Polluted Skyes

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Skye's memories flicker to a machine that appeared to be imprisoning him. If he was a monster above, what was he supposed to be below? He had just decided to move forward, but the memories that scarred him had revealed that doing so might be harder than he thought.

'All along, they were draining me... And yet, I didn't mind... I would have given anything to make them happy. Anything to make me feel like I had a chance of being like them.'

Skye was done wondering if willfully smashing his head into the pavement was enough to kill him. 'Looks like I wont be dying after all... at least, not yet.'

Something powerful was building up in him. Within seconds a strange black mist came pouring out through his pores. It was changing him. It was changing his entire being, and the fumes were only growing bigger. It wasn't long before it became a thick black smoke, taking over his skin. It would soon change his entire composition. Skye was born with this power. He was born with the power to convert his body into pitch black smoke. He may not have known everything about it, but he did know that if he crashed into the concrete the entire block would be caught in a very violent cyclone of his penetrating smoke.

"There's a man falling!" A woman exclaimed pointing at Skye.

'That woman... S-She's human!?' Skye was beyond shocked. They all looked human... They also appeared to be a few centuries behind. 'Time travel?' Skye was thinking that maybe he had gone back to a time before the legendary explosion.

'Not likely.' Skye had responded to himself. The whole city might have appeared old fashioned but it still appeared more advanced than anything from the industrial revolution. He was fairly certain that this was the present. 'WHERE AM I!?'

Something just wasn't right. Something definitely didn't feel right. The legend had said there were demons, so then, where were they?

'Why are there humans!? And weaklings, at that!' Skye thought. Outside of their clothing, nothing about these humans seemed remotely interesting or special at all.

"It's a suicide!?" screamed an elder man below.

"I-I can't look!?" Some others gasped.

Skye was starting to feel bad. How would those humans have known that in just a few seconds they would all be spiraling around town square in a dangerous cyclone of violent wind? If anything, they should have been running for their lives. 'Sucks for them...' He thought before plummeting into the concrete.

Upon crashing, Skye's body shattered on impact, releasing a massive hurricane of thick black smoke upon the town square. It was only a matter of seconds before his cloud-like body began slowly putting itself back together. He watched the gust of pollution overwhelm the entire square. The damage was about as bad as he thought it was. Most of the people were panicking due to the sudden blindness. Other people were smashing into things like pancakes. There was nothing Skye could do. Once his smoke separated from him, he lost control of it.

Skye turned his head in the direction of a couple of vintage cars crashing into each other. "The people here are... primitive."

"Well, that isn't very nice" replied a woman in the smoke. She couldn't have been any older than Skye was. The first thing Skye noticed were her strange bronze goggles with very bright green lenses. The second thing he noticed was that she was hot. "Hey doofus, i'm talking to you." She taunted

'Tsk, this smoke is pitch black, she couldn't possibly see me through all this.' Skye could hardly finish his thought as the woman had reached her hands out to caress his face within the smoke. 'No way... She can really see me!?'

"You look shocked." She said tracing along Skye's arm in fascination.

"Those junkyard goggles shouldn't be able to spot me."

"I guess you've never heard of thermal vision." She replied. "I can see you because of your body's heat signature. On it's own, smoke isn't a warm blooded creature." She replied grabbing hold of his hand.

'My smoke... I-It's wearing off!' Skye gasped. 'I cant hold this form for much longer... I-I have to get away!' He thought jerking away from the girl and slowly backing off. She appeared surprised but not at all shocked by his reaction.

"Are you really planning on running away?" She smirked "Heh, This should be interesting."

'Interesting? Ha, She has no idea just how outclassed she is! Is she seriously thinking about chasing me?' It was laughable to Skye.

He quickly morphed into his smoke form and began dashing off into the city. He couldn't use the darkness to his advantage but he could still throw her off racing through the masses of panicing people. He couldn't help but let out a mild laugh upon looking back. That the girl wasn't even pursuing him. 'Tsk, It takes a lot more than seeing through smoke. An average human couldn't possibly keep up with me in this form... The woman never had a chance.'

Skye loved the appeal of this strange clockwork city, but he would not let it overpower the actual threat of being pursued. He might have kept running, but he appeared to be swapping places with his human form. 'Crap! I can't hold this form much longer!' This was the first time Skye had ever witnessed his power ever wearing off. 'T-This is bad...' He thought turning into a dark alley. 'Why would anyone make a path that leads to a dead end!?'

The sound of laughter is heard in the distance as Skye turns his head only to find that same girl from just a moment ago walking into the alley.

"I have to admit, this chase was awfully disappointing." The girl said clacking her strapped down buckled boots on the concrete. "I mean, you ran right into the dead end alley."

'Ugh, why is she so hot?' Skye thought. It might have been the corset she was wearing that traced out her figure or perhaps it was her rebellious bustle brown mini skirt.

"You're clearly not a criminal..." She stated. "At least, not a functional one. How far did you really think you were getting in those baggy jeans?"

Skye was, pretty much, entranced by her beauty. As a result, he found himself ignoring just about everything she said. 'Oh my goodness, she's taking off the goggles...' And indeed she was. The goggles flopped around her neck perfectly spread across her chest like a necklace. This revealed the most amazing set of light brown eyes he had ever seen.

"The name's Molli by the way." She said running her fingers through her straight auburn locks "Uhh, you got a problem?"

'Why can I not think straight? What about the legend? The demons? How can I fight back?' Far as Skye could tell, the girl seemed plenty human but deception was definitely a possibility.

"S-Sorry! It's Skye. My name is Skye." He finally replied

"... Okay, Skye, I have a few questions for you." Molli smirked

"And why should I answer to you?"

"I have a gun." Molli said lifting her skirt to reveal a strap on.

'D-Diabolical! This girl must be the freaking devil!' Skye thought

"Sooo, first question?"

"W-Wait just a minute! What I meant to say was that I have questions for YOU!" Skye couldn't help but blurt it out. His outburst had made Molli fall silent. He had no way of knowing what Molli was thinking. She just sort of stared for a bit and took a deep breath.

"Alright, go ahead and ask your questions." Secretly, Molli was more interested in his thoughts than her own anyways.

Skye had to clear his throat before walking up to Molli. "What manner of creature are you?" He asked.

"U-Um... Human?" Molli appeared shocked by the question. Her thoughts might have been something along the lines of, 'Is he, like, racist or something?' But Molli was always the type to give people the benefit of a doubt.

" Y-You're... HUMAN!?"

"Are you seriously shocked that I'm a human?"

"W-Well... Yeah."

"Is there anything else you want to ask?

"W-Well... Yeah." Skye replied. Molli was really just hoping it was a question that didn't make her want to slap him in the face.

"What's with the primitive clothing here?"


"W-Well... Yeah."

"You come here romping around in saggy pants and a wife beater with the gall to call MY clothing primitive!?"

"Hey, the Victorian era was a long time ago, Miss Molli."

"Victorian what?"

"You're entire city is very far behind the times. I'd say you're from the nineteenth century but you guys act strange even for that time."

"I have no idea about anything you're talking about." Molli sighed.

The legends that Skye had been taught were very different from the ones that Molli had learned. The alley had fallen silent once again. Molli looked into Skye's eyes and saw something interesting.

'Is he seriously claiming to have knowledge prior to the legendary nuclear explosion?' She thought. Her interest in the guy was the only thing that prevented her from back handing him in the face.

"Are you educated?" Skye asked


"How dare you!" Molli said with an aggravated grunt. She was somewhat fond of Skye's foolishness, but a girl always had to have her limits. And her's happened to follow the rules of baseball, 'Three strikes and I smack ya!'


"I am Mollienda Von Isaballe! I'll have no more of this..." Molli had to pause and think for a moment. "I-I mean... If you insult me one more time, i'll punch your lights out."

"...You dress pretty poor for a rich girl." Skye said as Molli lifted up her fists "B-But, it looks uh, very VERY attractive on you." Skye added in defense.

Molli was beginning not to even care at this point. She let out another deep sigh walking over to a wall and propping her back to it. Skye could tell she meant no harm, even though he remained skeptical of her, he still had to accept that she was telling the truth about being human... For now.

"Looks aren't everything, ya know... I am only wearing these clothes because they're more comfortable. Besides, if I dressed like my usual self, at this hour, the cops would just escort me home."

"That's funny. I actually thought you were a cop. You called me a criminal earlier."

"Haha, not quite." Molli giggled "What about you? Where ya coming from?"

Skye found himself propping next to Molli against the alley's faded iron wall. "The place I once called home is high up there. In the sky." He said pointing up. "I jumped off Ka and landed in your city."

"Ka? is that where you're from?" Molli said as Skye slowly nodded. With the events that had taken place, she was certainly in no position to deny the claim. As it turns out, she had seen Skye fall long before any of the other citizens took notice but even she didn't think he fell beyond the barrier. "Well, welcome to Clockwork City."

A smirk appeared on Skye's face. 'So, this is Clockwork City...' He was merely happy just knowing what to call it.

"So, Miss Molli, are you going to arrest me or something? I can't really fight back right now... It might be your only chance."

"I just told you, I'm not really a cop, silly."

"Then why were you chasing me?"

"Oh, I just wanted to figure out how you could use your power in the city barrier." Molli said "The barrier over the city is supposed to nullify any power entirely for the sake of peace. Yet you had enough power to morph and create that chaos in Clockwork Square... Never seen anything like it."

"I guess that is a little strange..."

"Coming from the barrier is even more strange. Usually, the barrier blows up anything it touches so surviving the scanners from the outside is a feat in itself."

'So, there is a barrier!' He thought 'I guess that explains my sudden limits.'

The duo found themselves slumping down until their butts hit the pavement. Skye gave a depressed sigh as Molli found herself staring at the sunset from the alley. It was not really the most beautiful view but she still found it enjoyable.

Neither of the two seemed to really care about making sense of anything that was going on at the moment. In their own ways, I suppose you could say that the world was a pretty scary place, but they both couldn't help but think.

'In a world this big you're never truly alone. That one fact, in action, is probably what makes life that much more valuable. '

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