Polluted Skyes

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Skye Descending

As Skye began his descent, he found himself unable to make sense of any wandering thoughts. His mind was as black as the mist that surrounded him. His head was throbbing with a rush of adrenaline as he attempted to make sense of what had just happened.

'I gave everything to them and their machine... I was filthy, but they said the machine could save me. The machine was good.' He thought.

The pain was meaningless to Skye. The reality he was facing was so great that he could only hear silence.

'In a few moments... I could be dead... And I deserve it.'

Gravity was almost doing him a favor by slapping him in the face, but Skye wasn't getting the hint. He was falling fast, yet it somehow felt like forever.

'I should have trusted the machine... The machine is good... But, I could of swore it was going to kill me... No, I'm positive it was going to kill me... If I stayed in there, my death was guaranteed... But my duty was to be obedient, if my country needed it, I should have put my life down without question... Why am I so stupid?'

The violent wind against his baggy jeans was like a whisper compared to the throbbing sound of his drumming heart. He was a fugitive. He was a disgrace. He was a criminal, for crying out loud! But the one thing that made him feel wrong was the reality of him still being alive.

'I had no trouble accepting the machine before... It was always good... It hurt, but never killed... I should have trusted it to the end... I deserve this. I deserve to die here because I didn't choose to die in there.'

His plan was to simply leap from the country and hit the bottom dead, but it obviously wasn't that simple. You see, a long fall was not going to be enough to kill Skye and he knew it.

'I rebelled... That's the core of my sin... I broke the machine... I fought my family... And instead of coming to my senses, I ran away when mother cut me.'

Skye had attempted to open his eyes, if only to prevent tears from appearing on his face as he ran his fingers along the gaping slit across his chest.

'The scar is deep, but it hasn't punctured any vitals.'

Skye's world was only dark for a little while longer. The smoke had finally been removed from his eyes. His mind cleared up with the thick black clouds that once surrounded him.

'W-What is all this!?' Skye was in utter shock at what he was seeing below him...Where was the chaos? Where was the gore and rotting flesh scent? Where was the desert wasteland? Was he even falling into a realm of demons at all?

'I-It's... a city?' Skye was fairly certain his eyes did not deceive him. He was definitely falling into some sort of post modern metropolis. The city had very old fashioned buildings, and Skye had nearly fallen in love with it's rusty-looking appearance. In his eyes, he saw the strange city as some kind of antique. The sight of it had somehow made Skye feel calm.

'Is this a city of demons?' He thought. 'Perhaps the legends left out a few things... Much more than I expected.'

It was interesting, but what was it? Not knowing anything had made Skye's thoughts wander... He couldn't die yet. Selfish as it sounded, he was certain that he was not okay with dying... Not now. He had his mind all made up.

'I might deserve to die, but everything in me is saying that I have to live.'

There was a sudden vibration out of nowhere. Music had started playing and the vibration was getting annoyingly fierce. It wasn't long before he realized the source of this was coming from his pocket.

'Why did I bring my cellphone to an attempted suicide?' Skye didn't bother looking at the device and instead let it fall ahead of him.

Something was definitely wrong when he saw the phone stop in mid air and Skye suddenly stopping in midair didn't make it any better.

'W-What is this!?' He couldn't even move his lips to express his thoughts with words. He had found himself spontaneously frozen in midair. His eyes shifted left and right trying to think of something he could do. 'Incoming lights?'

It was just one thing after another. Now, a grid of multi-color lights seemed to be racing past him, almost examining him in some way. The lights seemed to approve him as a bright flash of double green blinked in his face. But, the cellphone didn't end up as lucky because it got a double flash of red and wound up exploding in mid air.


The world around him was suddenly becoming very noisy. Skye noticed that he was dropping in slow motion, but it wasn't in a comfortable way. It was in a way that made you feel like you were approaching the climax of a roller coaster.

Looking below he could hear the loud bustling city noises hundreds of feet below him. 'W-Why am I just hearing this now?' He thought. He had no choice but to assume he had come across some kind of barrier, but he still had no answer to his most basic question.

'What is all this and where the hell am I?' Skye thought as he felt normal gravity take over. At a glance, this might have seemed like a good thing. And it was... If Skye was close to the ground.

However, he was no where near the ground or a tall building. Instead, he was hovering a few hundred feet above the city's tallest building. So, it didn't take Skye long to understand that in just a few seconds, he would be back to free falling into somebody's pavement.

Skye certainly was not a typical human. He had lost everything he had ever known in his home above, but had no issues sacrificing the memories. In fact, he was more traumatized by the choice to stay alive than any sort of danger. You see, surviving long drops wasn't exactly a difficult thing for Skye. He had come to accept that he was more of a demon than he was human a very long time ago. And perhaps the only thing he truly feared was descending into a world of people that were just like him.

'It's decided then.'

Skye couldn't help but look at everything he had fallen through. He was so confident that it almost appeared as if he was giving a sly smirk at God himself. He was much too intrigued by the things below to bother worrying about his past actions. And you know what? The self pity was getting kind of old... The only thing he was going to feel pity for were the innocent citizens who were anywhere near the vicinity of his incoming landing.

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