Commanders Of The Galaxy: Short Stories

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Ever wonder what happens aboard Auriga outside of the main series? This explores just that, filled with stories that occur in between books, that are best suited as short stories. Darren and Kaylee's lives aboard Auriga are filled with adventure, but while they're not on some important mission, or being chased around the galaxy by the Imperium, they still encounter strange and unexplainable events on a daily basis.

Scifi / Adventure
David Payton Jr.
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Welcome, and thank you for reading!

Commanders Of The Galaxy: Short Stories is a series of short stories that I create to give a home to the smaller ideas that I have, ones that I don't think I could incorporate into an entire book, but still have a good concept to them.

The short stories, for the most part, won't have a specific spot in them, in terms of timeline, and the ones that do will reference the main works that came just before the events in said short story, or will mention a timetable in relation to how long they've been on Auriga.

Each short story will encompass it's own chapter within this volume. Once a volume reaches a point, I'll make another volume, and the finished volume will become available for purchase as a paperback, should you wish to buy a hard-copy. The digital versions of these stories will always be free.

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