Warm Death

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Chapter 3: The Gentleman's Club

Chapter 3: The Gentleman’s Club

Crystal was nestled on an old couch in the lounge. Weekdays were always slow. Her first appointment was not for several hours, but she had already commuted into the City for some shopping and the lounge was comfortable and quiet. It was roomy, it had several couches, a huge TV, a pool table, and a small complimentary bar.

“It’s one of them. You know, I think they are soldiers of something, but they creep me out.” The girls had taken to calling them dildos – cocks with no emotions. Most of them showed up sober, which was the first sign.

“He asked for you by name. Says his name is Howard. I can say you’re not here. One of the new girls can handle him.”

Crystal’s eyes cleared with recognition. “No, really, it’s ok. I remember him. He’s nice. Oh, don’t tell Jim. You know how he can get about regulars.”

“Ok, suit yourself”

Howard peeked in, eyes focused on the carpet, “Crystal?”

Eyes lightly smiling, “Hiya, Baby! I was wondering if I would see you again. Are you ok?”

He mumbled, “Sorry, I didn’t know if I would ever be back. I mean in New York. I contacted the agency, and they said you worked here.”

“I’m glad you did. I told you to call me on my private phone. I don’t often give that out, you know.”

He blushed and moved from foot to foot. “I lost my phone but thank you.”

“Relax, Sweetie. Sit down.”

“Shall we have some wine?”

“Aye-yi-aye! Only a little bit this time. I have to be careful with you. Last time, my head hurt like a turnip.”

She handed him a bottle from the bar and set up two glasses. He pulled up a stool and politely poured two, very generous glasses. She sat next to him, while he drank down half a glass in silence, savoring the warmth in his chest. She joined in.

“You like your wine, yes? So do I, but it no like me… sometimes”

“Oh yes, sorry. It doesn’t affect me much anymore, but I really love the taste. I will try to remember that.”

Howard ventured, “What is your real name, your accent seems Spanish”

“Ha ha! Jess. I am Maria. My name is too boring for working”

“Are you free for a date today?’

“Erm, sure. I’m not working today, what do you have in mind?” she used her practiced smile and stare. “Would you be more comfortable at your place or a hotel?”

“Oh, I’m OK if we have a room here. I’m kind of new to this…. I bet we all say that.”

“Oh, please. Don’t worry about that. I like you, you are sweet.”

He was an odd one. Shy, lonely… and deeply sad. She sensed he simply wanted straight sex and someone to talk to. They moved to a bedroom. As the door closed. She let him kiss her, against club and personal policy, as he tugged gently on her shirt, pulling a button. Her breasts fell out, and he stared at them like a teenage boy. He lifted one of her breasts with both hands and proceeded to suck and lick her nipples, bringing her to orgasm from the teasing.

Later, she asked him, “Did you take Viagra or something?” You’re still hard.”

“He smiled, I’m like that sometimes.”

“You are blessed, then. Yes?”

Again. This seemed to make him a bit sad. “I will try to come back, but it could be a couple weeks. Would that be ok with you?”

“Are you married, baby?”

“No. It’s … my job. I am not sure when I will get back”

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