get out of the date with River, much to her mum’s disappointment, and spent all of her free time alone in her room, though no further mysterious messages appeared.

‘Jonny,’ she pleaded with the picture, ‘talk to me again, Jonny, please.’

She hadn’t realised that her door was ajar, and her mum must have been walking past and heard her talking. Before Imogen could try to hide what she was doing her mum had come into her room and was standing by her side. Imogen tried to think of an explanation. She knew her mum must have overheard what she had been saying.

In the end there was no need to justify herself. Her mum seemed to understand without any explanation, and said, ‘you’re still so hurt, aren’t you Gennie?’

Imogen nodded.

‘I do understand,’ her mum said. ‘I know you think I don’t, but I do. I know you think you’ve lost the love of your life, and that you don’t believe you could ever feel for anyone else what you felt for him. And I know why you’d think that. Jonny was one in a million. One in a million million.’

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