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Aus Mae is a novice at the religious city-state the Xzom where he is spiritually abused by a Holy Consecrate until he escapes with the aid of his Viziozm, a flying sphere that emits electrical current " Aus Mae." the Xzir's voice rolled like it crawled out of his mouth, a very deepened voice and there was his smile. " Do you know of tuning in with the Everlastis?" 'Tuning in' sounded so strange as if the Xzir no longer revered the Everlastis that in these chambers sat a scroll twisting around on a table and collecting dust. I only shook my head. The Xzir flattened his hand and pointed the hand at the Everlastis asking the helixing scroll to come to him. The Everlastis rose from the table where it sat unattended and swirled its scrolled content toward the Xzir. " It takes great courage." the Xzir had this inspiring wisdom all of a sudden and then suddenly, the Xzir made the Everlastis stop in midair and unravel as a dazzling golden scroll. It was the writing on this chapter of the Everlastis I had not yet seen. A voice spoke from the unraveled scroll in a pure light tone: " The Mysteris." I dreaded what I was seeing with no understanding. This Mysteris I well knew is the chapter forbidden by the Most Holy Triangle. " And that courage comes from your spiritis." The Xzir then pointed his flattened hand at me and it happened that he was able to cause my spiritis, what gives life

Scifi / Fantasy
Joseph G Phillips
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I am Aus Mae. I am young like you probably are, or you may just feel young. You might also feel lost like I do. I suffer a great pain and suffer this pain silently, but I have ways of overcoming it. One way is I like to think about my home planet Macron and the five other planets in the Systemis. Yes, I live far away on another world in another part of our universe and let me tell you some things about Macron and her neighbors.
The Systemis is a commonwealth of six planets all revolving around a massive sun. It was founded following a catastrophic war between Macron and her neighbors on her moon Memnis. Ambassadors from all six planets met on a cylindrical and long ship the Systemate built from donated labor by some of the planets. The ambassadors agreed to a cold peace between Memnis and Macron and since then the Systemate scans the Systemis monitoring interplanetary activity.
The first of the Systemis' six populated planets is smaller and colored a searing stark red. Orbiting at three million miles away from the sun, this dwarf planet has a large atmosphere where thick clouds roll across its skies becoming frequent thunderstorms which provide this planet with much needed cooling. This first planet is Ynopsi meaning 'from the surface to the air'.
The barren burgundy surface of Ynopsi is completely parched by its proximity to the sun and was fully desolate for some time. It was underneath this dry, rocky surface from which life on Ynopsi originated. Down here, amphibians crawled out of fertile lake beds before the creatures adapted their consumption cycle from water-based to air-based. These amphibians learned to inhale and metabolically process the air down in this sub terrain. Having first emerged from the lake beds as slimey quadripeds the Ynopsians' ancestors all developed an erect vertebrae and modified their front appendages into arm and their back legs into standing legs.
These prehistoric creatures discovered how to use their newly endowed arms to dig deeper into Ynopsi' sub terrain and mine metal ores. This lead to a period in time where Ynopsians learned to fashion tools from the metal ores they excavated and these tools, many of them resembling picks, hammers, and shovels of which the Ynopsians attached to their arms using clamps.
Using these clamped claw-tools, the Ynopsians were able to mine more and more metals. Ynopsians used these bigger metals to create advanced exoskeletons and helmets with antennae for communicating by telepathic waves, another shattering innovation the Ynopsians found. They discovered that the metals used for the helmets could harness thoughts because the metals were very crystalline and capable of extracting energy.
The Ynopsians' new exoskeletons, made with the same crystalline metals, could levitate off the ground and soon everyone was leaving Ynopsi's surface. It was the beginning of a mass migration from the surface to the air. Ynopsians flew all throughout the stormy skies of their homeworld. But once encounters with lightning and thunder, the Ynopsians began work on a solution.
Ynopsians worked to build floating globular 'colony-stations' out of thinner metalloid deposits. These colony-stations proved so light they could float in the clouds while sustained within the sky by ginormous weights placed at the end of extensions under the colony-stations. The colony-stations served as ports which the Ynopsians could fly into at random and congregate.
It was the Ynopsians' colony-stations that provided a blueprint for the Systemate though the Systemate is built to withstand exoorbital conditions. I myself have only seen the Systemate orbit through the sky like a star moving horizontally, but have never been out there to see the Systemate as a space vessel.
The second of the six worlds, Ixote or 'quest-world' is much larger in diameter than Ynopsi though it did at one time contain a smaller atmosphere. Ixote's topography was once richer with vegetation and trees due to Ixote having four equilateral bodies of water which together helped the foliage and vegetation to flourish in Ixote's deep valleys.
The humanoids of Ixote also emerged first as amphibians crawling out of the water depositories. Through adaptation, the natives of Ixote became erectile in their spines and developed frontal appendages with tentacle-like digits at the end with pores used for copulation between the bilaterally gendered Ixotes.
Land variation was followed by territorialism as tribes from the valleys would soon war over land and water with the tribes from the valleys and the Ixotes settled in the mountains. The Ixotes first communicated through inhaling and exhaling their breath and making deep sounds as they did. One leader of a tribe discovered what was truly making the people of his world have such savage battles. This leader knew the Ixotes had no understanding of themselves or the planet from which they sprang. There never came a deity revealing itself on Ixote and the people were in a crisis of darkness.
The tribal leader spoke his sounds that when heard seemed like a series of gasps and coughs, later became the Ixitive or 'lord of the quest'. The Ixitive described through breathing songs and strange theatrics to an assembly of some forty tribes his vision for the whole planet to seek out their purpose and the Purpose of the Planets. In my solar system, planets like Ixote and Ynopsi are visible in Macron's sky so the people of Ixote too could see the other planets and questioned them.
You may have forgotten me, Aus Mae. I just stand in my vestments and dwell on the planets. You ever wish you could visit other worlds? I do, especially one without pain. I should, I should tell you or should I not tell you what this pain I keep bringing up is about.

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