Too Good for this World

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Jonny disappeared in the middle of the night. She slept right through him leaving, and when she woke the next morning she simply assumed he’d left for work early.

She found out he was dead that lunchtime, when the police came to talk to her at the school.

After that, the days were a blur. Her mum came to stay with her, and the only thing Imogen could clearly remember was how desperate she had been to have a moment to herself. It took ages to convince her mum that she wouldn’t do anything crazy if she was left alone for a brief time. Finally her mum relented and went out for five minutes to get some bread and milk. In those five minutes, Imogen smashed nearly every single thing in the flat, pulled her hair out from the roots in clumps, and drew blood from her arms and face with her nails. When her mum found her she was in the middle of the living room, on her knees, screaming. Her outburst had made so much noise it had scared one of the neighbours into calling the police.

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