Too Good for this World

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‘Mum,’ Imogen said, ‘you once told me that Jonny was too good for this world. What did you mean?’

Her mum sat down on the desk by Imogen’s side. ‘Sometimes,’ she said, ‘there are people who shine so bright. They are good right to their core. But the world isn’t good to the core. If you ask me, I think it got to the point where Jonny couldn’t handle that.’

Imogen nodded. ‘He wanted everyone to be honest, and to be nice to each other. But people aren’t always like that.’

Her mum smiled. ‘I remember when you first brought Jonny home to meet me,’ she said. ‘He was so cocky and cheeky. I was surprised you’d gone for somebody like that. But when I got to know him, I realised how great he was for you. The two of you just… fitted together. I was so happy for you.’

They fell into silence, both lost in their own thoughts for a while, and Imogen remembered the messages she’d received. ‘Mum,’ she said, ‘I think Jonny wants me to get the teaching job.’

Her mum didn’t even flinch at her use of the present tense. ‘I think he probably would want you to, Gennie, yes. Jonny and I both believe people should make the most of their gifts, and you have a gift for teaching. It’s time you shared that gift again, I think.’

Imogen looked down at the desk and blinked away some tears. ‘The thing is, mum, I’m… I’m scared. I’m scared… of… everything.’

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