Perfect Time

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Final Chapter_ Epilogue

Couldn't forget her. She was the one for me. Saya… Saya! How can you leave me like that? How can you save me like that? There is no meaning of life without you!

3 years passed after the apocalypse, and I was accommodated to the new world. I opened a café with the money they gave to me. They wanted me to work there, but I couldn't work at the place where Saya was working. 3years passed, still loves her. Some people would tell that it's romantic, but it's not. It's just a tragedy.

"You remember me, don't you? I'm Minji."

A woman talked to me at the café. Wait, I remember her. It is the one who was working with Saya. Tears are coming out. I should stop it, but I can't. Minji gets flurried. I understand.

"Yes… I remember."

She is clearing her throat, and I simply wait her.

"Glad you are. You know that our team was able to get the TSM from the past. We found something surprising in the data. "

And she starts a story which makes me cry more. I don't say anything, just follow her. And when I reach the place, I see her.


She found me, walking toward me. And, and… she's smiling at me.



We just look at each other with no words. She finally opens her mouth.

"They said that I'm revised again. I was in the cave, and I'm… here."

Her voice, which I can't forget. Which I've been missing every day and night. I hug her.

"Yes you are here… with me. I love you, Saya"

"I love you."

We both laugh at each other. She says as if she suddenly got a burst in mind.

"I- I have to tell you something which I always wanted to tell you after the mission."

I ask what it is.

"You. The time I had with you… it was the perfect time. And it will be"

Her face is gone red., and my lips open.

"You are, my perfect time."

Finally, I am standing where I should stand. We are correlated. I love her, she loves me. I look at her, and she looks at me. And we kiss.

…You are my perfect time.
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