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Mikassa's Fall

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Mikassa finally meets his downfall in the form of the first human. The crew splits up and goes on their own separate journeys but can they even recognize themselves anymore when all is said and done?

Scifi / Fantasy
Michon Neal
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Changing Course-Ariel

As we ate we all kept glancing toward the head of the table. Mikassa sat there looking depressed. I silently praised his acting skills. He had the dread and anxiety down pat. Alana was standing behind his chair happily ranting about meeting someone named Lucian or something. Lorelai seemed pretty excited as well. Maxine really didn’t care and just picked off of Mikassa’s plate. Underneath the table Ripley was massaging Michón’s feet. She kept squirming in her chair and Damon finally told Rip to knock it off. I stared at Damon. My goodness he was a handsome man! Why didn’t he wear shirts? He’d spent a few years wearing them but had resorted to going topless again. I’d never thought I was truly attracted to him but lately he seemed…tantalizing. Not irresistible like Stuart (or Mikassa) but just very, very desirable. I had no idea what this was. Damon had always been my friend and had always protected me when asked (except from Mikassa). Or maybe it was simply that he’d become more himself since Saje had died. I was seeing him as he was before he’d learned he was destined for the Evanalca. I was seeing all the progress and self-reflection he’d done since her death. And I found it delightful. Hm, but I did wonder why the purple-eyed elf had been so terrified of Richman? In all that had happened I’d nearly forgotten how Mik used to disappear at the mere mention of Damon’s name.

However, Disami seemed to have captured his attention momentarily. When he wasn’t with Michón or one of the guys he posted up in the room I shared with Disami. This made me jealous like you wouldn’t believe but maybe not for the reason you’d think. I had to leave the room every night he stayed over. I couldn’t stand the way she talked to him. I didn’t mind that she was using him as protection from Josh and Mikassa. I had a problem with what else she wanted him to do. She kept trying to convince him to forget about Michón. As if that would ever happen! The golden Author had even stolen my heart. There was something romantically tragic about her and Mark’s budding relationship. They’d always been fairly close but now there were new dimensions to it that made it all the more interesting. Everyone wondered what was happening between the two. Whatever it was it went deeper than love. Mark didn’t visit anyone else’s quarters now. It’s not that he was entirely done with us or anything; he had started flirting with us all again but at the mention of the Author’s name he always zoned out and appeared extremely depressed.

It was a bit frightening.

Right now he was holding Michón in his lap, resting his head on her shoulder. She was watching Mikassa with a look of contempt on her face. Mikassa’s head went into his hand and he glared back at her. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he groaned.

Ignoring him, Alana continued her monologue.

“You’ll survive,” Michón and Mark sneered together. What the? They looked identical now. How creepy! They were definitely spending too much time together.

“That’s not the point,” Mik grumbled.

“Don’t be swollen at me,” Michón tsked, stroking the elf’s feathery brown hair.

He recoiled and his head hit Alana’s chin. Indignant, she smacked him upside his head and moved to his side. “Damn you, asshole!” she yelled. But at least her incessant chattering had been interrupted and thankfully cut off. Lorelai giggled behind a hand and Alana rounded on her. “What?” Alana spoke through her teeth.

“Don’t pick on Lorelai. You don’t know her,” Michón warned.

“Don’t talk to me, Michón.” Alana flounced out, prickling. Poking her head back in, she shot a meaningful glare at Stuart.

“Oh, coming,” he blushed and dutifully followed her.

Michón looked sour. Mark nipped at her ear, saying, “Don’t worry. He’ll snap out of it eventually. I’ll make him.”

I didn’t like the way he’d said that. Damon laughed. I frowned at him, wondering what was so funny. “Oh, Ariel. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?” he asked me.

“So we have.” I glanced at Disami pointedly. Right now Josh was messing with her. She looked miserable. Mitchell was on their other side and wore a disgusted expression on his face. Micala was brushing Razi’s hair. Razi stared dully at Mikassa. I shivered. Poor Razi. Suddenly, Damon’s arm was around me. “Are you getting a chill?” he wondered, almost sounding like Archie.

“Oh, um, I’m fine,” I responded quietly. “But you can leave your arm there.”

He giggled in his gay little way, as if it were the funniest and most delightful thing he’d ever heard. “Really?”

“That is, if you want to.” I lowered my head shyly.

“Why wouldn’t I? I’ve waited my entire life to put my arm around you. Without being only a friend or partner.”

I refused to ask him what he meant by that. I was pretty sure I knew. I was the Evanalca, the true one, so technically he had always been destined for me. But there was nothing predetermined about my current feelings. Despite fate’s machinations I had ended up wanting him on my own terms. When I managed to lift my eyes I noticed Mark watching us with an amused smirk on his face. I remembered the times he’d made love to me. The first times had been during Marduk’s reign, the few other times had been during Innocence’s reign up until he found out Michón was pregnant. He’d always been very gentle and was absolutely fascinated with my 12 arms. “I’ll teach you what to do with these,” he’d said as he laid kisses on my orange body the first time. What gorgeous and eerie black eyes he had. The strangest thing was that they now looked like solar eclipses. His skin was gradually growing darker and his eyes now had this odd rim of light at their edges. They no longer shone. They were as black as his hair now, as black as his father’s had been. I was surprised to see he wasn’t that much lighter than Michón. I remembered when he’d been pale, as pale as white snow. Mitchell and Micala were still light as anything. It made me wonder what was happening to him.

Since I was only seven klunks old I’d been dreaming about Mark. I was dreaming out his entire life. I smiled as I thought back to the time when I’d first met him. When I told him about it he’d been so worried. It had cracked me up how he’d thought me so innocent that his life would horrify me. How wrong he was. I’d already fallen in love with him. Now, so many decades later, I’d reached his current moments. Whenever I asked him about something he’d give an almost bashful smile and laugh helplessly. But he didn’t know why he was changing or what he was changing into, either. Mikassa still enslaved him, giving him hints that were vague at best as to his origins. Michón helped him cope and encouraged him to continue doing Mikassa’s bidding.

Mark was now grinning boldly at us. “Damon, you are such a player.” He nudged him.

“Like you aren’t.” Damon gestured to Michón, who watched him out of the corner of her glowing eyes.

Mark held her a little bit tighter. Damon’s face drew into a frown. A small smile came to Michón’s face and she puckered her lips. Damon licked his suggestively and she burst out laughing. Disami glared at me from across the table. I ignored it and leaned on Damon, taking comfort from his solid form. Mik was examining the four of us: Mark, Michón, Damon, and I. Then his eyes went foggy as he gazed at Michón. Is he daydreaming? If so, about what? Then he bared his teeth. He was pretty close to drooling. It seemed like he wanted to eat her. The energy in the room was changing; Mark’s was darkening in contrast to Damon and Mik’s, whose levels were becoming nearly frantic with need. Suddenly, I really wanted to get out of there. “Damon, excuse me. I think I’m going to go to my room or something.”

“Actually, that’s a really good idea. I’ll catch up with you later, Ariel,” Damon said tenderly.

“Ah, why don’t you all leave? Except for Michón, Mark, Mitchell, and Damon, of course. Lombardi, Richard, you’re in charge of them for the moment,” Mikassa decided.

“Micala,” Damon stood and grabbed her hand across the table. Her black eyes turned on him. “Watch Rafael, please.”

She smiled and tossed her green hair. “Of course. Anything for you, hottie.” She turned to Michón. “You’re not leaving, are you?”

“No,” Michón smiled softly.

Mark squeezed her tightly and added, “Not if I can help it.”

“Ariel, come keep me company?” Micala asked me.

“Sure,” I agreed. Micala was very spunky and I loved spending my free time with her. She was always geeked about my orange body and never left it alone. I didn’t mind her incessant toying; in fact I very much enjoyed her attentions. Besides Razi, she was my favorite lady. We walked to Mitchell’s room hand in hand, where Rafael slept.

*Mitchell’s perspective

The others all filed out and I shut the door behind them. “Is Stuart lost to us?” I wondered.

“No. He’ll come around,” Mark sighed.

Damon hopped up on the table and lay down on it. Mikassa stood over him and ran his hands over Damon’s smooth, bronze chest. Damon was grinning like a madman. Michón leaned forward and licked Damon’s side. He giggled in his gay way. “Shouldn’t we be focusing on more important matters?” Mark yanked her back into his lap jealously.

“Don’t tell me you’ve resorted to not liking me again. Mark, you hurt me,” Damon pouted.

“Relax, Damon. Even if he has lapsed into his old habits, he’ll do whatever I say,” Mik ruled. “As demonstrated. Mark, kiss Damon’s arm in apology.”

Mark did as told. “Stop torturing me,” he pleaded, glaring at Michón.

“How long will it be before we arrive on the planet Middle Earth?” I asked Mikassa.

“Not very long at all.”

“Your time is coming,” Mark warned him darkly.

“I know. And I’m going to make your life hell until I’m overthrown,” Mik growled.

“Hold that imaginary temper of yours, Mik,” Michón spoke in a low, alluring tone. Man, why hadn’t I fucked her since our time at Christmas and the couple of meshane after? Oh yeah, her whole thing with Stuart and Mark. If they weren’t careful they’d lose her to Damon. Or to me. Stuart was being a total dumbass. Why in the universe would he ever choose Alana over Michón? It was obvious to everyone that he was still hot for her. Once, he even called Michón’s name while he was making love to Alana. Boy was Lana pissed. Mark still wasn’t talking to him though it had been nearly a year since their fight and six months since Christmas. But Mark made sure to rub the name-calling mistake into Stuart’s face any chance he got. Even though Michón didn’t mind I found it highly annoying how Mark paraded her around like some newfound treasure. He may be my brother but sometimes I really did not get him. If he didn’t have pride or an ego then why was he so damned conceited? I don’t even think he fully realized how he was hurting everyone else.

“Why do you have to be you?” Mik wondered tiredly.

“Because I am. Why can’t you admit you love me?” she countered.

“Because I can’t, you mincey little bitch.” A look of utter disgust crossed his face.

“Watch your tongue, Mikassa,” Mark snapped.

“Silence, Mark. This has nothing to do with you,” Mik warned.

“Leave him alone. We have things to discuss,” Damon interrupted.

“Oh?” Mik wondered.

“How is Rafael?” Michón asked Damon.

“Growing. His vocabulary is immense,” he replied.

“He misses you,” I said.

Michón glanced at me and winced. More often than not I’d dragged her down to Damon’s room so she’d spend time with Rafael. Sometimes she and Mark would be right in the middle of making love. Oh, those were my favorite times. Mark would glare at me and she’d dress as fast as she could, close to tears because I’d roughed her up. Usually I’d give her a few whacks to her belly. Surprisingly she didn’t hate me. And I never had to worry about her deleting me. She promised me she never would. Mark had told me about the time she’d deleted him. Suffice it to say it didn’t sound very comfortable.

“I miss him, too,” Michón replied to me finally after seeing it wasn’t a threat.

“Do you miss Stuart?” I wondered.


“Why only sometimes?”

“I’m with Mark most of the time. And whenever Mik will have me. My mind is on other things.” Her eyes took on a strange quality.

“Hm. Which isn’t very often,” Mik growled.

Her neck moved her head in an odd way and she shifted out of Mark’s arms. “I would so delete you if I thought it would help,” she told him coldly, sliding strategically between him and Damon. Mark crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat. He was so busy staring at her glaring, glowing eyes that he didn’t notice me checking out the inch of her ass crack that the pants failed to cover. Hell, I needed to fuck her. I examined the shape of her breasts as they pushed against her A shirt. Her nipples were erect and her body positioned in such a way that it seemed she almost knew…

Oh shit! I thought as Mark socked me a good one to my gut. He couldn’t have been an inch above my dick. “Quit looking. All of you. Michón, put on some damn clothes. I’m sick of them gawking at you,” he spat out.

“Here.” Mik conjured up a robe and tossed it at her. Glancing at each one of us, she put it on. “Mark. There’s no need to be…” she started.

He grabbed her jaw in one of his ever-darkening hands. “Be quiet.” He kissed her. “If we must talk, you’re definitely a distraction for us,” he softened.

“You’re telllin’ me,” I wheezed out. “Criminetelly.”

“Karma. You hit her I hit you. Think about that the next time your loins start burning for her pussy,” Mark shot back.

“Mark!” Michón exclaimed. “There is no need for that.”

“I’ll handle this,” Mik grinned. “Behave, Mark. Go and sit back down. We’re all very tense, apparently. Let’s have a little fun before we send Maxine and Lorelai home. Things are about to get a little crazy around here. So, Michón, if you will. Actually, Damon, you may join her if you wish. I love seeing your sinewy body in motion.” He took over, changing the mood of the room.

I got over my aching belly quick and conjured up a radio. Grudgingly, Mark sat. Mik sat on the armrest and laid one hand lightly on his shoulder. Michón groaned, rolling her eyes, and then she started dancing with Damon. They held hands as they twisted their hips together. Damon spun her around and slid the robe off of her. He grinded hard on her ass and Mark’s body tensed. Mik patted his shoulder and he relaxed. Damon and Michón danced some more then Michón moved onto Mark’s lap. She started rolling her body and it didn’t take her long to get him riled up. He was breathing heavily and gripping the arm rests really hard. She changed gears and moved toward me while Damon serviced Mark. “Hey, Mitch,” she whispered in my ear. Her breasts were heavy against my chest and I moaned.

“Don’t be a bitch,” I told her, grabbing her hips. She lifted the A shirt and did a belly dance. I was helpless. I moved her body into my lap so she could feel how large she’d made me. Her eyes widened but she laughed and wriggled her butt on my legs. I looked at Mark and Mikassa. “Can I? Please? I need it.”

“You’re safe this time,” Mark scowled. Mik was busy biting his neck.

Eagerly, I got to my feet and put Michón in the chair. I tugged down on her loose pants and lifted her legs over my shoulders. For a moment I simply admired her cunt. I got high off of her fragrance and then dug in. I kissed her clit first, blessing it before I began to suck lightly on it. How delicious. I licked the length of her labias and clit, juices and all. She breathed uneasily. Mik was working his penis as he watched us. Mark had impaled Damon on his shaft. I was glad I had pussy. I didn’t mind dick but I loved yoni way too much. I held Michón’s thighs as I pushed my tongue up her tunnel. She expanded in anticipation. I went back to licking her nub. She came quickly and I was sad to stop. But I remembered from the other timeline and from our time after Christmas that she had a small refractory period so I couldn’t go after it again so soon. Almost reluctantly I pulled out my cock and entered her. Oh heaven! My rod felt right at home in her tight, throbbing slit. I made it last, riding her long and thoroughly 'til I was sure she’d be sore. Damon was impatiently awaiting his turn.

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