The Game

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Chapter 4: Night Run

“Eve,” I called with a low breath.

“You’re out of shape, don’t you work out?”

“I don’t know,” I huffed.

“Well now’s a good time to start,” Eve laughed continuing disappearing in and out of my sight.

I stopped between the business buildings catching my breath. This whole place looks abandoned. It’s not that the building themselves look bad, but rather, this whole place just seems lifeless. I mean even in games aren’t there NPC’s or something?

I stood noticing that I’ve lost sight of the pink haired girl. Damn it she’s so small. I’ll never find her from here.

My eyes locked on to a pipe attached to one of the one-story buildings. I guess I could climb that and look. I mean I can at least get a better view.

I took a deep breath pulling myself up the rusty metal. It wasn’t a hard climb but, Eve is right, I need to work out or something. I reached the top of the flat headed store gazing over the small town.

I peered across the small world we have. No sight of her. You’d think one hyper active girl would be easy to find in a ghost town.

“Eve!” I called into the emptiness.

“Come on this isn’t funny. I have no idea how to get back,” I huffed.

There was no reply. Great. Well maybe she will realize that I’m not following her anymore.

I sat in the gravel on top of the building staring into the blackness. I don’t have many thoughts, I really am a blank. It’s just strange really. I never knew that the mind could be so cold and so, well empty.

I wonder where I am. I mean does this world have a name, everyone just calls it The Game. Not a very creative name if you ask me. But, I guess with no idea who we are it’s not unbelievable that we couldn’t think of anything else.

Is it wrong I follow them? The idea just dawned upon me. Is it wrong to be following those three? I don’t really know the difference between right and wrong. Do I decide? Or does the killer decide? If I’m following the morals of a killer does it make me bad? Is it wrong what he’s doing? I think so, yeah, he’s bad. So the killer is bad, but what is good? Am I good? Is Eve, Alice, or How good? I think we’re all just trying to survive.

Survival. He wants us to find clues. That’s the game if I understand so far. How do we get clues? Do those three have any clues? What is a clue for that matter?

This is a game right? Then it shouldn’t be hard to find the first clue right? A game gets progressively harder as it goes on. A game is designed to stump the player but, it’s not too hard otherwise all the players would quit. Then again, quitting means death. He wouldn’t make it impossible, if it were impossible then why even bother in making a game out of it? The Cellphone Killer wants us to discover who he is. He wants us to beat this game. But, why?

I have no idea who I was but, I can decide who I am now. How would he win this game? How would he do it? He’s playing with us like we’re dolls. In order to think like a killer I’d have to clear my morals away. Well, good thing I don’t know right and wrong.

A scream echoed through the night. I stood quickly searching for the source. A blue light erupted on a street over from where I stood. My eyes widened, breaking my thought. Eve.

I climbed down the pipe with hurry rushing to the location of the light. Panic filled me. I have no idea how to fight. What if she’s in danger? What could I do? I was next to useless when I first met them. Nothing has changed.

I turned the corner to see Eve staring devilishly at me. I stopped running seeing the strange gun locked in her hand. She made the light. I searched around the area to see it bare and empty.

“Why did you scream?” I asked startled.

“So you would hurry up,” she growled playfully.

“I seriously thought you were in danger,” I barked.

“This is our territory, no one would dare to come in,” Eve laughed beginning to dig through the black backpack.

“Territory?” I questioned walking up to her.

“There are four teams left in this world and we all control territories that we’ve cleared of Zeroes,” Eve explained. “The four teams all fight to discover the secrets of The Game. But, no one has found any clues, well, no one still alive that is.”

“What do you mean still alive. Did they die after they found a clue?” Maybe this game is impossible.

“No, kind of, you see when you find a clue, defeat Zeroes, steal, clear an area, or kill a player your rank goes up. First die quickly. Everyone wants that clue,” Eve choked slightly as she spoke.

“How many have you found?” I asked trying to get an over view of the situation.

“How says we shouldn’t find clues until his plan is ready. He’s really protective, kind of like a big brother. He doesn’t want our names to be in the top three until our plan is fools proof,” she smiled lovingly.

“Older brother are you sure of that?” I implied with a grin. I mean he’s living with two women who are pretty cute, crazy but, cute.

“He doesn’t play for that team,” Eve laughed.

“You mean he’s gay?” An uncomfortable feeling over whelmed me. I mean I don’t have an issue with that but, I mean, I’m a guy.

“Are you?” She asked innocently.

“No, no, no, I mean I like girls, I think, no I’m pretty sure,” I replied hastily.

She grabbed her chest pushing her boobs up, puffing her cheeks like a chipmunk.

“Why?” I yelped. I could feel the redness filling my face.

“That answers that, aww, How’s going to be disappointed,” Eve laughed. Well she’s comfortable with herself. She returned to searching through the bag.

A thought dawned on me, “hey Eve, how old are you?”

“Sixteen. If you’re going to ask, because I know you will, I’ve been here for a year, a little less. To be exact, I’ve been here eleven months and twenty-three days.”

“What about Alice?”

“Six months. She’s seventeen and when she arrived she wouldn’t exactly speak English. Just yell and call us all idiots,” Eve admitted.


“Two years, he was eighteen,” Eve paused. “He has only four months before he’s twenty one.”

I only remained silent. I guess I can see why they’re so attached to him. I wonder how How feels.

“Hey,” she brightened quickly. “Let’s have some fun. I took Alice’s new toys she’s been working on. Want to test them?”

She pulled out a sword with a large handle. The blade was actually thin with a three foot reach. Eve flipped a switch turning on the electricity. The pink haired girl smiled handing me the sword. I took hold of the handle with hesitation. It looks like she just took a bunch of junk and taped it together.

Eve pulled out a round ball with a flat end and a button on top. It doesn’t look that dangerous maybe, Alice made a cup or something.

Eve grinned wickedly pressing the button and throwing the ball. It bounced several times creating a large distance between us and it. In a matter of seconds a large blue dome appeared creating a massive explosion that took up at least twenty feet. Eve and I fell to the ground from the blast.

“Hmmm, I can’t tell if that was supposed to happen. Well good to know anyway,” Eve giggled searching through the bag.

I looked down at the sword that was given to me with a new found terror. Will this explode too? God, Alice is crazy.

I noticed a small trigger on the sword that was untouched. Maybe it will turn it off, or it could just blow off my arm.

I squinted my eyes for impact pulling the trigger. Lighting shot out of the blade four feet in front of me hitting the ground much like the rifles Alice had when we first met.

My eyes widened with a wide grin.

“Awesome.” This is the only word that can sum up my emotions.

“Hey we have a full bag and an empty night,” Eve smiled widely.

“Hand me something else,” I decreed.

Eve nodded digging through the bag pulling out a glove like object with several wires attached at the finger tips. She threw it to me. I noticed a switch on the inside on the glove. I turned it on giving the winter fabric a bright glow. I put it on with excitement. I moved my fingers noticing that as I clenched electricity wrapped around my hand, but, I felt no pain.

I laughed slightly turning to Eve who held what look like a Frisbee. “Want to play catch?”

I nodded as she threw the neon metal. I caught the weapon with my gloved hand, still no pain. Eve picked up the sword and motioned for me to throw the plate. I did what she asked. Eve swung the sword like a bat hitting the Frisbee back to me.

We went on like this for an hour or so. Discovering new ways to use this junk. Soon everything in the bag had been discovered and played with. I feel like a little kid. I couldn’t help but laugh. This was fun, I’m really having fun here.

One weapon was left. A round, long, cylinder like object. I pulled it out of the bag trying to pull the trigger to turn on the electricity. The object is bigger than the others, at least a foot across and two feet long.

“What does this one do?” I asked Eve.

“I don’t know I couldn’t figure it out. I think it’s just a dud,” Eve admitted sitting up from the ground.

My fingers moved feeling a slight indent in the metal. I smiled finding the trigger. I pushed the dent sending a loud ringing noise through my ears. No electricity formed only a red flare. It shot high into the blackness of the sky. Eve and I were in an aww stricken state as we watched the red marker flying across the world.

An explosion rushed across the sky as the flare hit something? A white line rushed down the black screen in a flash. The white moved in a strange pattern as if it were meant to be hit. It zigged down the blank wall before hitting a building in the distance.

“We need to go,” Eve ordered loading the equipment back into the bag.

A ringing filled my ears, Eve stopped looking at her cell. A message appeared on her screen. She shivered opening the square mirror like phone, it held a full keyboard under the shiny covering. Her eyes widened as she stared towards me with confusion and fear.

“We need to go,” she whispered picking up the bag leaving a good amount of weapons in the dirt.

I ran after her with no questions. I don’t have any idea what just happened but, she’s serious. What did I do? I followed her back to the home where Alice stood on the porch. I could see the literal steam coming off her.

We surpassed the gate just as the sun began to rise over the black world. Alice walked over to the two of us with rage in her eyes. Oh God she’s going to kill us. I stood next to Eve waiting for our reparations.

“Why are you touching my things?” Alice spat with fists clenched.

“Alice look, I’m sorry in all but this is important,” Eve began.

“Did I say you could take my stuff?” She growled.

“Ok I’m sorry for taking your toys but, listen,” Eve began again.

Alice moved quickly shooting something into my gut. My body shook as I fell to the ground with no control of myself. Oh God, it hurts. My vision blurred in and out. One second I can see my body shaking, the next nothing.

The shaking stopped with my breath heavy. I lay still on the grass for several minutes only listening to the two fighting.

“Ali! I’m the one who took your things why did you taser him?” Eve gasped.

“You’re too use to it,” Alice gave her reasoning.

I sat up wobbling slightly. I stared at my attacker wiping away saliva from my cheek. Is it wrong to want to hit her?

“Alice please just listen for a second, it’s important,” Eve begged.

“Why would I listen to you?” Alice smirked.

“We got a message,” Eve spat.

The Hispanic girl froze with those simple words. How appeared through one of the upstairs windows. He opened the one I can only assume was Eve’s room, “Everyone inside now,” he commanded.

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