The Sound of Texting

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The Sound of Texting

The Sound of Thoughts by Jeremy Isaac-October 27th 2050

I’ve always been curious about thoughts, you know. Curiosity often gets the better of me. It’s a bizarre scenario. The only voice in your head is your own. The sound of thoughts. It’s a beautiful thing. I rather like my own. It’s jolly, curious and thoughtful. Oh and let’s not forget the incredible bursts of enthusiasm which, when converted to words, has given me some of my best blogs, without which I wouldn’t have the support of 5,000 followers. I do like these TEXT Blogs a lot but I do wonder what else there is out there. I mean the TEXT didn’t exist forever. It gets me thinking all the time, what would happen if we all just stopped emailing each other for a day? It’s a real shame we can’t hear other voices and share our thoughts a bit more openly. Those thoughts, those unique special thoughts. The sound of thoughts. It’s the sense that intrigues me the most. To hear more than the wind hitting your face, or the drip of water, the buzz of a light bulb. The voice in my head cannot be heard. Soon though it will be nothing. Nothing but digital specks with perfect formats and fonts one character at a time. The TEXT is still a brilliant structure and system. Anyone can post anything they want. The only annoying thing is that word: CENSORED. So many people I used to follow now have most of their tweets replaced by that word. I’ve tried to find out why they do it but the TEXT Helpline just say it’s a technical glitch. But their blogs are never CENSORED. All the followers ever seem to talk about now is how nice the weather is, or what pasta sauce they cooked last night or why they like the TEXT so much. I know there is more to the world than just the TEXT and I really want to discover what it is.

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