Perfect Time

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Chapter 3_ Revise


Minji ran into Saya. She rubbed her face at Saya's hair and didn't let go of her.

"Hi… how are you?"

"Bad Saya… how can you leave me alone here? If I was athletic like you, I would have gone with you!"

Minsung came at the back of Minji who was still hugging Saya. Saya barely separated Minji from her and said hello to Minsung.

"Hi. Glad you're all right. I guess he wasn't an idiot to fight with you, right?"

"Oh, shut up." And they laughed.

They went into REVA's room. The security was more hardened. When REVA saw Saya coming to her, she smiled.

"It means that I've failed? I just wanted to protect the world… now no one can stop it"

Before Saya could ask what does that mean, an emergency alarm rang. The three people walked fast to the research hall. Saya was shocked when she saw the big screen of top. There was only one red word.


Minsung went to help others, and Saya got a contact from her chief.

[Saya, Minji. You must come back to the new world.]

"Wait… what's happening?" Saya lost her presence of mind and asked.

[The entire weather forecasting robot in the old world gave the forecast of disasters. This result is the end of the world, according to the research.]

"Then… the reason TSM was made is to…"

[Yes. To return the original face from the ruin. Anyway, this isn't important. You must come here with Minji, right now!]

And the screen was closed.

Saya was astonished. She left Minji and ran to REVA. She was closing her eyes, and when Saya came near her, the robot opened her mouth.

"The TSM didn't save the world, but actually destroyed. The machine wasn't a finished project. I'm sure that it's saving process brought harmful effect to the world!"

"What- What should I do now?"

REVA smiled at Saya. Saya felt that the smile was dreary, although she was a robot.

'Buzzzzz' After few minutes, Saya found her standing alone in REVA's room. All the wires were lying at the ground making noise and there was no sight of REVA. Gosh! She realized that she was controlled by REVA. But when she came back to the hall, the android's escape was not important anymore. Many agents including Minji were gone back to the new world, and the agents from the old world were trying to find a way to live. She was stunned for a while until Minsung came to her. When she saw his face, her tears broke out. Minsung hugged Saya silently.

"How can I leave you here? You… you'll die here!"

"That's Ok, Saya. You must go now."

She shook her head and just cried. Minsung stroked Saya's head.

"Why don't you take time machine and go to the new world?"

"Saya, time machine is only for one person. No one will give their seat chip to me. And if I take it, than he can't go to the new world. You obviously know it, right?"

Suddenly, the earth was shaken. It was a short period, but everyone knew that it is the sign of an earthquake. But it was also the one which brought Saya a thought.

"Saya! You must leave, now!"

Minsung pulled Saya to the time machine room. While following Minsung, Saya contacted to someone.

'I know that you can hear me, REVA'

A voice in her head answered.

'Yes, I can. But are you really going to do that?'

'I will. To… to save him. I know that you also love him, isn't it?'

'Ha! You knew it by not reading my mind? All right, baby. I'll do a favor.'

When they reached the time machine room, everyone was busy getting on the machine. And Minsung also tried to push Saya to the machine. But his attempt was failed by someone.

It was REVA.

Before Minsung could realize what's happening, Saya took out the chip from her body by a portable scanner and REVA pushed Minsung to the time machine. He couldn't bear the power of a robot. Saya quickly inserted the chip into his body and closed the door.

"Saya! You shouldn't do this! Take me out of here!" Minsung shouted inside the machine.

She looked at Minsung. Tears came out from her eyes. When she pressed the button, Minsung was gone at once. And a giant wave rushed into the building right after when he was gone. Before she was swept by the water, she thought for the last time.

'Minsung changed my world… Now I finally found light.'
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