The Game

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Chapter 7: God

Ian rushed me swinging his bat with deadly force. I flipped the switch on my sword pulling it up quickly, barely blocking his bat from my face. Nails stuck out of the wood with red staining the tips.

My eyes widened as the full realization of what was going on came into mind. He’s trying to kill me. I…I could die. No, I promise to win this game.

I pushed the boy way readying myself for another attack. He seemed to be enjoying himself in a sickening manner. Ian lunged forward again with another swing this time towards my right shoulder. I raised my sword to block the attack when a sharp pain erupted from my right side. I yelped before gritting my teeth. I looked down to see the digital red fall from my own being. A small pocket knife was now stuck into my gut, a little bit below my ribcage. I twitched slightly as my own gaze met with his. He was enjoying this. It was giving his some thrill, I know it was.

I stumbled back a few feet, clenching my side in pain. Ian only laughed a psychotic chuckle.

“Isn’t this fun Blank?” He grinned.

I snarled as I fought for my life.

“I think I forgot to introduce myself earlier, how rude of me. I am Player four, rank two, The Killer of this Game,” Ian revealed.

Player four? So that means he’s one of the original five kids taken here. I could have guess the killer part.

“Look I don’t want any trouble,” I tried to reason with him.

“Then I’m the wrong person to be talking too. You see, when I came here all I had was my phone and a name. I discovered something about myself, I discovered my undying love of the color red. I absolutely love the color and wish to paint everyone in such a pretty shade. So I decided to put my talents to good use and find clues the easiest way I could, by getting rid of those pesky rank one’s.” He paused followed by a shout in anger, “but, How doesn’t understand. After I killed the first one he went up and now he won’t come out of hiding. How does he expect us to find the killer without letting me kill him?”

Does he understand that contradicts itself?

“Look there’s other ways than killing everyone,” I argued avoiding another swing from the crazy.

My eyes darted back to the wound who only grew in the color he loved so much. I pulled out the knife with a cry that only added to his happiness.

“Scream that’s right,” he shouted.

“I’ve already gone over this, I’m not into dudes,” I barked.

“Insolent kid,” Ian growled swinging the bat again. This time it hit me in the gut. I fell to the ground coughing violently.

Ian walked over to me with a stern expression. He kicked me over so I lay flat on my back. He sat on my chest where he began to punch me across the face in a fury of anger and thrill. My vision began to blur as the loss of blood began to take its toll.

Ian grabbed my chin lifting my head from my body, “ahh, don’t fall asleep just yet. We’re not done with our game.”

I spit a metallic mixture of blood and saliva across his cheek. “Go to Hell,” I spat.

“Hmm, big talk for the dead,” he frowned.

His hands wrapped tightly around my neck lifting me to an almost sitting position but, not quite, as the weight of his body kept me laying. Breathing became impossible as his grip tightened. My eyes shot up to the fake orange sky narrowing into a blackness that just hasn’t taken over, only tempted me with my own end. My lip quivered as I try to speak. A groan escaped almost like a whisper. My hand dropped the blue sword with no grasp left to hold it. My body began to shake as I blinked.

“This is my favorite part.” Ian tightened his grip. “The last few seconds before Game Over.”

Please don’t. Don’t do this. He can’t hear my thoughts and even if he could he wouldn’t listen. He’d only walk closer with that metal bar. My eyes began to close as my body could take no more.

No, I gritted my teeth reaching into my coat pocket pulling out his pocket knife. I moved as quickly as I could stabbing the knife into his side. Pulling it in and out until he let me go.

I coughed throwing up slightly. I grabbed my throat gasping at the cold air that entered my lungs. I rolled over to my knees throwing up a mixture of blood and stomach acid. I looked back at Ian as I continued to breathe rapidly.

Ian stared at his own hand covered in the color he loved so much. He giggled much like a young girl before looking over at me.

“Aren’t you fun?” He laughed.

I only growled, much like a dog.

Ian’s breath was just as rapid and unsteady as my own. We remained in a state of unsettling silence.

“Hey Blank, I have a proposition for you,” Ian huffed. “Join our team. No one has ever fought back like you before, what do you say?”

“Like I said before, go to Hell,” I snapped.

Ian pushed himself up from the ground wobbling slightly in the blurred lines of reality and the darkness of my mind.

“Fine, die out here,” he gasped walking away from the red covered scene holding his right side.

My arms began to shake from holding up my body weight as he limped away. I can’t join him, I won’t. I mean, he just tried to kill me. But, then again, I don’t want to die.

My vision began to double and cross as I stared at the concrete. My arms gave out as well as my sight.


“Hurry it up,” a sweet voice mumbled with a slight echo.

“This isn’t exactly my strong suit you know,” another voice called.

“How bad is he?”

“He’ll be fine. The punctures missed his organs, he’s lucky you were there Alex,” the first voice rung.

“I thought he was dead. Honestly I just wanted his credits.”

My eyes squinted with a groan.

“He’s getting up,” the first voice announced.

I opened my eyes to see two women standing in front of me. I’m inside, somewhere, I think. The walls are a brick but, smooth and white. The floors were a tan tile with some broken and chipped pieces. The room was modernly empty with only a few chairs and a cabinet in the corner. I think I’m lying on a table that took up the center of the room. How did I get here? Where is here? Who are they?

I looked back at the two girls. The first was young, fifteen. Her hair was long and dirty with a light brown coloring. Her freckled face framed her childish auburn eyes. She couldn’t be more than five foot four with a light weight. She wore a pair of short, sports shorts and a white soccer shirt with a ball in the center of her flat chest.

The second, was taller, maybe, five foot six or seven. She appeared older as well; eighteen or nineteen. Her skin was tan with a blonde ponytail. Her eyes were an ice blue with a protective glare. She wore a black sports bra and black leggings with a pink waist line.

“Are you ok?” The smaller girl asked.

I lifted my hand to my face to feel a pull against my right side. I winced before returning my arm to its side. I looked to see that I was now shirtless with white bandages wrapped around the lower half of my torso with a red stain stretching across the right side.

I looked at the two girls. “Thank you,” my voice was raspy and low.

“You’re welcome. My name is Olive and this is Alex,” the younger girl pointed out.

“My name is John,” I sighed in pain.

“Hello there John. Alex here brought you here after you and Ian fought. I did the best I could and I think you’ll be fine,” Olive smiled sweetly.

“Where am I exactly?” I asked.

“Territory two, the hospital outside of town maybe twenty minutes away from where you were,” Alex answered.

“Could someone please explain what territory is?” I asked lightly.

“There are four teams in this world and we all have claimed land. Team one is led by Player one, How. Team two is our team is led by Mariah, the Map. Team three is led by Player four, Ian. Team four is led by Cc, the Princess. We all control certain areas where our rules become law. I know that in territory one, other players are forbidden unless given permission. I mean, I can’t blame How for doing that. He’s seen everyone die right in front of his eyes and I’m sure he doesn’t want that again,” Alex said.

“You’re new here aren’t you?” Olive asked sweetly.

“I’ve only been here two days,” I admitted.

“Three months,” Olive sighed.

“Five,” Alex huffed.

There was a moment of silence between us as we were at a loss for words. I cleared my throat to break the awkward gap.

“Umm, thanks again,” I smiled.

“No problem,” Olive grinned.

Cellphones rung through the room. All faces turned an icy pale as Olive walked from the room. Alex helped me stand with a throbbing pain in my side. She allowed me to lean on her for support as we exited the room. We walked down a seemingly endless hallway before making it through the side door of the hospital. Two other girls joined us.

The first was tall, six foot three with a narrow appearance. Her hair was a silky black against her icy skin. She had a friendly face with inviting brown eyes. She wore a unitard, blue with a bright yellow skirt. She appeared to be sixteen.

The other girl was shorter five foot six with short boy cut hair. It was a light blonde that came over her left blue eye. She wore a brown tank top with a jean jacket with black shorts. She seemed to be seventeen or eighteen.

“Mariah,” Olive pointed to the shorter girl.

“Viola,” Alex stated motioning towards the taller one.

The black sky faded to a neon white and blue with the words

Player rankings

Written in a text font. The blue letters cleared for the next message. The sky remained blank for a moment before my stomach curled.

You think I’m not God?

My eyes widened as my jaw dropped as the message cleared for the next.

A video, almost like one that would be online appeared in the sky. A computer mouse scrolled onto the black video screen clicking it once. A buffer scrolled across the screen before the video began to appear.

It was me, but yet it wasn’t. A boy, he looked like me, maybe he was. He lay against a tan hallway wall. He sat on the floor with his head against the wall leaning slightly to the right away from the video recorder. His eyes were closed and lips were slightly parted in a chilling manner. Blood covered the wall where it appeared he slid down the tan coloring along with more down the right side of his face.

Is that me? He’s wearing the same thing I am. He looks just like me, of course it’s not. I’m not dead, I’m clearly living.

A black glove entered the left side of the screen holding a black object. It was a small slid phone with it’ keyboard open below it. A message formed on the screen, something I couldn’t read.

Is that? Is that mine?

The black glove tightened its grip on the phone, clenching it with an unprecedented force. Pain erupted from my body as I could feel my skin tightening. I yelled falling to the ground. I body began to twitch and squirm in an attempt to free myself from the invisible force. I gasped as air began to become scarce. The four girls gathered around me in attempt to figure out what was wrong. I yelled again as I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

The screen switch into two parts one video on the hand crushing the phone and the other on me, fighting against the force.

Letters formed across the screen again, ending both videos.

Who’s a sick-o now?

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