Too Good for this World

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The day in the café passed in a haze. When Imogen stumbled outside after her shift was over she struggled to remember what had happened while she had been there. She took out her phone, and to her surprise it was open on the website of the school where the teaching job was being advertised. She made her way over to a bench and sat staring at the screen. It didn’t make any sense. She hadn’t looked up the school on her phone, and why would anyone else have done? As quickly as she asked that question she realised the answer. It must have been her mum.

Back at home Imogen turned on her laptop. She thought she might have a closer look at the school and the job, but before she could type in a search the school’s website opened on the screen in front of her. Her skin prickled. She looked around her, behind her. She was alone in the house. Her mum was still at work and wouldn’t be home for another hour or so yet. Imogen looked at the page- which was boasting the school’s facilities, with a picture of a shiny new block that had recently been built to house several state-of-the-art classrooms. Her skin prickled again. How had it opened before she’d even told it to? She was about to close the website again when a message flashed up on the screen, so briefly she wasn’t sure if she’d really seen it. A black screen with white words across it, a short sentence, all in capitals. YOU WERE A GREAT TEACHER.

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