Mikassa's Fall

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The Jig is Up-Mikassa

I licked the blood from my fingers and reached down to grab the last bit of skin. Was there anything more delicious in this universe? I savored the last bit of flesh and then conjured up a sink and mirror. I fetched a toothpick from my pocket and cleaned remainders from my mouth. “Much better,” I ruled, smiling brightly. I tousled my hair, put my hands on my hips, and surveyed my work. Five sets of bones lay scattered throughout the woods in bits and pieces. If I examined them just so I could almost hear the screams again. They were the last of Aeryn’s family and now they were dead. Whistling, I merrily strolled back onto the path, heading for the inn. It was time to finish the job. Bounding up to the door I knocked like a nervous teenager awaiting their Prom date. I rocked back and forth on my feet while the moments passed by.

Mark Ulf opened the door that had no knob. “She’s in her room. She’s pretty weak.” He got straight to the point, leading the way. The Irresistible weren’t around today, it seemed.

“I can never tell how old you are,” I said conversationally.

“I’m not really sure I age at all,” he shrugged, stepping through a doorway.

I followed him in and my heart beat faster. My mouth salivated all over again, even after the large meal I’d recently had. Aeryn lay across the bed looking every bit the queen she was. She donned an almost Grecian style of clothing, a short white dress that displayed and enhanced her long limbs. She may not be very tall but laying down she sure could fool you into thinking so. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted as if waiting for a kiss. Gleefully, I darted over and touched her ankle. “She’s very nearly dead,” I remarked.

“The Sandman put her in a coma to slow it down. If you want your fun you’ll need to wake her. I suggest giving her a taste of that Sacred Blood of yours,” he posited knowingly.

“I might at that. Where is Jean? I haven’t seen him recently.” I didn’t bother asking how Ulf knew about my blood. Then again it was highly likely my parents had told him. No matter; they could do me no harm.

“He’s home. Both versions of him. No one else could stand to be around when you returned.”

“Fair enough. Guess I’ll see you in the future.” I lifted Aeryn into my arms. I nodded at Mark and apparated back to the A Seriesen in my universe. I smelled the crew gathered together in one of the common rooms. They sensed my presence and their anxiety levels rose. Fantastic. I’d feed her first and then check on those cowards. Gingerly I placed the voluptuous lady in the center of my enormous bedji. I took her knife from the hilt on her hip and opened my wrist. I lifted her head and pressed my wrist to her mouth. Reflexively, she swallowed. “Drink up, my snack. I need you strong enough to suck my dick,” I whispered to her. I let her sip for a while more then pulled away. “I’ll be back to wake you soon, Aeryn,” I promised, running a finger into her pussy to test it. Nice and tight. I couldn’t fuckin wait.

Composing myself, I made my way to the common room. Everyone stared at me when I stepped through the door. Even Karia looked weary. “How is everyone? Recovered from our field trip. I hope,” I greeted.

“Fuck off,” Mark Blue grumbled, slouched in a chair.

“Oh, come now. You never cared for your people, anyway,” I tutted.

“Let’s not talk about that,” Mitchell pleaded. “Have you brought her back? I smell her.”

“Yes. She’ll be awake soon. And then I’ll finish destroying her while you watch,” I smiled at them.

Stuart gulped. He was shaking with rage. “Why didn’t any of us kill you when we had the chance?”

“Because you’re all fucking idiots. You accepted my deals because you’re pathetic. And only Damon was ever strong enough to defeat me.”

There was a contemplative, morose silence. Caily guzzled down some wine. Rafael was sitting quietly for once, aware that the mood was dark. I noticed Alana was still gone. Good riddance. She could stay on Middle Earth as long as she liked but I was getting the hell out of here. I ordered Aerick and Jerry to set our course for Tariopolis: a nice, secluded vacation cloud far away from here. They trudged out but at least seemed happy they weren’t being locked up at the moment. I told the rest of the crew I’d return in a few hours with Aeryn. They all looked appropriately stricken. I’d have delighted in it if I had any emotions or gave a shit in the first place.

Waltzing back to my quarters I donned my favorite green outfit and set up a comfortable couch for Aeryn and me. I crawled up to her, staring at her for a while. The color had come back to her face but her energy was still low and fading. I ran my fingers along her cheek, calling her name. She woke with a start, gasping. Her eyes widened when she saw me and she scrambled away. “Are you running from me?” I laughed.

She paused at the edge of my bed. “I need a moment. I’ve died so many times but never like this. I can literally feel the death of my family tree. And now you’ll kill me. For good. I’ll be stuck in the spirit realm and unless someone makes me a goddess I can never come back. Well done, Mik,” she spoke in a thin, tired voice. Her shoulders slumped.

“Why thank you. I thought we could celebrate,” I jumped to my feet eagerly, gesturing to the couch. “Join me. I managed to get ahold of one of Lombardi’s burnt wines. They’re magnificent. One last hurrah.”

“Fine. Can you help me over? My legs are still asleep,” she asked me. I went and put my arm across her waist, serving as her crutch. Gently, I let her down before grabbing our glasses out of the air. “This is actually really good. Burnt, you said?” she wondered as she tasted her wine.

“Mm hm. Brilliant. It’s the only decent thing he’s ever done.” I drew one knee up to prop my hand on and gazed at her.

“So these are my last moments,” she mused. “Are they all really dead?”

“I killed off 98% of your direct bloodline. 1.99% I drove insane. A few might still exist out there but the effect of their lives is negligible on yours. I do want to kill you but first I’ve decided to fuck you.”

Her eyebrows rose and she choked on her wine. “’cuz that’s gonna get me in the mood,” she snorted.

“Listen, sweetheart. Let me make your last moments enjoyable. Open yourself to me, my power, my influence and I promise you you’ll be dying in ecstasy. Give me the time to work my magic. I can at least give you that,” I bargained.

“If I don’t make this deal with you I reckon you’ll simply rape me and kill me anyway.” She met my eyes without fear.

“I’d prefer to avoid that option but yes,” I admitted.

She thought for a bit, biting her lip. “Since you’re all dressed up, at least let me get freshened up, too,” she relented wearily, seeing no way out.

“Keep that dress on. Clean it if you need to. I very much like it,” I instructed her. “My bathroom is through there.” I pointed across the large room to a shimmering wall. While she was cleaning herself I channeled my seductive and persuasive powers. I filled the space with my energy, setting up the right mood. When she exited the bathroom she stepped into my energy and had to stop and grip a nearby table. I grinned. She recovered from the blast of my sex appeal and slinked over to me, absolutely way too sexy. Her skin glistened, her eyes glowed now that my blood ran through her, and I could smell her arousal as it grew. I nearly felt like pulling a John and straightening my non-existent tie. “Gorgeous. You won’t be disappointed, I swear. Come with me,” I directed, holding her hand. As we made our way down the hall I sent her pleasure jolts.

“That feels amazing,” she murmured, putting a little sashay in her hips, getting into it.

“Just you wait,” I chuckled, preceding her into the common room. Most of the crew was sitting down but a few were standing. They all looked apprehensive but showed relief when they saw Aeryn was up and about. They didn’t dare speak as I led her to the center of the room. I stood behind her, smelling her hair and running my hands up and down her arms. Michón glared at me diffidently as Aeryn began to dance. I set a driving beat playing and grinded up on her. The atmosphere started to change. In rapt fascination they watched us, unable to curb their desire. As I moved against her something strange happened. I felt my control slipping away. The more aroused she became the more powerfully I felt drawn to her. The energy of the room shifted, focusing into one point with her as the epicenter. What is she doing? She faced me and her eyes sparked with vitality. How?

She kissed me and I felt it, the understanding dawning on me that she fed off of sexual energy. Her sexuality was her strength because it drew on her love for herself, a full and wholesome love. She was a whole person, not broken. I had only managed to temporarily weaken her but she had a reserve I had never noticed. She didn’t need her life or bloodline; the desire of every person here, especially mine, was enough to restore her. I melted, not even caring. She laid me down and sat on my chest, full of life. I tugged her hips forward, shoving my face into those sweetly beckoning lips. She rode my face, growling and tossing her head back. Our minds opened to one another; I could see the yearning depths of her hunger for sex, for connection, for life. It damn near drove me mad. What a beautiful creature. I knew then that I’d never beat her, that she’d break me. Perhaps it was time. Maybe I could finally be free.

I stopped thinking completely when she drew my cock between her lips. She sucked me off quickly and then mounted me. I thrust into her furiously, trying in vain to appease that hunger for someone who was as full as she was. Only Mark would be able to handle that aspect of her, I realized. I sat up and gripped her, biting her breast. The others were most likely masturbating but I didn’t give enough of a fuck to take notice. All that mattered was sticking my dick into Aeryn as deep as I could, trying to reach a point I never could. She cracked up now, a loud triumphant sound. It filled the room and others laughed as well, hugging and kissing and fucking. She fucked me again and again, over and over. Eventually, she released me. I didn’t know how many times I’d cum. I simply fell back, wiped out in bliss.

Aeryn leaned down to speak in my ear, “I have something else for you, love, now that you’re all relaxed.”

I was too worn out to reply.

“Karia, Michón, Mikassa…you’re all married,” she said aloud.

Fucking hell! How did she find out about Karia? She hadn’t even been here! There was no record of their bonding moment nor mine and his; I’d checked. I didn’t have time to find out how she knew. My soul cracked open. It had been spoken. It had been made apparent. The covenant would be broken. I’d have to say it now. I wept. Dear gods, real tears. Genuine agony. All of those years pouring into Seraie only to have all these disgusting emotions crashing over me at once. My body trembled, overwhelmed by the shock to my system. In vain, I sought to move away from Aeryn. How dare she? Anger flared out, cresting over my other emotions. “Why?” I screamed in anguish, holding my head. It was all pouring out of me. I felt anxious and curled up in a ball.

“Mik?” Michón rushed to my side and touched my arm.

“Oh, Michón,” I moaned.

“There’s nothing we can do now,” Karia told her, pulling her up to her feet.

“But he’ll-”

“I know.” Karia squeezed her tightly.

I lurched up and seized onto Aeryn. “You bitch! You monumental shit!” I raged. Getting to my feet, I formed a warp and tossed her through. I screamed again, stumbling a bit. I couldn’t sort out my feelings. There was talking and crying going on around me. They were as confused as I was. Mark Blue and Mitchell both managed to vomit. Gradually, one feeling grew and crowded out all the others. The one feeling that meant my doom. That most impossible feeling. I fell to my knees before Michón and said the one thing I could never speak with sincerity since we had the ceremony. But because my relationships had been made apparent I had to say it; I had to acknowledge it. “I love you as much as I loved myself. I do all this to ensure your happiness and entertainment. I can’t deny anymore that you set me to feeling the impossible,” I wailed, reaching for her.

She regarded me with an expression as hard as ice. She shook her head as if disappointed. “I know. But you know what this means now. You must really love me,” she said softly, cupping my face. With that touch, my power dissipated. An energy wave blasted out across the room as my power left me. I lay sobbing on the floor as she turned away. “Let’s go,” she addressed Mark Blue, taking his hand. They disappeared but he didn’t look happy.

Karia dropped into a chair, scowling. Micala lifted me into her embrace. “I’ll stay by you. I’ll help you,” she vowed.

What will become of me now? I’ve lost the only thing I ever loved, I wondered.

*Damon’s perspective

Married. Married? She’d never said…there had never been any sign. Or had there been? Why hadn’t she trusted me to know? I lamented, laying my head in Saje’s momentarily corporeal lap. My former wife stroked my hair lovingly as she cried silently. I thought back to every moment I’d seen those three interacting. Had they ever behaved in such a way to suggest they were bonded? I gulped. When we were younger…yes, very shortly after I’d met Mark. She’d been older. Mark had often complained about her going to stay with Mikassa. But why him? And dear god, why Karia as well? What the hell had they actually agreed to? What purpose could it possibly serve? My stomachs roiled and I took a few deep breaths to calm them. As awkward and painful as it was going to be I would have to talk to her when she returned. If she was willing to talk. I’m sure every single one of us had questions.

Sorrowfully, I raised my eyes to Saje’s face. “What now?” I asked.

“Sleep. I’ll wake you when she returns. I hope Mark’s not being too mean,” she replied.

I dragged myself over to the nearest couch and collapsed. I hoped Mark didn’t kill her before I had a chance to talk with her. Saje flew off and I drifted to sleep. The others had all gone elsewhere, thankfully. We were all dealing with it in our own ways. I almost felt sorry for Mikassa. All of those emotions he’d spent decades purging had all come rushing back at once. Micala had taken it upon herself to rehabilitate him. Stuart and Karia had gone off to one of their rooms to talk. That was a bit surprising. Razi and Mitchell had kindly taken Rafael so I could rest. Lombardi, Josh, and Caily went to drink some of his burnt wine. Ulf was still away retrieving John (we had located him but had to come back before Mikassa did) but I had to wonder if he’d seen it coming. Smart of him to get away beforehand. Lucian had joined us aboard the ship and I think sat in prayer with Joán, Aerick, Disami, and Ariel. I could hear Archie wandering up and down the halls as if lost. Becky had taken the first ship out of here, headed back to the Sun Kingdom in the hopes she could restore it. Arthur remained with us, preparing a large room for Queen Aeryn.

I dreamed of Aeryn and Michón. I dreamed that I travelled dark, winding, and never-ending roads after their silhouettes. And then they separated, following two different paths. Each glanced over her shoulder at me as if to say, “Follow me.” But I couldn’t displace and so stood at the fork in the road watching them move further and further away from me on diverging paths. “I shouldn’t have to choose between you!” I shouted after them. They only danced into the distance and disappeared. I awoke groaning. I wonder if Mark knows what’s going to happen now? I thought wistfully. I looked up and saw Michón lighting a cigarette and sipping on whiskey at the bar. “You don’t sip whiskey,” I scolded her, getting to my feet. Since when did she smoke and drink? Hell, since when did she marry murderous elves and sentient viruses?

“Pour yourself a glass and pull up a stool. I’ve got a hell of a story for you,” she invited me.

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