Who Rescues The Rescuer

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Chapter Eight

The wait was unbearable. Dee tried to keep Luke occupied, but he was so much on edge that he couldn’t help but let some of it out and he found himself sniping at the little boy and becoming irritated with his constant frenetic energy. He realised that he was being unfair and, more than once he hugged Luke close and whispered apologies into his hair, realising that Luke was as worried about his father as he was.

The hours crawled past interminably and the both slowly went out of their minds.

They were down in the wood, not doing anything in particular, just being outside in the open air, breathing in the scent of the trees and, somewhere beyond, open water. Luke was crouching down, looking at a curious stone which he was poking at, with a stick, when he suddenly stiffened, his head going up to sniff the air like an animal.

“Ssomeone iss coming.”

Dee snapped straight and turned in the direction he was looking, back towards the house. The path through the garden was obscured by the trees.

“Who is it?” Dee’s heart was hammering, terrified that it was Jo’el come to tell him that something had gone wrong; something had happened.

“I don’t…”

Before he could say another word, a voice called. “Dee? Luke? Are you there?”



They were both off to a flying start, tearing through the trees until they saw him, waiting, at the edge of the trees. They skidded to a stop when they realised that he wasn’t alone. Sysan was standing to one side of him and, on the other, he had his arm around the waist of a woman, who looked so much like him, she could have been no one other than his mother.

“Luke,” he called, his eyes brimming with joy, “come meet your grandmothther.”

Luke, suddenly shy, dropped his head and kicked at the dirt, reaching for Dee’s hand. Gently, Dee took the hand and drew him slowly forward, until he was close enough for Sys to reach out and pull him into an embrace, letting go of his mother. He dropped into a crouch and spoke quickly into Luke’s ear, too soft for anyone else but him to hear. Solemnly, Luke nodded and, after a short pause, looked up at the woman, holding out his hand.

“Nisse to meet you, grandmothther. I’m Luke.”

The woman’s smile threatened to crack her face. In a soft, musical voice, she said, solemnly, “I am sso very pleassed to meet you, Luke.” But the solemnity didn’t last long, and she drew Luke to her breast and hugged him, crying and speaking to him in the sibilant language that Dee was far from fluent in, although he caught a word here and there.

Dee stood a few steps back, his breath caught in his chest. No matter what happened afterwards, he knew that he would never, ever forget the look on his lover’s face as he looked down at his mother and his son; at the meeting he had never thought would come. He was so beautiful; so open; so pure.

Sys raised his eyes and met Dee’s. It was a moment that would live in both their hearts for the rest of their lives.

After the first meeting, there were many more. Sys’ family visited them, and they visited the family. It was a beautiful, but stressful time.

Sys came under a lot of pressure, although none of it overt, to go back to his home. He had a life there, he was told. His father was a powerful man and Sys could make his mark, carve out a career, make a difference. He struggled, swinging back and forth, between a desire to go back and a desire to move on to a new start somewhere else.

In the end it was Luke who decided for him. The situation on Sys’ home planet was such that there was still a great deal of anger towards the former royal family. All of the immediate family had been executed and the more distant relatives, retainers etc, who had noy been executed were watched very closely and their actions severely restricted. There was a lot of concern, that if it was discovered Luke was the son of the Price there could be severe reprisals, and, given Sys had been exiled, and Luke was clearly pure-bred it was quite conceivable that connections would be made. Therefore, if Luke were to live on the planet his identity would have to be, not only kept secret but actively lied about. Sys was not prepared to do this.

“Luke will never be my dirty ssecret,” he said.

One day, Dee and Sys were walking in the gardens, arm in arm. Luke was with his grandparents somewhere around the complex and, for a short while, they were alone. This was to be their last day at the facility as a new home had been found for them on a planet similar to Earth, but far more accepting of alien species, who lived peacefully, side by side with the native population.

“I’m going to miss thiss plasse.”

“I’m not. I’ll miss Jo’el and I’ll miss the fact that Luke is safe to wander and get out of our hair,” Dee grinned at Sys, who was outraged at the comment, to show that he had been teasing, “but I won’t miss living underground, never quite knowing if it is day or night, with very little privacy, and no direction.”

“No, I won’t misss ththat eithther.”

“I’m ready to leave now. I can hardly wait for the transfer, to see our new home.”

“Me eithther. It won’t be long now, only a few more…”

“Dee, Sys.” A voice hailed them from the direction of the house. The call hadn’t been urgent so they were curious, rather than concerned, as they turned back.

It was Andy, a young man they’d become quite friendly with in their time at the house. He was grinning.

“We’ve got the co ordinates fixed early. We’re ready to go, whenever you are.”

Sys and Dee exchanged glances, their eyes shining. “We’ve been ready since the moment we got here,” Dee said. “It’s not as if we have baggage to pack.”

Andy grinned. “No, I guess not.”

“Well, there is one item of baggage we need to collect,” Dee teased. “Do you have any idea where he is?”

“No worries; he’s in the hall already. He was pestering the hell out of Jo’el. I think that might have something to do with the bringing forward of the transfer time.”

Luke was wildly excited, literally bouncing. “Fathther,” he called, as soon as he set eyes on Sys. “Fathther, we’re going home now. I mean now, right now. We’re going home.”

“I know. Are you ready?”

“Oh yesss, yesss.”

Sys glanced up at Jo’el who nodded. “Then let’ss go.”

After saying goodbye to Sys’s parents, who had been given careful directions to their new home, and were confident they would be able to get there for visits now and again, they climbed onto the platform. Now that it was actually happening, they were nervous and Jo’el grinned at their discomfort.

“Can’t wait to get rid of you,” he said, but there was a tinge of regret in his voice.

“We’ll keep in touch,” Dee said and Jo’el punched him in the shoulder.

“You better.”

Holding tightly to each other they stepped into the circle and, moments later, their world turned purple.

When the purple mist cleared, they found themselves standing in an open meadow, which sloped gently down to the banks of a lake. The water stretched for as far as they could see and seemed to be completely enclosed in a forest of trees that were roughly familiar in shape but wildly coloured with purple, silver, orange, green and pink leaves, of vastly differing shapes and sizes.

A man came hurrying across the meadow towards them, from the direction of a little cluster of wooden houses near the banks of the lake.

“Hello, hello,” he panted. “You’re early. I’m so sorry I wasn’t here to meet you.”

“You are here to meet uss,” Sys said, with a smile.

The man returned the smile and led them across the field, to the nearest house. Although it had seemed that the houses were clustered closely together, in fact they were haphazardly scattered, at a distance that made it quite possible to pretend they were totally alone.

The house was large and airy, comfortably furnished, but not cluttered. It was fairly bare but there were basic provisions, enough to keep them going until they could make other arrangements. The man, Joseph, provided them with a little money, the key and a few other necessities.

“Your neighbours are natives, but very friendly. There’s a town about five miles away and you’re free to fish and hunt to your hearts’ desire. There’s plenty of dried and preserved food in the kitchen to last for weeks, but you’ll need to get fresh food from the town; or there are a few farms dotted around.

“Most establishments will accept barter for goods and services, so you can either work for what you need, or produce items you can use for exchange. Fish is quite popular so, if you’re prepared to put in the hours at the lake, you can probably get by with selling fish, and whatever you catch in the forest, which is very extensive, as you’ll discover. I think you’ll do well here, if you’re prepared to work hard and be open and friendly, which I know you are.”

As the man prepared to leave, a boy appeared, running around the trees from one of the houses, towards the lake. When he saw them, he stopped dead. He was roughly human in appearance, with very large eyes in a triangular shaped face. His hair, a bright pillar-box red, hung in myriads of tiny plaits, each ending with a colourful bead. His skin was purple and bright pink.

Shy, at first, he came to them with a little encouragement. Luke, also initially shy, was soon in animated conversation with the boy, whose name was Anitar, and who was fascinated by Luke’s bright hair and strange accent.

Dee and Sys said their goodbyes to Joseph and watched him drive away.

“Fathther, Fathther,” Luke cried excitedly. “Can I go exssplore with Anitar. He ssaid he will shshow me ththe besst hunting plassess in ththe wood.”

“I don’t know, Luke,” Sys said with a frown. “We’ve only jusst got here and you don’t really know Anitar at all.”

“But he ssaid he hass a den in the wood and he’ll shshow me what berriess are ssafe to eat. He’ss cool Fathther. Pleeeeesssse.”

Sys smiled. He was very bad at saying no to Luke. “Alright, but be back in two hours.”

“Aw, Fathther.”

“Two hourss, and if everyththing is good, you can go out again.”

Watching Luke run off with his new friend, Sys tightened his hold around Dee’s waist. “He’s growing up, Sys,” Dee said. “He’s got to find his own feet and he’s a tough little bugger. He’ll be fine.”

Sys sighed. “I know. It’ss jusst…”

“We’ll be okay, darling… all of us.”

Sys turned to him and smiled. “How do feel about breaking in ththe bedroom?”

Dee’s answer was a smile and Sys squealed as he scooped him up in his arms and ran into the house.

In the bedroom, they couldn’t wait to tear off their clothes, and had only managed their shirts before Dee slammed Sys against the wall and pinned him, kissing him hard. Sys responded by arching his back and grinding his hips into his lover. “You are beautiful, my lover,” Sys hissed.

“Not as beautiful as my lover,” Dee responded into Sys’ mouth. Sys moaned and buried his hands in Dee’s hair, yanking his head back so he could gain access to his throat. Dee didn’t struggle but moaned as Sys’ fangs grazed his skin. Dee had long since lost his unease about them. Sucking and nibbling Sys moved along his jawline and then down to the base of his throat.

In turn Dee’s tentacles writhed over Sys’ body, stroking his back and chest, snaking into his hair and wrapping around his neck. His hair, in its long plaits, took part in the patting and stroking and, eventually, Sys could stand it no longer. Twisting away from the wall he grabbed Dee around the waist and threw him onto the bed pouncing, to land on top of him, pinning him down with his body and his hands around his wrists.

“You are beautiful, my lover.”

“You said that already.”

“It remainss true.”

Although, his hands were pinned, Dee’s tentacles wrapped around Sys and pulled him down to lie against Dee’s chest, finding his smiling lips. While his tongue probed Sys’ mouth, Dee’s tentacles slid down, beneath the waistband of his trousers and squirmed under the elastic of his underpants. Sys squeaked and jumped as the tip pressed gently against his opening.

“Eassy, tiger,” he whispered and wriggled away, leaving a surprised and gasping Dee lying flat on his back, staring at him.

With a smouldering look, Sys lifted his hair off his shoulders, and began to turn, slowly, undulating his hips, dancing and making Dee’s tentacles writhe. Still gyrating his hips, Sys opened his trousers and danced them to the floor and off. Running his hands over his body, Sys slid them down into his underpants and let his eyes flutter closed as he slowly stroked within the confining cotton. Dee choked and whimpered.

Opening his eyes with a grin, Sys dropped his pants and stood, in all his glory with his erect penis standing to attention. Still locking his eyes with Dee’s he lowered his chin and stalked slowly towards the bed then reached down and, with a quick motion, opened Dee’s trousers and yanked off both them and his underpants.

Dee’s eyes were wide, and his tentacles trembling and writhing. His mouth gaped and he panted, unable to take his eyes off the beautiful creature that was crawling up the bed, straddling him.

Lowering himself, to lie, skin to skin on Dee’s chest, he pecked his lips, as he ground his hips, massaging their cocks, trapped together between their sweating bodies. Warm, trembling, pulsing tentacles wrapped around him and pulled him close. Dee groaned and lifted his hips off the bed. Sys began to move up and down, and Dee’s eyes fluttered.

“Oh. God. Sys,” he moaned and both his body and his tentacles vibrated. Slowly, his tentacles stroked Sys’ hot skin and parted his buttocks, running up and down his crack and across his opening. Sys lifted his head, arched his back and moaned, still maintaining the slow thrusts of his hips. Dee entered him and he lost control. Arching his back until the bones creaked he threw back his head and howled.

Dee smiled and slid in and out more quickly, the questing, sensitive, tip of his tentacle seeking out and assaulting the sensitive places that drove Sys wild. Fucking with his tentacles wasn’t the same as using his cock. Even though they were highly sensitive and gave him intense pleasure, it simply wasn’t as good. However, it was so much better for Sys, the tips more sensitive to finding the right spots and the writhing so much more controlled. Today, Dee wanted to pleasure Sys, more than he had ever done.

Sys was trembling so hard he couldn’t hold himself up, and Dee flipped them, maintaining the pressure of their grinding hips and slipping in another tentacle so that, by the time Sys’ back hit the bed he was lost.

Despite being so much smaller, Sys was stronger than Dee, and, when he bucked, Dee almost flew off the bed. If it hadn’t been for the fact that his tentacles were wrapped so tightly around Sys, he would have been. Bending down, he whispered softly in Sys’ ear, following his words with his tongue. Sys whimpered.

“Ssh, darling. Relax and enjoy. Just relax and let me play.”

Sys murmured some incoherent response and closed his eyes, letting out a long, high moan as two tentacles stretched him and probed him and seemed to find their way right into his guts. Losing all focus, he went limp, his hands clutching at the bedclothes spasmodically.

Dee resumed the slow thrusting that Sys had started and felt himself grow painfully hard, as the pressure began to build. Precum made their stomachs slick and their thrusting smooth. Dee stopped moving in and out of Sys, and merely allowed the very ends of his tentacles to massage the sensitive nubs that would make Sys open like a flower. Sys was making mewling noises and Dee could feel the nubs vibrating against his tips.

“Dee…Dee… Oh… oh, Dee… You’re… you’re…” Sys panted, but died into silence as he arched his back and went completely rigid, his teeth clenched and his eyes wide, as first tremors and then violent contractions convulsed his body. Dee felt as though he was riding a bucking horse as he found his tentacles being accepted into parts of Sys’ body that no human possessed. Muscles clenched, almost painfully around them, sucking them in as Sys strained, making noises that, unless he’d known better, Dee would have taken for moans of pain.

The sensations and the sound drove him closer and closer to the edge and he came, hard, as Sys’ body forcefully ejected his tentacles, along with jets of cum as his body convulsed even harder and then went completely limp.

“Was that good for you, baby?” Dee asked, unnecessarily, as soon as he was able to speak. Sys opened eyes that were completely dazed and blinked at him.

“Good. Yess. Sso good.”

Dee smiled, stroking his mate’s face. They were home. In so many ways, they were finally and forever… home.

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