The Sound of Texting

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The Sound of Texting

Curious object by Jeremy Isaac-November 28th 2050

On my way back from work today, I discovered something I’d never seen before. Just on the river bank it was. A thinly sized and shaped black object. It was made of plastic with weird writing on it. But the writing wasn’t... right. It was wavy and strange, looping in weird ways. The letters almost looked like they were joined together. Some kind of numbering was written on it. I made it out roughly to say 1984. 1984? A year maybe? A code perhaps? Is it something from before the TEXT? I bought it back to the flat. The anticipation of what it could be was leading me past all sanity and law. What could this be?

I felt around the object looking to see if there was anything more. Suddenly a click rang out from it. It was only quiet but its impact hit me like a train horn. It had opened. It must have been some sort of case or container. In a flash something dropped out and landed on the floor. Like a gleam of sunlight it glistened against the dark clouds that was my carpet, like a diamond in the rough. Its effect was supernatural like I was seeing the only good in a world of sin. Soon I came to my senses and realised that what I was staring at was, in fact, a DVD. Circular, slim and shiny. Just like any ordinary DVD.

I’m a big DVD person myself, you know. DVDs are a popular purchase in our society, of course. According to TEXT stats we sold nearly 50 million DVDs last year-The actors’ communication shown through subtitles captures a brilliant performance. Personally, my favourite is The Written Effect. I wondered what it would show this DVD. Would it even work in my DVD player? It slotted in well enough. The churning and the mechanics of the machine started to rumble. It clearly wasn’t going to work. Sitting in a river for all these years there’s no chance at all.

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