Warm Death

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Chapter 11: Alex's Studio

Chapter 11: Alex’s Studio

Alex ventured, “Emilio was a celebrity of some kind, right? Baseball? Hollywood? He led a pretty wild life.”

“I guess he’s not finished making his amends.”

Alex listed off his findings, “I’ve been cross checking the names you gave me. Howard is/was Howard Van der Roos - an investment banker. Randall was in manufacturing. No major crimes in the batch, except for this Emilio character. He was pretty much a rolling train wreck – often on those daily tabloid TV shows. As you can see in the profiles, these guys were The rich and powerful in life.”

“Now… without bad backs, ex-wives and pain receptors, they are scary powerful. Their sense of entitlement is unbearable. Randall told me they are keeping Victor in the dark, and they are certainly holding back on us. I think they are not limited to just these visits. I think the bastards are watching us.”

“…And making investments,” Alex added. “A dummy corporation seems to have acquired a controlling share in The Institute. The same entity is linked with a start-up in Arlington, Virginia.”

“I am guessing they are buying insurance. Do these transactions require solicitors or physical visits to government offices?”

“I wouldn’t know. I make fifty grand a year. One thing is clear: the patterns are more frequent, and they do not seem to be limited to the original 3-5 entry points. I picked one up on Long Island, another in Jersey City … and on Riker’s Island.”

“Shit! Check the crime records! See if any of these guys were victims of violent crime.”

“The wife of Sam Hernandez was raped and murdered 4 years ago, by a John Rabin. He was given 7 years …”

Collins finished the sentence, “… and was to be paroled next week. I remember the case. It was a plea bargain. We were lucky to get a conviction.”

Alex checked the NewsLlne, “… and died of asphyxiation last night in his cell. He was badly beaten and was missing two fingers.”


“He is the strongest, but there are others…”

Victor stared at the video, mouth agape, shaking: “Howard was my friend in life. He was brilliant. How could I know?”

Detective Collins believed him, “Did you check the monitors?”

“Yes, of course. You were right: Both Emilio and Howard were active earlier today. Randall’s pattern indicated a lot of chatting over the Bus.”

“They call it the Bridge,” Alex interjected, “we are not sure if they were only referring to the Bus or other things as well.”

Victor continued, “There were also two others.”

“We picked that up. Was one Sam Hernandez. Who was the other?”

“Alicia DeSilva. But, how did you know?”

Collins held his hand up to Alex. Alex flipped through his files on his notebook, to pull up their profiles. “Alicia was a banker. She’s probably the event near Wall Street.”

Collins added, “OK, so we can guess what she was doing.” He paused, “Victor – we think Mr. Hernandez murdered his wife’s killer last night.”

Victor froze. A wave of heat ran from his chest over his whole body, while a dull ringing in his ears blotted out what Alex and Frank were saying. He held his head in his hand and began weeping. As the spell passed, Collins voice came back.

“They are not going to find any evidence, no fingerprints, nothing…”

Dr. Fenster muttered, “What can I do? What should WE do?”

Alex offered, “We need to summon them. Shall I draw a pentagram on the floor?”

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