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I open up the dusty old textbook my great-great-great grandfather brought here from the Water World. I scan the pages, trying to find something I can understand. It’s all in an old language, called.. Almost a century after the destruction of Earth, also known as the Water World, half the population fled to another habitable planet, known as the Lush Planet, or Lush, for short. Greia, a very curious teenager, seems to be the only person on the planet wanting to know more about the Water World. And she does. But soon enough, she'll come to realize that she won't just be learning more about it from the books.

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The Earth orbits around the Sun, round and round. It goes at a steady pace, for years, and years, and years.

Then one day, it started speeding up.

Faster, and faster, and faster. It kept spinning, the days being as short as a normal hour, a year the length of a day.

Then one year, it all went down. The buildings crumbled, or flew into the atmosphere, and humans and animals alike held on for dear life. The Sun lost its grip on Earth, and Earth was catapulted away. Far into the outskirts of the Milky Way. It all happened within minutes. One star after another, got its grip on Earth, losing it moments later, catapulting Earth farther and farther. Humans were piling into the SP2, or the Safety Plan 2, and soon it had filled up. The Earth was headed towards a star almost more than a million times bigger than the Sun, and it was going fast. Plants, food, animals, and humans were packed into small cubes, and shipped off to float in space, until a habitable environment was found. The remaining humans, animals, and plants were mercilessly left behind on Earth, to burn in the heat of the star. After about an Earth year of floating in space, the cubes came in contact, and linked together. Soon, they all linked together, and harshly landed on an empty planted filled with lush forests and large bodies of water. Humans and animals filed out, carrying food and supplies.

They started over as a civilization, mourning about their lost loved ones along the way. None of them know to this day whether the Earth even went near the star, but it’s been a universal rule that Earth must never be mentioned as long as the new Sun or satellite shines in the sky. And now, almost a century after settling in, disaster visits once again.

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