Perfect Time

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Chapter 2_ Unconsidered

After few days, Saya and Minji were still in the old world to find out the way to get the data about TSM from REVA. Saya could feel her eyes watching at Minsung again and again. As though he has known her mind, he asked her to take a walk at the front yard of TSM-Old one night. Minsung opened his mouth.

"And so… how is the new world? I've never been there."

"Nothing's different, buildings, machines and lots of technology. It really is convenient. But where there is light, there is a shadow. Dark, dim shadow. I can tell you; that world is full of abject things which are hidden under the light." She said little lugubriously.

"You are pessimistic. Light cannot hide anything. If there is nothing hiding anything, there would be no shadow, too." He argued.

Saya laughed aloud. What a light! She couldn't stop laughing. After a long period of laughing, she gazed at Minsung. He also looked straight on her. She opened his mouth.

"You are the first one. The first one to come into my mind."

"Wow" Minsung said.

"I don't know what to do. I- I have never been like this b-"

But she could not end up her word, as Minsung pulled her lips to his. Under the moonlight of the night, they both were connected for a long time.

That night, Saya was walking slowly to her room. When she passed REVA's room, she heard some voice inside. She recalled the voice of one of the agents in TSM-O. She made it little and forgot about it until the alarm was sounded after few days that one agent has disappeared. She was astonished that the agent who ran away is the one whose voice she has heard in REVA's room a few days ago. She ran to REVA's room as soon as she heard the news.

"You controlled him, right? The agent who ran away! He talked with you few days ago." Saya said to REVA at sight. REVA smiled at her.

"He has gone to the past. Ha! There is nothing to hide anymore. I am going to destroy the TSM, and I have to do it. You can't stop me!"

Saya left behind REVA who was laughing wackily and ran to connect to the TIC-New. After her report to the high court, she was ordered to go to the past by the time machine made in the old world.

[The time machine made in the old world can only go exactly 100years earlier] Saya's chief said in the screen.

[And if you go now, it would be near the date when the TSM was invented. I will send other agents with you. Catch the agent… and check the TSM. Be careful not to be saved by the machine.]

"Roger. I will go right now."


Saya and his team agents were surrounding a man. He was the agent who ran away from the old world. But by his chip inside his body the team was easily able to catch up on him. The man tried to run away, but he couldn't bear Saya's speed. After the agents took the man, Saya went inside the cave were the man was about to go in. There was no light, but by her excellent eye she was able to get to the end of the cave after few hours. There was a big hall at the end, and a small machine was at the bottom of the hall.

Saya slowly went near it and checked the machine. She was sure that it was the TSM. She carefully looked around the machine, and found that the machine is on. She took pictures of the machine and when she tried to take it, she could find the cave was shaking. And when she left it on the ground, the cave became silent.

Saya drew up her shoulders and left the hall. But she never realized that the machine's light was shining when she left the place.
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